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  1. I went and got my second Pfizer COVID shot this morning😁 Over a few days, made a few mods to the SCX24s and crawled them on Sunday. Flipped the transmission on mine, Dad’s is pending. then added extra lighting to mine too. The crawling trip Sunday, after also putting green slime in the factory shocks, ran much better after the work then yesterday, the new Hot Racing shocks, tie rods and drag links all went on!
  2. I thought the front posts were exhaust stacks!
  3. Did a little work on the little Axials today, added tungsten putty to the front bumpers and tucked them in a couple mm, after that, Dad and I took a cruise to a LHS and picked up Yeah Racing beadlocks and RC4wd tires, as well as a set of SCT style Proline Badlands and DE racing dishes for my Bandit and got things put together. then here’s the turf rolling stock for my Bandit as well as it with the pavement set, it’s kinda nutty as it is, should be interesting to see how it runs with these too.
  4. Dad and finally got the SCX24’s I bought us a yer ago on the rocks today, also got the few mods to mine done and we may be going to look for grippier tires and heavier wheels tomorrow. Dad’s is the stocker on the left, mine is on the right and has a few cosmetic mods as well as some CG related mods and an EMax servo.
  5. Got the Losi Night Crawler lower links installed on my Comp Crawler to replace the nearly unobtanium part that broke.
  6. Had to replace the butchered rear upright on the truck. vs how it now looks
  7. These have shown up the last couple days, time to wrench.
  8. I’m planning on getting a Grave Robber for one of my Wheely Kings, May get the TJ Rubi body for the other. Sounds like there may be a return of their “mini” chassis bodies too!
  9. Broke my Losi Comp Crawler while crawling it for the first time in 8 years............... It was fun while it lasted though and I was very impressed with the Proline Hyrax as well!
  10. Had a follow up doctor appointment this morning and accidentally took the whole day off, so I figured I’d just take the whole day off anyway after the events of the last 2 months, so I got the new plate sticker for my 200, hit the hobby shop I got the battery, tires, and springs on my Jimny at, hit my favorite pretzel place to grab some lunch, the took my Telluride out crawling to get some exercise for it and more importantly, myself! It hasn’t lost it’s short course roots in becoming a crawler though......... 😁😎😄
  11. I was messing around with the WW2 body as well as Willy himself tonight, taped as much up as I could and put on the chassis. I do have a couple questions though, 1st. Can I cut the support away from the hole in the center of the body and fill that in with styrene or something to lower the body some? 2nd. Are there any WW1 style grills being reproduced? I’d love to get a proper Jeep M38 grill for it. 3rd. Has anybody ever made Willy a bobble head during assembly?
  12. Picked up some paint for my WW2 body from the local auto paint store today after work, going to shoot it in Jeep Moss Green Metallic then probably dullcoat it instead of a gloss clear. It was also the factory color of the XJ Cherokee I had to scrap last March
  13. Got this for the SCX24, still waiting on the EMax servo for it though.
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