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  1. If it’s a sprint car, I’ll bet it maths out to 1/8 Scale and is marketed as 1/10, like the Slash and Rally.
  2. That’s what I’m thinking too, it’s not like a new paint job and color scheme on an existing RTR or a modification of an existing RTR like the 6x6 or Factory Five Hot Rods, outside of the electronics, hardware, and maybe some of the steering and suspension links I can’t see enough of right now, it looks like it’s got to be 85%-90% new parts for just this car. There’s no way there isn’t a plan to put these on hobby shelves and into enthusiasts’ hands down the road.
  3. From what I have been able to find, these had the TQi radio, regular EZ Peak Charger, and a 3000mAH 2s pack, considering that might include the Snap-On Tax, I could see $400-$500 for this off the shelves.
  4. Does it come with a huge penny to stick on the back too.
  5. https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/e77f2833-493d-4c0b-8497-9fb0e67b781d https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/524d6e03-b4b9-4181-b150-1896eb70fd89 https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/58754532-eca8-4d4c-9a05-e616b87d3486
  6. Thanks, that MF-01x us a great little rig with the portals on it, it was worth every penny to get the Mobster Beetle TR kit to get the portals for it! Nit only did I have the monster truck Helios body on this, but I had the smaller ones on my AX10 before turning it into a SCX10 and on my now retired Losi Crawlers.
  7. I can honestly say that you are somewhat responsible for my MF-01x Jimny having portals, and I still thank you for it😁 I also think we’re among the few to modify our Tellurides into something worthy of crawling here in the U.S., if not world wide. That said, I kinda want to find a Brushed Stampede 4x4 to build a rig like yours out of, but experiment with the long arms on? Now those aren’t my first rodeo though, Did some experimentation with my brushed E-Revo too!
  8. Thanks! The chassis is the 4-Tec 3.0 and came as the Factory Five ‘33 Hot Rod body, which is based on the ‘33-‘34 Ford 3-Window Coupe. I got a clear body and a cam of Traxxas Racing Green, which appears to be British Racing Green, minus the “British” in the name the wheels and tires for the GR Supra version of the 3.0. I trimmed the fenders off to give it a fenderless hot rod look and just wanted it to look more like something that would have rolled out of somebody’s barn, shed, or garage after several months of wrenching and May end up with a picture of it tape to the dash of every cop car in it’s part of the state vs something someone wrote a check for somebody else to build, which is more of what these look like out of the box to me.
  9. Cosmetically, it’s done! still need to program the Rx and ESC to make us driveable😁
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