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  1. I’m running into that with Chrysler/Dodge too, I wouldn’t mind getting a Bolt Hatch, just not the bigger “Utility” version that would be coming out once the whole battery problem gets sorted out.
  2. Last time I had an oil change on my daily, the service writer at the dealership I bought it from had said that it could take about 3 years (IIRC) to get things flowing again and back to where they had been 2 years ago. They have some cars and trucks on their lot, but not like they did before everything hit the fan and there are a number of dealerships I've seen that are far worse off, inventory wise. Dad likely replaced his minivan at the right time last spring and luckily my 200 of running good and the work we did to it in August should help keep it on the road longer as well as be better able to avoid other drivers as needed.
  3. I’m wondering if LiPo would be better since those are lighter.
  4. When I put the one way in mine, it was. A simple, straight forward swap and it does stop more like a RWD vehicle with a gear diff now, plus Willy iine is right, the steering is better with the one way too. I wanted to avoid the stoppies so I didn’t screw up the work I put into the Wild Willy shell.
  5. The MF-01x chassis does have some decent adjustability for the motor, I know I’m stuck with the M-03 and GF-01, though and would just look for something stronger on those. If they’re 0.6mod, that gives me something to work with on the Jimny then, I may have to see how much room I have to play with then and go from there. At least with a small pinion, I can tuck the motor farther forward on the chassis, not going to fix the rear weight bias, but would help it at least!
  6. Is there a place where I can find pinions that will match up with the teeth on my M-03, MF-01x, and GF-01 chassis? I want to go small on the pinion with my Jimny and maybe look at lower turn 540 motors, preferably a steel of some sort too, but already have as small as I can go on the Jimny (16t or 18t), but would like to go lower.
  7. Most of mine have evolved, my Stampede is probably the best example of that, it started 22 years ago as an abused 2nd hand truck with AM radio, mechanical speed control, all bronze bushings, the then current Dodge Ram style body and a 1500mAh NiCd pack. Over the years it’s had a Novak Rooster AND Super Rooster ESCs, not sure how many brushed motors leading to a VXL swap and gradually better radio systems from the stock Traxxas AM, to Futaba FM, now on the 2nd Gen of Traxxas 2.4 radios that have the stability control systems, went from NiCd, to NiMH, then LiPo batteries, tires, and stadium truck style bodies slammed over the chassis, which is at least 75% RPM parts now with bits and pieces of factory VXL model parts on it.
  8. That explains the scenery then, wish he had areas like than here near Chicago!
  9. Put one of those in my 2wd Stampede and 2 in one of my Wheely Kings, been thinking about a 4th for my 4-Tec 2.0!
  10. Finally got my Lunchbox in primer! Also found a pinhole where I filled in the roof I’ll have to putty, maybe some wet sanding and a sealer coat and it should be paint ready after that😁 That said, I’m rather proud of the filler job I did on this roof, not so much plugging the antenna hole since that didn’t take that much work, but the roof vent opening since I managed to get the ribs almost perfectly lined up and only will need a small dot of body filler on the entire roof! Now my Clod, on the other hand…….. I went to do some more work on it’s body since I had problems with the primer I put on it in June of 2020 had lifted with masking tape after cutting out the tail lights for an AMPro tail light set, then found I’ve still got a problem across the shell, including the tailgate/roll pan and front valance pieces. I basically need to get a couple gallons of Super Clean and a storage tub big enough to fit a Clod body in for a dip in the “Purple Pond” to strip it and try again.🤬
  11. Hahaha, I’ll have to tell him that!
  12. I just showed this picture to my Dad, his response was “That isn’t a store?!”😅
  13. I’m more curious about the two on the bottom 70’s Chevy Squarebody….um..body and the YellowKing on tracks?!
  14. The ground clearance is the reason I went to taller tires on my Jimny in the first place then partially why later on I added the Portals off the GF-01Tr to it. In my case, I was planning on taking it over rocks from the get go, so the diffs are also locked with Silly Putty and put putting taller, aggressive, stickier tires on it.
  15. Same here, I’m digging the Chevy Bolts for the same reason, hoping that GM and LG can get the battery problem figured out and fixed.
  16. Finished off the last mod I had on hand for my Chrysler 200 today. Last weekend Dad and I swapped the ignition coils out for units from MSD and the stock lower intake manifold out for the current piece going on these engines from the factory (I’m positive Dad’s ‘20 Grand Caravan has one) but was having trouble with the intake resonator delete tube and managed to lose a head light bulb in the process🤦🏻. Here’s the difference in the lower intake manifold, right side being the new factory part and the left being the one we took off the car, that hump in the runner made a bigger difference than expected! This is with just the lower and coils reinstalled, pretty straight forward here too as it’s stock shaped parts for stock shaped parts, just better performing. here was after the stock upper with the throttle body was reinstalled. Since that is still the same on most of of these engines, nothing special is needed here other than care, patience, and torque specs. Dad swapped out the bulbs while I was working yesterday and I got the larger clamp needed for the throttle body end of the intake tube assembly this morning and did the install at about the worst time this after noon as it was around 90*+, humid, and in direct sunlight…….which does not go well with middle aged and obese in darkish clothing🥵 This is one way to change the bulbs, if I ever replace the battery and/or switch to LED or HID from the Halogen it’s got in it, the bumper cover will need to come off🤬 the intake tube is pretty straight forward, the parts on the table by my mug are the stock corrugated tubes and plastic resonators, which make it quiet under throttle, bur are restrictive, I do need to insulate the aluminum tube since it’s within a foot of the cat for the right cylinder bank and has a plastic cover over the top of the engine. Once I got it back together today, Dad and I took it for a run, we saw an improvement from stock with just the coils and lower manifold that was better than expected and this tube seems to have added to that and add a little growl to it as well! Luckily, what we’ve done intake wise is pretty discreet with out that cover in place and nearly invisible to all but Chrysler Techs and wrench turning Avenger/200/Journey owners with the cover on and even with the hood closed. One thing that drew me to it is that other than the exhaust and wheels and tires, it doesn’t look much different from the 4 banger and 4 speed auto rental cars that would get derided for being garbage but still had the 280+hp flex fuel V-6 and 6 speed auto from the minivans while weighing about 1/2 ton less that made it a factory sleeper. Now as it’s going down the road or sitting at a traffic control device the only hint that there is anything different about this car from the 4 cylinder 200s produced is the factory dual tip exhaust, unusually wide and aggressive tires, gigantic yet stock appearing front brakes , and that little extra snarl when I get on it😁
  17. Of the Tamiya kits I've built, the only one I have anything that can be a complaint for is the MF-01x for the servo placement, what it takes to get at it and the servo saver as well as the servo saver it self. I don't mind having to dig deep on that or on my M-03 for the gear boxes, but having to tear it that far back apart to get at most of the steering on it is annoying and the only vehicles I've owned that had the steering harder to get at were the 1/1 scale front drivers I've owned!
  18. Thanks, it's appreciated! After how well the csar responded to the brake upgrade and better than stock rear shocks and spring, I think my Dad is wanting to dig in and installing the few power goodies I have even more so than I am
  19. Thanks! I may have to give that a try then, not sure which paint I want to use. It may be a bit until there’s time to do so though, over the last few years, I’ve acquired a few parts that should give my 1:1 a little more power and now that we’ve upgraded it’s ability to stop and turn, we can turn to making it quicker😁
  20. I took a Dremel to that foot on mine to thin out the sole of the shoe, but also cut down on the part of the chassis where body clip for battery cover goes through. Between that and the modification to the bottom of the floor where the big hole was, I don’t think I can get the body any lower. I am curious, what method did you use to paint the Monster Beetle TR wheels? I may want to shoot mine in flat black to try on mine, if I do that. Are you using any foams in those tires too? I put the firmer Schumacher ones in what it has now.
  21. Did a little work on the Jimny and Willy, no pics for Willy, but added weight to the bumper, put a longer tube on the antenna, and moved the ESC forward to try and put more weight on the front tires. .
  22. How does it drive with those? Kinda want those for mine!
  23. Dad finished the left front corner on the 200 is done and once I was off work, we got the front brakes bled then took it out for a couple hours. Once the brakes started to wear in, it stopped much better, though we had to be careful as it stops a lot quicker and nearly choked Dad with the seatbelt by accident at one point 😳 It also cornered better though it road a touch stiffer, was much more willing to rotate than before and didn’t wallow during directional changes like it had prior to that too. I think Dad is even more pleased with how it turned out than I am too!
  24. Spent 6.5hr working, lost power and gave up on trying to finish the shift after 30min, let boss know I had no power to be able to work, cut out an hour early, Dad and I went and grabbed dinner, now just waiting for the power to come back and/sun to go down then go to bed.
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