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  1. Think the Plasma Edge will do for the lad to replace his junk FTX thing. Loving the Top-Force but I suspect the kit is going to be very very pricey.
  2. I've had a thorough look over and can only marginally improve matters. Might well have to try another servo.
  3. I operated the servo before fitting the horn, but now you've menioned it I'll check it again!
  4. Hi all. After a year of bashing an FTX Carnage to bits (and considerable cost to rebuild) I decided to build a new car for my lad. Decided on the DI primarily becuase that's all that wan in stock! Anyway, really enjoyed building it over Xmas and added some hop-ups for good measure. One problem though; turn left and the steering centres okay, turn right and it stays offset to the right. I've tried trimming it on the tx but it's not enough. I set the length of the turnbuckles using a ruler but I have picked up my calipers today so I can check them all more accuratley but I'm positive they'll be as per manual. I've attached a photo showing how the wheels sit after turning right. What am I missing?
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