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  1. @Finnsllc Thats my first reaction, but its taking FOREVER to get it back running, and hasnt been easy to find a few parts that arent the cost of a new car. Even the 3d printed repor stuff is really expensive. Im enjoying getting it back together though!
  2. I hoarded, err.. stocked up, a bit 3 years ago .. the price jump in that time is quite noticeable ... and I know this next sentence may be blasphemeny, but the prices on RC-10 is CRAZY
  3. @Butler trying to parse this .. are you saying you are using a DT02 chasis for the Falcon? or a DT02 Body (is that even a thing). I did some google and Im not sure which you meant. That would be interesting if there was an alternative chasis that I could also get away with ... or even a different body style to mix it up! ... Thanks --
  4. Thanks everyone! Fun and informative thread ... Although I want to think Im passed my idiotic teenage RC-driving self, I can't safely say this. I will probably get it back into working order, and only take it for strolls. If I want a crawler or a basher Ill probably get something newer. I seem to really flip the $h!t out of the Falcon if I recall correctly .. always looking for that right dogbone
  5. ahhh . .I tossed the chasis a while back .. luckily I hoarded a ton of parted-Falcons .. so I should have enough to get this back into a very nice condition ... Just wanted to make sure I was about to be silly running it
  6. Hey all --- Ive been thinking about piecing back my Falcon ... I just took it all apart, and its last state was the notorious broken front chasis -- which probably was sometime in the mid 90s. I have all the parts -- mostly, and can get this back in working shape. After watching some YouTube videos, I started to question if I should use this for more than a test drive. There is a lot of discussion on how the plastic becomes very brittle. And on a car that seemed to break if you looked at it funny, Im just wondering if I should attempt to use this as a fun day to day drive .. OR .. build it, test it, shelve it .. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated
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