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  1. Hi guys ! If I want to change the stock motor on a lunchbox for a sport tuned, do I need a new pinion or any other parts or is it a direct replacement ? Thanks !
  2. do you guys have a part number ? They seem discontinued
  3. those wheels are perfect ! thanks !
  4. I saw a picture of a lunchbox with painted wheels and was wondering what would be the best way to paint them so they do not get ruined after 5 minutes of running. My wheels are black so I guess I'd need a primer ? Which one do you suggest ? As for the paint, would I be better off using tamiya ps paint ? Looking to get some gold wheels like this : 41AF287F-78A1-45E1-BC25-2FC0219FDA25.webp
  5. so everything should be okay then ? The charger put it back in storage with no issues
  6. Hi guys ! First timer here, just got a lunchbox with a 2s lipo and a hobbywing 1060 esc. I made sure to put the jumper in the right place on the esc but when I put my battery in storage today I noticed that the 2 voltage readings on the charger were showing 2.7V. Isn't the esc supposed to cut the power when the cells get below 3.x volt ? I'm assuming the car will just stop in it's track right ? The charger is a rdx mini if it's of any help. Thanks for your help !
  7. couldn't I just buy an oval lipo ? Do they even exist ?
  8. all right, thanks for the info. Now I just need to wait, every rc stores in canada are out of stock of clodbusters and lunchbox...the pandemic must have messed up the inventory
  9. Hi guys, looking to get either a clod or lunchbox but I'm not so sure about what's required to get a lunchbox ready for lipo's. I know people recommend the hobbywing 860 esc for the clod but which esc should I get for the LB ? Otherwise I know it's possible to use the stock tamiya esc with lipos but I'm not very familiar with buzzer alarms you're supposed to install. Some help would be appreciated ! THanks
  10. thanks a lot for all your info, much appreciated ! Seems afterall that lipos are not that much work. Might go with lipos then. I've read that people run clodbusters with the stock motors and 3s lipos, will that burn the motors pretty fast ? Are 2S fast enough to have fun with clods ?
  11. okay but when lipos are in storage mode, do you disconnect it from the charger and them from time to time or simply let them connected to the charger ? Also, for your average 3000 or 4000 mAh lipos, how long to get them fully charged from their storage status, like an hour or so ? If I go lipo, I'm getting a clodbuster otherwise with nimh I'll stick with the lunchbox. It's a big decision ! ; )
  12. Hi guys ! I'm totally new to rc and I wish to buy a tamiya kit, always wanted one when I was a kid. I'm just not sure if I should go lipo or nimh. I'm thinking getting a clod or a lunchbox. I've read as much as I could about lipos and nimh but it's a bit confusing. When a lipo is in storage mode on the charger, do you let it on the charger indefinitely to maintain the 3.6V ? If you want to run your model, can you just grab the lipo in storage mode and enjoy it or you need to fully charge it first ? As much as lipos seem powerful and better on paper, they seem like a lot of hassle am I right ? Now for Nimh,, can you simply let the battery on the charger all the time and just hook it up to your rc when you wish to run it ? The main thing is that I don't see me "planning" to use the rc at a precise time of the day, sometimes I'll just feel like running it right now and be done with it. Mainly interested in buiidling the kit. So should I go lipo or nimh ?
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