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  1. What I did with mine is use the XXL RPM arms in the front with their Slash/Stampede 4x4 rear arms and bearing carriers in the back then rear offset 2.8” Prolines all around as well as put in a SAVOX low profile 125oz/in metal gear servo, which allowed me to put the Rx on top of the servo and it has a now vintage New Era aluminum front bulkhead. I’m also using a the offset pivot balls for the Revo on the tie rods to level those out, which seems to have eliminated much of the bump steer that these things have. Here’s the tie rod assembly I have on it to better explain the pivot balls, also kinda shows the long arm set up with the front offset Proline wheels all around. then here’s the servo and Rx arrangement Finally, here’s the width of it with the front offset Proline Trenchers on Desperado wheels vs their pre mounted belted Trenchers on their wheels with the replaceable hex section, using the rear offset parts all around.
  2. Yup, it is, we didn’t do it when it was warm out so that came back to bite us then. Funny thing though, the car has a few mods done to it like bigger front brakes, wider, grippier tires, upgraded lower intake manifold (more airflow), MSD Coil Packs, and a intake tube that got rid of the resonators in the intake track, plus it burns E85 on the factory tune……..well, Dad and I went out for dinner after we finished working on it and while driving it home, the car was a bit cold from burning E85 in 20*f weather and we were kinda cold inside, so I got on it a bit aggressively pulling from a traffic light, only to have it light the front tires up from 20mph with out a bit of hesitation from the car. Shocked the heck outta both of us when it did that too!
  3. Dad and I put a new battery in my Chrysler 200 today………it was a pain as it’s battery is in the bumper and accessed by pulling the left front tire then fender liner get to the battery tray. It did get a bit spicy once we got it back together, though it had 1/2 tank of E85 and temps were in the 20’s (Fahrenheit) and only got colder as the sun went down. I got on it kinda aggressive when heading back from dinner after we got it done and it about blew the front tires off trying to get through an intersection.
  4. Well, took my Stampede out and thrashed it a wee bit too hard yesterday, broke a 15-20 y/o RPM bearing carrier lost a screw and e-clip in the process…… On this….. Luckily I had a spare that required a little work to make it work like it should, since it has an Associated 1/8” hinge pin set for king pins. And after repairing the issues then lock righting all the screws going into the bulkhead, all of which I had what I needed and didn’t need to spend money on anything, it’s ready to rock, once again!
  5. The Viper body for my 4-Tec is officially done! and here’s how my first attempt at painting scale looking Forged Carbon finish on the scratch built wing!
  6. Yeah, I did use some Testors Extreme Lacquer Wet Look Clear I had laying around for the clear, it does look interesting though! here’s how it turned out, Not great, but close! I’ll have to try with a different brand of paint next time.
  7. Done all but the clear, the paint is drying and I still don’t like that Duratrax paint.
  8. Now that you mentioned it, I wonder how hard it would be to fake a forged carbon look with intentional overspray?! Maybe lay the metallic black down with a splattered appearance then lay the gun metal over it, the do the same with the black before clearing the bottom of the wing and insides of the side plates🤔
  9. Yup, something like this! https://www.acehardware.com/departments/storage-and-organization/shelf-liners/utility-liners/6337729?gbraid=0AAAAADtqLJFAinhxJ9DZTy3CSmj8fCEzZ&gbraid=0AAAAADtqLJFAinhxJ9DZTy3CSmj8fCEzZ&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv5On2dGN-wIVYZJbCh2xEQRzEAQYBiABEgIhJfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Lay it on the lexan like you would lace, spray over it with one color, peal it off like you would tape then the spray the other color. I might add an extra step by putting it back down, spraying the first color again the pulling it off and clearing the living snot out of it since it’ll be a wing instead of a hood, decklid, ect.
  10. Funny you mention the gunmetal grey, I still have a can of that from my Telluride and metallic black from when I painted my Night and Comp Crawlers, I just need need the weave pattern shelf liner to use as a mask😁
  11. Put a fresh body on my 4-Tec 2.0 now that I’ve thrashed it and know it works again and really well too. Just spent parts of the last 3 days getting it to this point! Just a simple, classic, Metallic Blue and Pearl White, both still with Pactra finishes, had to make my own wing since the one from the body went AWOL a decade ago and was going to wrap it with some carbon fiber printed vinyl from XXX Main, but what I got wasn’t wide enough so I just wrapped the side plates for now, May fab up another and do a carbon fiber (carbon fibber?!) style paint job on it.
  12. Finally ran my Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0 for the first time in 3 years and after gradually taking care of a couple issues and adding a couple mods, plus tried it with the trans brake Tx that came with my Drag Slash!
  13. Got my Drag Heep done and started a Mini-Me of it from Hot Wheels new ‘95 XJ Cherokee casting.
  14. The XJ body for my Drag Slash is done, going to get some outside pics this weekend and maybe finally try some me test hits in the driveway this weekend!
  15. Got the new Traxxas rear body mount and Axial molded parts for the XJ body today, also picked up some Traxxas Racing Green to shoot it with. Need to clean and mask it, but that will be for after dinner and painting will be for a different day u
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