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  1. Well everything worked out great and I was surprised how good the reslut got. Very shiny and smoot. It helped out a lot that I could put a screw in the hole in the roof to better hold the body during painting. Unfortunately I messed up big time during the painting of the black bars a real downer since I really enjoyed the spraypainting. I should have listened to the advice from Mrowka about the masking tape. When I peeled it of the black was all over the place. I used the wifes nailpolishremover (without acetone) and got most of it off, but the white that I sprayed also went away. Should I try to remove all color of the body? Im thinking if I try to respray it as it is now the will be a difference were the body is bare. A well as the black smudge will be visible through? Could it be a good idea to get some Tamiya primer in grey and respray it first and can this be done over a painted body or only on a unpainted one? Any help appreciated What would you guys suggest doing to restore it?
  2. Thank you so much for all your replies. Much appreciated!
  3. A tall order perhaps, but when I search online the explainations are way too technical What im wondering about is when I think of radio frequency I think of AM/FM band like 87,5–108 MHz for FM, but that is Mhz and the recievers for RC is of course Ghz. What does this in reality means? is it the same technology just on a higher frequency or is it nothing like the radiowaves that we use in our radios (for music etc)
  4. Thanks a lot. Seems like everything is ok then. It got warm but not overly hot so I guess thats just normal. Now if only it could get a little warmer outside I could test it. 12 degrees below zero here today
  5. Thanks a lot. Im completly new to this. Is it better for the batteries lifespan to charge at a lower A and longer chargetime?
  6. It worked like a charm But it indicated that it was fully charged after about 90 minutes. I was expecting it would take all night? Could it be that this is a fastcharger? There is a option of choosing 1A-4A. Is 4A the best option or could it wear out the batteries faster?
  7. Hi all, I have just bought my first Nimh batteries (4000 mah) and a SkyRc e450 charger. The thing is that it has different lamps for how much the batteries are charged. After 12 hours of charging its still at the first stage (blinking red/green) In the manual it says that it means "ready for charging) Im sure that I selected the option -Nimh and 4 A on the charger. Is this normal because its brand new and never been charged or should I send it back? Any help appreciated /Jorgen
  8. Hi all, I have just finnished my first car (Grasshopper)and have bought the right paints. Being new to this im wondering, when I paint the car with the TS-26 white on the white body isnt it hard to see if its properly covered? Also, is there a limit to how low the temperature can be to spraypaint? I dont a the possibility to paint inside and its 2 degrees C here now (35 F) Thanks! /Jorgen
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed before but could find no info On the tires of my newly buildt grasshopper it says 4.50-15 on front wheels and 16.50-15 on rear
  10. Thanks for all answers Ive thought about getting a better motor What would be a fitting one Will all 540 motors fit sizewise? Is there a limit how high the batteries mah level can be to be suitable for the car? Or is highest better?
  11. Thank you so much Hobgoblin and Mud4fun ! for bringing me into the 21th centuryπŸ˜€ I really appreciate it. This seems to be a very friendly forum.πŸ‘ Im just wondering about the ESC, what is the difference between a good one and the kit supplied ESC? Is it faster? My grasshopper came with theTamiya tble-02s. I just called a store here in Sweden and he recommended the Futaba 3PV radio. Do you know anything about that one? It comes with the R203GF S reciever What is the display used for?πŸ™ˆ Thanks
  12. First post here I was one of those kids who never got a Tamiya car back in the days, but those box arts and cars forever stuck in my memory. My friend later got a Sand Rover and I always wanted a car of my own. We had one hobby store in my hometown and I always stopped by looking for them in the window when I passed by unfortunately never getting one. Now I want to get back into the hobby and just finished the Grasshopper rerelease. Can anyone help me out with the following questions would be very grateful. What would be a good radio, receiver and servo for these retro cars? back in the day it seemed it was all about Futaba. Does Tamiya still do radios? when I google it seems like only older Tamiya radios comes up. I have never driven a rc car with a wheelcontrol, only the two stick one. I'm planning to get a boat as well in the future. What would be the best choice then? stick or wheel. When did ESC replace the MSC? (yes Im that old)😁 was it a particular Tamiya model it was introduced in? I'm confused about the batteries. I understand that Lipos are the best ones but can they be used in these old models?. Were the batteries we used back in the 80s Nimh? What would in your opinion be the next "step" if I want to get another car. I bought the Grasshopper just to see if I was capable of putting it together.πŸ‘ It's all about nostalgia for me so performance is not that important but I still want one with a 540 motor. To me its the late 70s to mid 80s cars mostly. Any help appreciated /Jorgen Sweden
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