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  1. I am a fan of the 540 single motor design myself. I have the EV and also the nitro version of the df-300. I have been attempting to collect some of the earlier versions of the Blizzard recently, but I insist on driving them all! I just can't see myself collecting them and not using them the way they were intended, but that's just me. I'll probably eventually get a 2.0, but not first of my list at the moment. Thanks for the info and give me a heads up if either of you come across my elusive EP...lol
  2. I've been looking at the new 2.0. Definitely looks like a good rig and probably superior to the df-300 no doubt. I've been collecting the older models of the Blizzard and the df-300 was one that I haven't found a good kit of yet. I appreciate your help though!
  3. Posted already in wanted forum, but thought I'd try here. I've been in search of a Blizzard df-300 ep for quite some time to add to my collection. Preferably an unassembled kit, but possibly a like new assembled. Already have the nitro version and I'd like to add an electric. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  4. What kind of shape is it in and is it the ep version? I already have the nitro and I'm looking for an electric. I'm in the US. As far as the price it would depend on the condition I guess. I'd really prefer an unassembled kit for my collection, but I know those are hard to come by Thanks for the response.
  5. What up homies! I've been in a long time search for a like new or unassembled Kyosho Blizzard df-300 ep kit (electric version) to add to my collection. If you or anyone you may know has something of the sort, i would happily appreciate letting me know.
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