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  1. Ok so little update my end. Having played with adding spacers etc and rebuilding the gearbox it seems (in my newbie opinion) that either the short hex shaft teeth are too worn OR the internal teeth of the metal gears are also worn. When I put the gearbox together and turn the hex bolts independently they quite often sound like they are slipping (and big gear (you see through engine mounting) isn’t moving) Feels like I am going to end up with a Victorian broom!!!
  2. Is it hard to find w parts? or is there a modern day replacement I can buy without scouring the inter web for years? Thanks all
  3. OK so will take some pictures as I disassemble - starting to think this might be the problem. In the manual the main pictures don;t show either the washer or the W3 but now looking again it is sneaked top left - looks like this is the issue (fingers crossed)...
  4. Did I make a mistake and by replacing the W3 washer with a race bearing... did I lose a little bit that holds the gears in situ so now they can move around?
  5. Haha ok will try that in the morning. Have also ordered replacement gears but could only find original ones in the US so might take a bit to get here... Will clean them all and send pics - thanks again,
  6. Was thinking of taking all the gears out and trying to clean them in the dishwasher? Is that a good idea? then I can take photos and load up on here. Would also do the hex shafts etc.
  7. So have the original manual and worked off that last night. The 2 things that I wonder are: 1. I put race bearings in. Looking at the old images the plastic bearings that slot where the short hex bolts go through the gear casing have a small lip on them which isn't there on the race bearings - i wonder whether that is allowing a gap to form and so the differential is slipping 2. when i put the differential together and twisted under tension (my finger against the rear short hex bolt (the one they say you should tape to the casing to hold in place)) when I turned the differential the gear that sits on the 3 small gears wouldn't turn the whole time - it would slip... Some more context - I thought that the angle of the drive shafts was to severe with the original suspension so I swapped for oil dampers to lower the ride height to give a more horizental angle for the drive shafts when under load but that made NO difference...
  8. Evening gents, OK so have taken the whole gearbox apart and this is what I learnt: 1. Pinion Gear was in the right location and grub screw also in correct location - tightened to the flat part of motor axle 2. With Engine out car rolls ok but sounds a little crunchy 3. When i put the gearbox back together it just isn't smooth like one of the gear is slipping 4. When I put the motor on (attached to gearbox) the main gear runs off it fine but then the gearbox sounds noisy and like something is slipping. I think the problem is in the gearbox itself - the hex shafts all look a little worn but not unduly so.
  9. Yeah I do wonder about the hex drive shafts... will take some photos later and upload and maybe that might help diagnose... thanks again
  10. Morning all, thanks for all the ideas / comments. Going to tackle it this evening and will let you know. Pretty sure i did the pinion correctly but will check for sure.
  11. Thanks for the reply... Yeah is a new Sport Tuned Motor and a reasonably new 7.2V battery. think I might just have to replace all the gears / parts just to make sure nothing is slipping. As soon as i put the wheel fixers (sorry not sure of the name - bit that sits behind the wheel when you put on axle) it seems to hold enough friction to stop the axle turning...
  12. Hopefully someone can help me :-D This is my first post and am really struggling with a vintage FAV. have totally taken it apart and rebuilt it. When I put power through the motor the gearbox runs ok - is noisy but is ok. the short shafts turn fine. When I connect the long shafts it seems to lose any torque so much so that the wheels don't turn once on the ground. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. Have had a look at all the elements and they seem fine (not worn out etc.) Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give...
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