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  1. I just finished my first DT-02 chassie and im a bit confused about how the differential is supposed to work? On my other buggy, Grasshopper rerelease if I spin one wheel, the other wheel turns the opposite direction Is it supposed to be like that on the DT-02 and if not what could I have done wrong? Thanks
  2. Nowadays when pretty much any subject gets a documentary made me think. Is there any docus about Tamiya or the RC hobby in general?
  3. Thanks Mad Ax for your quick and lenghty reply. Much appreciated!
  4. Im having trouble finding the correct pionion. I have bought a 53068 Sports Tuned motor and the manual for the Holiday Buggy says it should be a 17T, but no part number? Theres a lot from other manufacturers, but will they work? I also wondering about what the manual calls the "motor plate" (see pic) is this something that comes with the motor,? do I need to get one? Jorgen/Sweden
  5. Does anyone know what this is for? Its not in the manual (that I know of) First I thought it was a pinion for converting to a 540 but that should be metal right?
  6. I was really surprised how long the batteries lasted. (4000 mah) Had a run of approx 1 hour och a gravelfield with my Grasshopper and stock 380. Full gas 90% of the running time.
  7. Just finished my Grasshopper and noticed the the holes for the front screws are covered by the decal Can anyone point me in the right direction what tool to get for this Ive seen pics with perfect round results Thanks
  8. Thank you for your replies. Sorry forgot to add that if I decided on the HB I would get the hop ups mentioned.
  9. I cant decide what car to choose. Im stuck between the 2010 Holiday Buggy or the 2011 Blitzer Beetle. The Holiday Buggy will come with the sport tuned 540 and metal bearings and front oil dampers. The BB will come stock from box. Which one will be most fun, best performance and all around most bang for my bucks
  10. Well everything worked out great and I was surprised how good the reslut got. Very shiny and smoot. It helped out a lot that I could put a screw in the hole in the roof to better hold the body during painting. Unfortunately I messed up big time during the painting of the black bars a real downer since I really enjoyed the spraypainting. I should have listened to the advice from Mrowka about the masking tape. When I peeled it of the black was all over the place. I used the wifes nailpolishremover (without acetone) and got most of it off, but the white that I sprayed also went away. Should I try to remove all color of the body? Im thinking if I try to respray it as it is now the will be a difference were the body is bare. A well as the black smudge will be visible through? Could it be a good idea to get some Tamiya primer in grey and respray it first and can this be done over a painted body or only on a unpainted one? Any help appreciated What would you guys suggest doing to restore it?
  11. Thank you so much for all your replies. Much appreciated!
  12. A tall order perhaps, but when I search online the explainations are way too technical What im wondering about is when I think of radio frequency I think of AM/FM band like 87,5–108 MHz for FM, but that is Mhz and the recievers for RC is of course Ghz. What does this in reality means? is it the same technology just on a higher frequency or is it nothing like the radiowaves that we use in our radios (for music etc)
  13. Thanks a lot. Seems like everything is ok then. It got warm but not overly hot so I guess thats just normal. Now if only it could get a little warmer outside I could test it. 12 degrees below zero here today
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