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  1. The PayPal xfr just happened so I now have the other 3 wheels on order! Hopefully they won’t take another month to arrive.......
  2. I’m not sure what the goal on the MB Tr was either. The body wasn’t much of a match for the original Monster Beetle, the portals on a vehicle that was intended to wheelie didn’t make much sense either, though it was a good donor for my MF-01x, since I put the portals on that instead though!
  3. I fell down a Waylon Jennings and Ray Wylie Hubbard rabbit hole on YouTube tonight, had been listening to AC/DC in my car earlier today, and fell into a Santana Ft—— rabbit hole some last night.
  4. Thanks, hopefully I can get the other wheels ordered soon (just xfr the funds into my PayPal last night) then eventually the tires while I’m waiting on the wheels. I want to get this running by the time this picc line is out and I’m done with the antibiotics I’m on now so I can actually get out and thrash on it as I would like!
  5. To me, it’s the current, standard edition SuperClod, not crazy about the 8-Bit graphics on the Black Edition, but at least it’s an improvement.
  6. Ok, I finally for the Boom Racing wheel in and it clears these Tamiya portals nicely! There’s plenty of clearance with the wheel face flipped for maximum positive offset with the thinnest hex hub installed and it looks like the tires will stay within the trimmed stock flares too. I’ll get the other 3 wheels and a full set of tires on order soon as I can afford to (just got home a weeklong hospital stay and now will be on a picc line for another 5 weeks that my insurance has already refused to cover). On to the pics, starting with the wheel! Then how it fits the front, And then on to the rear.
  7. I guess it depends, I would consider the Lunchbox, Pumpkin, Blackfoot, Monster Beetle and the like from the 80’s Monster Trucks, as well as trucks like the Stampede, mainly since they were build as monster trucks with more ground clearance outside of just taller tires. I don’t consider the trucks that have the flat pan type chassis , monster type tires, and jacked up body shells as monster trucks though, they’re just stadium trucks to me. That said, here’s my Stampede, has nearly the stock ground clearance, but sits a whole lot lower!
  8. This arrived today, fits the Tamiya Trail portals nicely as well, I’ll post pics in my MF-01x Jimny thread once Photobucket decided to work🙄
  9. “Looks like energy drinks on wheels with more power than a Chevy Bolt” 🤣 That sounds right on the money!
  10. I’d probably try it in my Stampede or E-Revo, though the E-Revo has a Titan 775 brushed motor, it also has a tendency to rip the ground apart when driven hard, especially when geared appropriately for a track that size!
  11. My Mom was very much an extrovert and Dad is an introvert, some how I got stuck in the middle where J’ve had jobs that require me to talk to complete strangers, mostly face to face and now over the phone last few years. Either could be tiring, usually I like being in situations off the clock where I don’t have to be all that talkative and/or only have to be around my Dad, Sister, her Husband, their toddler, and his immediate family or select friends. That’s the interesting thing about this whole Covid mess, I know some people have had a hard time with the lock downs and restrictions, but I haven’t really cared much about not being able to go party, eat in restaurants, go to bars, etc, only reason I’d do any of those is if I was getting food when I was away from home, I’m not a party or bar goer, so that was never a problem. Only thing I walk like to do is go to the gym and start lifting again, I had for a little while before this happened and didn’t want to risk my Dad’s or my own life by catching something. Most of the time I’ve run my R/C stuff like my Bandit, Stampede, Revo, M-03, basically my fast stuff, I could do that in my driveway and yard, the crawler stuff, I have to go places to really get the most out of those, but always try to when I’m going to minimize interactions so I don’t have to play 20 Questions or worse with somebody, since I’m not selling them any more.
  12. Looks great! What diameter piano wire did you use, I need to do that to mine too!
  13. That’s why I used the brake calipers and disks for the V100 sedans, mostly hid the servos and added scale appearance too!
  14. Same here, news, Motor Trend TV, and YouTube.
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