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  1. I have been really busy with work recently so not put up stage by stage pics, but have been working on my Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Berlina Corsa bodyshell. I ummed and ahhhed for ages about the paint scheme before deciding i should at least have a box art version in the collection. This is going to be a shelf queen, i am keeping the old shell to play around with. What a ballache the arches were to cut, i still have to sand and smooth them off and all the other rough edges, but in between work i can put the decals on so this is what i am doing at the moment. The next step after the shell is done is to clean and upgrade the M02 chassis with new body posts, an ESC and ditch the jammy and dodgy MSC, and get some radials on the Abarth wheels i got.
  2. It finally arrived....... no not the haribos, although they are appreciated........ my first 4wd chassis..... i plan to build this and get it muddy ^><^
  3. I havent tried that, the next time i do a charge i will give it a go and report back on here how it went- the weather has been so rubbish recently i havent been able to run the cars outside.
  4. Yes it does that- i set the time limit to 75 minutes for now and it has been able to fully charge the batteries under this so far
  5. Yea i did but it only lets you change the AMPs. Never mind, i charged the batteries both and with the new PSU they werent getting as hot, just warm to the touch so im good for a while- i will be upgrading the charger probably in 6 months so will just make do for now
  6. @MadInventor ok great i will give this a go and hopefully this will remove my anxiety around charging! I would have never thought it would be so much more involved
  7. @MadInventor I cant change that setting weirdly, and i cant find where to do that in the 'instructions' - i have attached all the pages that show anything related to NiMH batteries if that helps? Once again thank you for the help, i really appreciate it!
  8. Hi @MadInventor Thank you for the info! So i went and bought a beefier psu based on the info you provided, as i didnt have anything else around the house to test with to see if the plug was faulty. Anyway i have learned alot from this post alone! as you can see, i have now got a whopping 120W power, via 20V @ 6A. I am going to plug it in and see what happens.
  9. This is the fake one, not the SkyRC. So i feel like a total dumbo when it comes to batteries and charging - back in the day i had a TYCO 'fast charge' 4 hour charger plug which i connected to my then 9.6v NiCD batteries. I knew how long to charge them as it was written on the plug, and never had any problems. That was circa 1995! Now its Lipo this, nimh that...and i dont know how long im supposed to charge anything, if im overdoing it or what. So i have bought the imax b6 lipro balance charger for £20 off amazon. No plug. I found the plug that powers my external fan assisted hard drive provides an output of 12v at 1.5A (pic below) so i plugged it in and the charger powered up. So far so good. I go through the instruction manual and think im smart enough to set it up and set my parameters up as follows for my 1400mah 7.2v NiMH Carisma Sports Pack battery - User set program> enter>toggle to NiMH sensitivity>D.Peak Default (which the manual says is 7mV/Cell)> USB/ Temp select>Temp Cut-Off 80C>Waste Time> [DCHG>CHG] 10min>Safety Timer> ON 75min> Capacity Cut-off> ON 1400mAh>Input power Low>Cut-Off 10.0V> Back out of that menu > program select NiMH BATT>enter>NiMH Charge Man>Current 1.4A connect my battery up using the tamiya connector, turn on the mains and press and hold the enter button until i hear the beep and it starts to charge. No the battery was definitely low to empty as i had been using it that day. Once it does the battery check and starts charging, the display shows that the battery is like 8.5v from the start, and when it finished charging the battery it said CHG 1:12 and the number next to it was 1139 and the final figure was 9.5V It was red hot to touch too, i couldn't touch it for a good 45min. What have i done wrong? Also good to know is that the battery did come with a car i bought so i dont know how old it is. I then went to charge my brand new EnrichPower 3000mAH 7.2v battery using the same method but changing the capacity cut-off to 3000mAH and NiMH Charge to 3.0A. Same thing, it started to go really hot and i was worried so i turned it off after about 15mins. Help!
  10. So I got this all the way from Milan, Italy today. It is on the m02 chassis, but as you can its been bashed about. I will probably keep the shell for running it and paint the spare shell up nicely for display.
  11. Been having fun with the GrassHopper (still not painted it lol) but there arent a lot of places i can run it at the moment, the grounds are a bit too rough and i cant use the roads/ pavements where i live so i got myself something else for the garden....
  12. I might have to do that too if i cant get a standard transmitter for the cars, as i found they are the problem- the PCB on both transmitters are gone/ faulty. If anyone has a transmitter with the 3 channel ABC i would love to have it.
  13. Hi Kalsh, no i took the batteries out, but i have found the problem - the transmitter PCBs are FUBAR. So i need new ones, thankfully the cars all work great still, but now i only have one transmitter to run all three of them so cant race anyone
  14. My 2021 RC plans are to get another 2/3 cars in the stable, specifically the M chassis. The reason is i am planning on getting the bodyshells of the cars i owned as a lad and reliving my hooning youth - Clio Williams/ 16v, Escort mk3 RS Turbo, R5 GT Turbo (all for the FF chassis) I would like to get my hands on the Abarths - the Assetto and the Berlina I would also like to get my Quick Drive Evo and Scooby back up and running, close to standard as possible. If the electrics/ chassis are no good then i might upgrade and put the bodyshells on the most appropriate 4WD chassis Tamiya do (TT chassis?) I would like to create a dedicated workspace to leave all my RC stuff, as at the moment i have to pull it out/ tidy away after every sitting and its getting annoying really quick! A shelving/ showcase area too.
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