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  1. Try to search for Molotow liquid chrome pen. You will be amazed with the result. Their paint can be also airbrushed, but I never tried. For your reference, a wheel painted by such pen:
  2. Did not have enough time to keep my records here. The chassis have been fully rebuilt. For me it is a real pleasure to get familiar with this era of RC cars as I’ve never owned anything like this before. I must admit, that the materials used that days were very good. Very solid and beautiful design despite the particular model understood to be a very basic. Of course, there were several issues such as bent damaged chassis plate (photo below) which was flattened to a quite satisfactory result. All parts were cleaned and all metal pieces polished (even bolts, nuts which were rust stained). The motor mount as example of before/after: The only elements which required a new paint job were servo mounts and a roll over bar. Alas, I don't have an opportunity to galvanize them, so a bronze paint was applied: And some pictures of the almost completed chassis: Sits on the shelf with the wheels painted chrome/bronze: Need to replace on/off switch and a new battery tray for the radio and as both are damaged. Also, some more bits such as main battery straps, a new battery itself to be sorted out. And the body of course. I believe it will be the most interesting part of the restoration)
  3. Since the foam bumper actually cannot be used on this chassis due to a specific design of the original plastic bumper, I was using a 2mm piece of plastic cut as a foam bumper support. It was a working solution, but not quite strong and not very esthetic. So, friend of mine made a custom bumper support πŸ™‚. Looks super cool, but still need some amendments in the design.
  4. Hi Everyone! Can you help me identify this RC Chassis? Alas, only one photo is currently available. Did request the seller to provide more. Will upload upon receipt. thanks!
  5. Chassis partially stripped down. Started to polish the elements πŸ™‚ Before and after pictures:
  6. A real barn find - BMW 320/80 AC Shnitzer by Robbe. A real car did attend DRM in 1980 competing with Capri Turbo, Porsche 935, Lancia Beta Turbo.... I really was impressed on the cars and their specs when was studying that racing era. There is a nice topic on Speedhunters β€œGerman Group 5 Heaven: DRM 1980” if you are interested. An inspirational poster below πŸ™‚ The car came in a very poor condition. Lots of scratches on the shell which hopefully can be fixed. Surprisingly, it is in working condition, but requires a good clean up, polishing and reassembly. The rear tires are heavily worn so I have ordered a replacement for them. The fronts will be trued. The rest of the chassis looks to be fixable, but will see.
  7. Hi all! My recent purchase for future restoration. Anyone have a manual for this chassis? Will be grateful for help. Thanks
  8. My shelfer Porsche 997 gt3 sitting on tt01e chassis with black sport tuned and LHD touring interior:
  9. It is 1980’ Robby (Kyosho) AC Shnitzer 320 based on SuperSonic chassis.
  10. We want more pictures of this amazing Capri!) Beautiful paintwork
  11. What steering mod are you talking about? Just curious as have a few of these excellent escs
  12. The postman brought me some headache and restless nights to restore this baby πŸ˜€
  13. You should try this braided lines. Simple to work with. I'm not sure if it really works as a protection, but you will get satisfaction of the clean look 100%)))
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