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  1. Amazing project! Subscribed and looking forward seeing the final result!
  2. Hi all, Can anybody tell me if the above bodies are interchangeable on a DT01 chassis? I bought DT01 chassis without a body (it was Fighter RX body with yellow wheels) to restore it and it looks like it is more easier to find a Mad Bull body. However, further research revealed that there are three different chassis bathtubs: TA-19334217 (fighter rx) TA-10335122 (fighter & mad fighter) TA-10445673 (mad bull) So now I’m not sure if the body from one can fit to another. Anyone can explain if the bathtubs are really different? thanks!
  3. Freshly built Rising Fighter in Al Italia livery
  4. Thanks, did my best, but still not perfect. Alas, due to poor light the color is not looks as good. Will make outdoor pictures once the light buckets installed.
  5. Added details with Kyosho micron tape Now I need to get it out to take some outdoor pictures))) ps. Lighbuckets are coming next )
  6. The body was painted with Tamiya Corsa gray backed with white and silver. some masking process: The stickers were custom made by MCI. The quality is a top notch as usual. Final view with stickers:
  7. Some of the pictures from your post are not visible
  8. The new body trimmed and aligned on the chassis. Well, centering the body to make only two holes is a real task) I choose to paint it like Porsche 917K with gulf livery. Porsche museum car:
  9. Hopefully, you will have an opportunity to run it in the nearest future !
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