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  1. Thanks. They are aftermarket, bought them on eBay.
  2. Looking amazing!! What is the chassis name? Noted that it can be adjusted from 250 to 265mm. Can the wheelbase adjusted to suit tamiya 251mm bodies?
  3. Digging into web showed that the particular chassis could be equipped with original dust cover) Long story short - found on Ebay in Germany a brand new cover (Kyosho part No. AE76 in case if someone interested). Arrived today, trimmed and installed. I'm not sure if I need to make some holes for air circulation near to the motor. Will keep an eye on it while running.
  4. Another update. Finally, alu c-hubs and knuckles arrived. These are from re-re Optima and bolt on fit. The turnbuckles at the picture are intended for use on TT02, but have appropriate length to use them as upper suspension arms. Alas, the original Alpha king pins had too much slop, so I've ordered some bushings from HPI which have the dimensions I needed. Some installation photos: And the final result: Quite satisfied with the result) PS. Another goodies are on the way)
  5. A little update. Received leds today for rear lights. Installed and looks cool as for me)
  6. Stripped down my Tamiya BZ, cleaned and replaced the bushings with R22RS bearings)
  7. Just received a Super Stock BZ))) what a beautifully crafted motor! Will make it ball raced soon)
  8. In a proper way (read as OEM), the center section is sandwiched between the lip and the internal part of the wheel. So the topic starter made it right and the wheels looks very real and awesome!
  9. Replaced the silver can with a black one. Also replaced the bushings with the bearings. The upgrades are just for my satisfaction as this one is a shelter)
  10. Thank you! At the beginning I also was not sure if the end result will look okay considering the rather abnormal livery as for the rally car))) well, quite happy with the result. Ordered some hopups for the chassis and a new motor by Kyosho) will continue the thread and keep posted on how it runs.
  11. Okay, she is almost finished) Some shots together with my 997 Jagermeister
  12. Molotow chrome pen makes magic! excellent build and the best body shell from Tamiya
  13. They are in right proportions and just looks as a normal car should. Just my two cents on the same as I’m in love of 90s cars.
  14. All electronics finally fitted. and another goodie from Far East. The catback fits under the body perfectly)) Will finish the taillights and make some photos.
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