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  1. Everywhere is out of stock of Tamiya TA01 Touring Car Front Upright 50648 Any suggestions or wait it out?
  2. Hi Folks, Thank you for your help here. I pretty much replaced everything bar these, so the previous owner installed these ones. I looked against the manual and yes indeed the wrong ones. I can't believe you spotted this on the video that does not show the whole view and I had to compress the video to make it upload to the forum. You are amazing. Thank you. Chris
  3. Dear TurnipJF. Thank you for you reply. The Upright is one of the few components I did not get, so this may be it. I have checked the inner bearing and that is seated flush and no "O" rings. Drive shaft is same length of left hand side and new genuine. Thanks for confirming Video 2. Thank you.
  4. Hi Folks I bought a reck of a Hot Shot and ended up replacing practically everything bar the suspension coil assembly. New Chassis, Gears, Housings, wings etc. Even got a new set of Wheels & Tyres. Although they are not put on yet. However I have two issues that I hope you can help with. 1) Front Right drive has no slack like the others and cause the whole right assembly to wobble. When turning the wheels it definitely has a tight spot. Lifting the suspension does help but still there. See VIDEO 1 for example of this, running at low speed. 2) If you press the body down it does not spring back to the top. Is this normal and and recommendations to improve? This is shown in VIDEO 2 Thank you! Video 1.mov Video 2.mov
  5. Thanks all! Now to Find a retailer with the best price, Any ideas?
  6. I Folks, getting back in R/C and planning to get the New Plasma Edge 2 in the Irr Purple but now seen the Evo Re-Re. Bit of a price hike but how much of a better car is it? Love to know you thoughts. Chris
  7. Hi Folks Restoring my old Baja King. Would like to explore whatever one step up from Sports Tuned is in the Brushed flavour might be? Also what pinion works best. Any help greatly appreciated. Chris
  8. Hi Folks After a very long time, I am restoring my Baja King but one of the front wheels points out a little, as the original steering rod are fixed, I sourced an adjustable turnbuckle. The problem is that the new adjustable ends are a fraction to big to fit onto the servo arm. What is the best option here? 1) find a small replacement end, if so where from? 2) a replacement larger servo arm, if so where from? 3) a small bridging bracket, some sort of handmade bodge. 4) any other suggestions. hopefully can draw from some experience from you good folks! Chris
  9. Hi Folks, I have a Baja King which has been in the loft for ages. I broke the chassis many years ago. Found out that the chassis is still available so going to rebuild, with new bearings over Christmas. The body work is in poor shape, cracked and flaky paint. I am unable to find a replacement but gather some other bodies fit the TL-01B chassis? I love the off-road look, any ideas of what types fit and where to purchase? Thank you in advance, Chris
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