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  1. Thanks again! The color is a 70’s Pea Green Metallic from Testors/Model Master that has since been discontinued and a spray on bedliner from a company called Duplicolor. For the portals, I just bought the Monster Beetle Trail kit straight from Tamiya USA for less than $200, probably would have been cheaper this way, plus I gave me a base for my Wild Willy 4x4 build (that required the purchase of a WW2 kit, and extra pair of rear wheels and stub axles) and reused the bearings I already had in the Jimny. You do need 1.9” wheels and to fit the body, 0* offset sedan wheels or adjustable wheels like the Boom Racing ones I’m using to minimize tire rub. I am thinking of star cutting the tire foams so I can get a better footprint. For the springs I bought, I’m using the lightest set in the bag, kinda wish I had known of them when I started the kit 6 years, as anything else I’ve tried was too stiff.
  2. It should be surprisingly easy, if I were to do it again, now that I know what I’m doing. Just need the kits, tires, and appropriate motor to go along with what ever you choose for electronic ms and shocks. Here’s my thread on the truck on here. It is tail heavy too, that’s why the ESC and Rx box are shoved so far forward and part of I’m still using a NiMH pack in it. I’m thinking that one fo the shorter Holmes Outrunner motors might be lighter than the 55t it’s got now and torquier too. I wouldn’t mind a shorty LiPo for it, but I’d want to try and design a more skid plate like battery retainer set and a front bumper that also acts as a skid and and would add more forward weight, but both being able to bolts into the stock locations. I’ve got ideas and a couple quickie sketches on a junk mail envelope so far, but have no idea how to do any C.A.D. designing to make something printable (or machinable if one were to use delrin instead) with out using cardboard and scissors 😅
  3. Thank You, It is The portals are from a GF-01TR Monster Beetle Trail (which is now a 4wd Wild Willy) and more or less bolted right up to the little rig! Considering it's more of a road car that can rally is does pretty good in trail and crawling enviroments, though I'm thinking that I may want to get one of the Holmes Hobbies outrunner motors and Castle ESC for it then swap my basic Traxxas 2.4 system and XL5 ESC/Integy 55t setup out for the DX3 I have in my SCX24 after converting that to the Furitec Lizard ESC/Surpass 1400kV outrunner combo at some point. Here's a few pics from last night.
  4. Lol, that’s how my originally brushed with a MSC Stampede is with the VXL system on 2s😅
  5. Had the Jimny on a forest preserve path I used to take my SCX10 on 9+ years ago…….. it took it better than I did🥵
  6. Hmmmmmmmm……….. Have to wonder how well those GF-01TR units would fit my MF-01now that I have the above portals on it……..could make things interesting in the winter if the weather’s not too bad out!
  7. Couple things recently, had the SCX24, Jimny, and Wild Willy 4x4 at a friends place when I went to check out the shop he’s building there. Bounced the Tamiya’s around where he wants to have an asphalt apron poured just last the concrete one the Jimny is sitting on as well as a shot of Willy with his triple black JK Unlimited (4dr) Sport he bought just before the pandemic shut the state down, also decided to turn my now brushless SCX24 loose with just a little throttle trim set into the DX3 radio I now have on it, made it all the way to that young tree in the background and several feet behind the JK and had it turned around and heading back when the battery dumped! I then was out for a little while today and took the Jimny to one of my favorite spots to crawl and ran the battery the rest of the way down, which took about an hour, which isn’t bad for a brushed motor and a cheap 3000mAh NiMH stick pack! Quick edit, forgot to post some clips of the Jimny crawling! Willy did end up a bit muddy out there and had the servo screw fall out, but I was able to find everything and put it back together, but swapped Futaba’s 3x8mm machine thread Phillips for an otherwise matching DuBro cap head and a random 3mm washer that got thread locked in place! BTW, can I use a different servo saver on these two and a way of putting a 2wheel Wheely bar on the WR-02 and GF-01? I’m not liking the lone wheel for the Wheely bar and I’m not a fan of the plastic spring C’s in the servo saver. Looks like I might be able to use a Kimbrough Servo Saver like this on Willy, https://www.amainhobbies.com/kimbrough-large-small-end-servo-saver-kim123/p-qqqetqwqncqxactz but wouldn’t mind going with a long horn with the appropriate end on it for the Jimny.
  8. Biggest thing that worked for me, getting fired from the LHS I worked for over a 15 year period and getting into the customer service side of a call center job, then spending the last 15mo getting to do that from home. Also worked for my plastic model habit too!
  9. That came out looking great!
  10. Thanks, it’s not as extensive as a couple ‘57 Chevy projects I’ve been working on, but I was aiming for a quote from Futurama with this one; "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." ―God Entity This is a combination of kit supplied customizing pieces that are part of the AMT ‘57 Chevy kit (minus the one in the black box with the blue car on it) and Bondic UV Resin that I used as filler for some of the work. While this is 2 Red Plastic Revell Snap-Tite ‘’57 Chevy kits, one of which had a crushed roof combined into 1 “car” with the bubble top that is from a Monogram ‘58 T-Bird that has a variety of custom option parts that were designed in conjunction with the legendary customizer, Darryl Starbird!
  11. One last roof pic now that it’s back inside, definitely will need some more clean up and sanding before I can lay down the Dodge PXR Brilliant Black Pearl paint mixed by the guy who mixed the paint for my Wild Willy 4x4 build. Here’s where I modded it for the AMPro lenses too.
  12. And the roof is now in primer😁 Don’t know why, but that makes it look like one of the LWB and non-extended body Mopar B-Vans now?!
  13. Finished the work on the roof of the Lunchbox body, I nay be able to skip over the body filler stage and go straight to automotive filler-primer from a can then touch up after that😲 Considering I started with 2 Lunchbox bodies Monday night, one kit supplied that I screwed up and another that was New In Bag just Monday afternoon, I’m kinda proud of this result so far!
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