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  1. https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/e77f2833-493d-4c0b-8497-9fb0e67b781d https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/524d6e03-b4b9-4181-b150-1896eb70fd89 https://photobucket.com/u/bjoehandley/a/f98f3060-a6dd-45a7-8635-d2e69c375bce/p/58754532-eca8-4d4c-9a05-e616b87d3486
  2. Thanks, that MF-01x us a great little rig with the portals on it, it was worth every penny to get the Mobster Beetle TR kit to get the portals for it! Nit only did I have the monster truck Helios body on this, but I had the smaller ones on my AX10 before turning it into a SCX10 and on my now retired Losi Crawlers.
  3. I can honestly say that you are somewhat responsible for my MF-01x Jimny having portals, and I still thank you for it😁 I also think we’re among the few to modify our Tellurides into something worthy of crawling here in the U.S., if not world wide. That said, I kinda want to find a Brushed Stampede 4x4 to build a rig like yours out of, but experiment with the long arms on? Now those aren’t my first rodeo though, Did some experimentation with my brushed E-Revo too!
  4. Thanks! The chassis is the 4-Tec 3.0 and came as the Factory Five ‘33 Hot Rod body, which is based on the ‘33-‘34 Ford 3-Window Coupe. I got a clear body and a cam of Traxxas Racing Green, which appears to be British Racing Green, minus the “British” in the name the wheels and tires for the GR Supra version of the 3.0. I trimmed the fenders off to give it a fenderless hot rod look and just wanted it to look more like something that would have rolled out of somebody’s barn, shed, or garage after several months of wrenching and May end up with a picture of it tape to the dash of every cop car in it’s part of the state vs something someone wrote a check for somebody else to build, which is more of what these look like out of the box to me.
  5. Cosmetically, it’s done! still need to program the Rx and ESC to make us driveable😁
  6. This happened tonight 😁
  7. Lined up the 4-Tecs for pics when I got home with the 3.0! Listed in order is my original Electric 4-Tec with the seemingly unobtainium Traxxas Graphite Chassis Kit and Nitro 4-Tex steering and diffs, Big Bore shocks and a very well used HPI Plymouth Cuda AAR body, then my 2.0 with an old pre-waterproof 2pole VXL system, Big Bore shocks that came off a Nitro 4-Tec I had and a vintage HPI Viper GTS-R body and Savox shorty Servo, followed by the completely new and yet to be run 3.0 Hot Rod!
  8. Picked up my Traxxas ‘33 Ford Hot Rod today! Then the friend that went in on the 2 for $300 sale with me got this one
  9. More like found while on lunch today, label drew me in and turns out the tea is pretty good too!
  10. Just got the oil changed in my 200 today, dealer gave it a much needed bath too!
  11. In the video I am using an early DX3 radio where the 3rd channel holds it’s position, the one in it now is a modern DX3 that self centers when done. Wouldn’t mind putting the JConcepts Servo on axle on my Clod, then I could just use the same transmitter. Got the Clods rear steer pretty well thought out though too, even if counter only.
  12. It was pretty easy, the front and rear axles are identical with the only real difference being the steering lockouts. When I converted the Grave Robber to 4WS, I bought a second Servo mount for the axle, along with a second servo, second Servo saber, matching parts for the tie rod and drag link, and since it was rear battery at the time, a Servo lead extension to get to the Rx. If you’ve converted a Clod to Servo on Axle and 4WS, it shouldn’t be much different. Here’s the stock steering and rear lockout. then what it has on it now. And then here is an old video of it in Action with a 3s and read battery, I’m hoping on 2s with a front battery and the current Spektrum AVS Rx, it will be more manageable.
  13. I did that with my Grave Robber bodied Wheely King, it’s at least half made up of spare parts of other trucks and the kit was bought to try and build a Super out of, but with a sudden lack of interest, that failed. I then added 4WS and the Proline Clod rolling stock as well as going from a XL5/Titan 12t to the VXL system that is back in it now.
  14. You guys reminded me, Dad and I need to get his Caravan and my 200 over to the dealership for their oil changes! Oh, I just resurrected both of my Wheely Kings in the last couple days, the hearse is VXL powered with 4 wheel steering and the XJ has an old XL5 and Trailmaster Sport 45t 550 motor, both are flipped and stretched while the XJ is also locked on both ends too.
  15. Repowered and regeared my Traxxas Telluride tonight, swapped the Traxxas Titan 21t 550 for a Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster Sport 21t 550. I also put a metal gear set in the 2075 I swapped into it years ago. The motor seems like it is better, but I need to get this out on the rocks now too, hopefully I’ll get to that tomorrow on this and the Jimny.
  16. Put a Yeah Racing/Hackmoto 45t motor in the Jimny tonight, it’s only been sitting around and waiting for about a year now.
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