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  1. Very interesting Topic. Im curious about this as well - Would like to build a porsche on the tt02 chassis it comes with and have it act sort of like a real porsche would (or at least how i think it would if you turned off the Traction Control). I asked this to a LHS employee and they responded . . ."Why not just get an M08?"
  2. Why no rear steering? I was thinking of adding rear steer to my bus, but im on the fence.
  3. What is that combination of Unimog Colors? Body Color(s) = ?? Wheel Color = TS86 Pure Red Did you order the wheels as a spare part? or did you buy a kit? Love the Look!
  4. Any Update on this? Curious what it finally looks like.
  5. Yeah, i get most of my Tamiya stuff from Towerhobbies (for Kits), and parts and such are all over the place . . .'Tamiyausa.com' is the best for getting the parts, the correct parts, and in decent time (Otherwise you have to order from Japan). Kits i have are all over the place, BUT! you mention the comicals. Those are a blast to drive and have to be the funnest you drive the slowest. This one i have been driving ALOT and ended up ordering a second, for when the first one basically disintegrates on me: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-toyota-land-cruiser-40-pup/ Dark Impact? Curious why you were so interested in that one? I got the Plasma Edge, with the iridescent body to settle my buggy desire.
  6. Yeah, Im north of Austin (Just Barely) and love my Tamiyas. Im near a track, but have never been. A bit intimidated by the "Pro-Racers" and all the "Rules" of running on a track . . . and i would just show up with my NiMH batteries and GF01 chassis, LOL! I get all my parts online and my Kits as well for the most part, local Hobby shop normally has tamiya stuff very late or something I inevitably have already. And of course parts are hard to come by.
  7. do you use the push on Pinion for the Traxxas motor? Another pinion? Link?
  8. Thats pretty Neat! Some planning went into that paint job. I do believe i went "PS3" on my comical Frog . .. nice looking color. Goes well with the Hornet sticker colors. Holy Hop-Ups ! How do those shocks perform? I like to drive my buggys, so i wonder how those would perform compared to the already oil filled shocks that come in these sets. I was driving around my Comical Frog yesterday and i thought the shocks were doing quite well.
  9. Wanted to share, and see if you guys have done any non-box art colors against your comical buggies . . .below are the 2 i have done so far. Looking for (Comical) Grasshopper ideas. Havent googled this . . . but, do they make a clear body for the (Comical) avante?
  10. Great Thread Thanks! Im New to Tamiya, but not new to RC in general. This Forum has been superb.
  11. - The body was un-resistable. I actually Bought 2 !!! No Chassis plans when the purchase happened. ha ha!
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