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  1. Thanks! 3 months of work. I'm very happy! Look this interior
  2. Hi, I wait 5 years before buy my first truck! At the end is here!
  3. Hello, Here is a this module test. Regards!
  4. Hi, I built a "normal" version, and soon I'll build a SMD version (both work similar) Here is a Quick Start Manual: Link Here a normal version assemble tutorial: Link Here a SMD version assemble: Link If you try pcbway see this: Link If you prefer JLCPB you must buy and weld: 200R SMD resistor, 5V regulator and 10V 1000UF electrolytic capacitor. (Sorry for my english)
  5. Hello everyone. I discovered this open source sound and light module. Building it is a lot of fun and much cheaper than any module on the market. Hope you like. I already built 3, heh, heh. Link
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