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  1. Your hotshot is really HOT!!.. awesome job man.. There are many details and I will review over the weekend. Thanks for your time help!!
  2. Hi There, I recently bought the hotshot which is my dream RC back in the old days.. how was your suspension set up? It will be much appreciated if u can share the idea the size(length) and parts cause I would like to do the upgrade as well.
  3. U are awesome!! Just look at all the details can tell how organized you are.. all little details will make it difference.. very appreciated for your help.. so looking forward to work on my project!
  4. Nice job!! The paint from Tamiya? Which silver u were using?
  5. The black one looks fantastic!! Just wonder where u get the suspension/shocks kit?
  6. Well done!! It looks unique!! I finally get a Hotshot which is my dream R/C since I was a kid but no way I could afford it by that time! May I ask you how to paint these colors by order? Is it like PS-18 PS-53 and PS-41 will be the last? How many coating on each spray? Sorry I used to be just paint in one color as simple as that is but I wish I can hav a body like this
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