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  1. I need a new pinion for my Blitzer Beetle but cant find any information of a partnumber of a steel 13t pinion Anyone know? Thanks
  2. Im currently building a sort of semi-shelf queen Grasshopper and want do it properly. Does anyone now if the TS-26 White will cover properly over the grey Tamiya primer? I know that there is a white primer as well but guessing it will be real hard to see if the coat covers everything then. Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks a lot. I will start with the base color and see how it turns out.
  4. Im doing my first lexanbody as soon as the temperature allows it here in Sweden. As ive read that the result will be better with a backing of a second color im thinking of silver (since the original is a metallic one, PS-52) On the Tamiya colorchart for the PS sprays there are four silver ones. Is there one that is preffered for this ? PS-12 Silver PS-36 translucent silver PS-48 Metallic silver PS-41 Bright silver Thanks!
  5. I recently wantd to upgrade my Blitzer Beetle by getting a Sport Tuned motor Then realized that the manual says that "do not use motor other than supplied in kit" No info about pinions, what holes to fasten the motor etc The original pinion is 13T that comes with the kit I have a 18T that I got when I put a Sport Tunes in my Holiday Buggy Are any of these usable Never got my head around the whole pinion thing But bigger pinion better speed? Any help apreciated
  6. Just for fun I was thinking the other day what kind of performance a real car would have if one would convert the specs from a RC car? I was never good at math but I guess it would be possible to calculate since we know the weight contra the specs fof the motor. As an example I put my Blitzer Beetle on a weight today (all radio grear and battery included) and it came to 1.830 kg Im currently running a standard 540 silver can that IIRC has 0.025 Nm running on 7.2 Nimhs. Could be interesting what kind of horsepower that would be on a real car
  7. Im thinking about doing the Lotus Europa in PS 52 but noticed that the sidemirrors should be painted in TS color according to the manual. Are there corresponding colors between the different types of paint? Thanks /Jorgen
  8. Can anyone tell me if its possible to get another body (within the M-06 series) will they all fit the chassie? I noticed that on the Lotus Europa it says street and the Renault Alpine says rally for example. Is it just the body and has nothing to do with the M-06? Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot! Come to think of it. How about that oil that comes with the dampers in the kit, In this case the yellow 400?
  10. I just bought my first ballbearings and understand that you should lubricate them before using Will any oil do? I have som WD-40 home but afraid that it will react with the plastics in gearbox/gears etc Its just metal. No rubber sealing etc Thanks
  11. Does anyone know when Tamiya moved their production from Japan to the Philippines? I guess all the Re-res are made in the Philippines? Cant find any info online And is there a difference in quality from back then and now?
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