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  1. Thanks mate that was a great job you done,I was wondering what to do for the pillars appreciate you posting 👍
  2. Bought this bad boy for my lad to restore he's only 8 he's got a lunchie a hornet a kyosho lazer2000 but he just drives them so figured this would be a good model for him to start learning about restoring
  3. On holiday from work and the wife isn't so got my fleet out for some work... Madcap wasn't working great kept stopping bit of research on here and found out I didn't have the pins in right on the hobbywing esc 🤦‍♂️ Hornet glued the wing to the shell with gorilla glue as my lad keeps breaking it off 😂 Lunchbox thought I'd need new electrics for it as my lad drove it through a deep puddle on Saturday and it stopped working but it still works must just have been needing to dry out feared the worst but drives fine Kyosho lazer2000 esc stopped working on Saturday but it was just a pin on the connector Everything working fine but no doubt I'll be doing it all again once the lad destroys something this weekend 😂
  4. Thanks for that mate you went above and beyond for me there I appreciate it 👍
  5. That's a nice madcap mate I might pick your brains more in the future if you don't mind because I'll be upgrading mines a bit I'm running it on a 21t motor already but everything else apart from the esc and motor is standard
  6. Guys thanks for all your input and advice I really appreciate it 👍
  7. Thanks mate appreciate it
  8. It was egress wheels wish I could remember where I seen it it was an American guy and he said something about a hex conversion but wouldn't elaborate
  9. Hi there recently got back into rc cars I live in South lanarkshire I was wondering what the club is like I'm not a serious racer any more and my lad is only 8 would we be able to just turn up with my madcap and his hornet or kyosho lazer and just race or is it all modern stuff you do?
  10. Hi all I recently purchased a madcap its got sand viper wheels on it the fronts don't fit well they maybe need new bearings or there just different I don't know I seen a photo of a madcap with egress front and rears on it does anyone know how the fronts fit because there obviously hex?
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