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  1. Nice!! I think I need to upgrade my servo. Let us know how u get on with it.
  2. yes I read somewhere about taking your time. Doing in 2-3 stages. It was a lot more fun and that way I took my time. Haha I did warn you about the streetlights isssues!!! Iv taken the front apart 3 time still can’t get it right, have you tried: 1. Making sure all the trims on the TR are set accordingly. One thing i did was when I reset the servo to nutral (point 2) I made sure the TR trims were all set to centre. 2. check servo horn and reset to nutral 3. you have a turn control on the TR (forgot the technical name for it) but again make sure that set correctly. have you tried seeing what happens to the servo and servo horn when u turn the power on when it’s not plugged into the car. Does the horn still move in the wrong direction? I might be way off, these were my 3-4 basic steps...
  3. Ok While waiting for one body to be completed and scared to crack up the original one (CLK-GTR) found this cover as a suggestion on this forum somewhere...eBay purchase. self cut body with Velcro strips for attachment. Solid body would say it’s 2x the original shell so should be durable. Thought it’s perfect for this weather when the roads are full of puddles and mud!
  4. What are my other speed options before lipo / brushless? I thought the above hopups are it really for speed and smoothness
  5. I’m not worried about paining or or decals more the fact I will crash it on the first run and crack it lol. I want to keep the original shell in mint condition. I just ordered this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TT01-Rally-Cross-Car-Dust-Cover-Carbon-Effect-Plastic-Kamtec-TT01-11-99-/313315076454?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 with all the reading I have done with the tt01 I beleive the steering is a know and well confirmed issue. I don’t think there is ONE answer but a upgraded servo and aluminum arms do help... apparently..that’s my next project I think. I also want to understand how you would go about doing a lipo conversion... want some more speed
  6. Hi, I just “finished” my build of a TT01e Mercedes CLK-GTR (not started the shell yet) im running the following with steel bearings fitted: 540 Torque Tuned Motor TBLE-02 S ESC Core RC 4012 Servo (4Kg) Hop ups I’m fitting this week: aluminum prop shaft Spur/ pinion 55/25 one issue I have and is heavily reported is getting the car to go straight!!! iv bashes it hard a few times so I have reset the servo to nutrual and aligned the wheels but still no luck, adjusting the trim does nothing! Thinking about changing their servo? Or hop up to aluminum front arms? Would any of this help? so much fun building my first kit. I need lots of practice driving it and I’m scared to put on the shell.. I have been looking at cheap prepainted alternatives while I improve my driving. I have also see dust protectors shells which seem like a good/cheap option.
  7. Hi, I’m running the following setup and I want to switch to LiPo. Can and advise on: 1. what changes I need to make to fit LiPo 2. the most reliable LiPo pack to install? S2/3...brand... thanks TT01e Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC - Brushed 540-type Motor Enrich Power 3000mah 7.2v Sport Stick Pack SkyRC eN20 Charger AC Nimh/NiCad 3A 20W 4-8cells
  8. I have Google’s and Googled it... but can Someone sum up the gear ratios specifically examples around Tamiya TT01 kits What’s the difference in higher/lower/mixed pinion to spur ratio? I.e someone has also recommend 55/25 would that be slower than 55/27 but maybe more reliable?better on engine? thanks!!!!
  9. Hi, im looking to get a bit more speed out of my stock TT01 (steel bearings fitted): 540 Torque Tuned Motor TBLE-02 S ESC Core RC 4012 Servo (4Kg) I have already got the aluminum prop shaft ordered. The stock car is currently running 61T Spur & 19T Pinion. Without changing the motor what Spur/Pinion would you recommended for a bit more straight line speed? Thanks
  10. I’m sure it must be the servo. I knocked it badly a few times today. yes using the stock (plastic) savers. recommend changing? To what? My current servo: Core RC 4012 - Servo 4Kg .12 Sec
  11. Yep! It’s so far out it hardly helps. im sure it’s because Iv knocked it and the servo is out. Can’t be this bad normally. It was fine at own point...
  12. Thanks will take a look. Any online instructions on how to adapt the wiring to fit a fan on a tr01?
  13. I have a TT01e what is the recommend service plan? What parts need looking at regularly? would you recommend this to just blast out dirt from around the wheel and inside bathtub frame? NEW 2 X 200ML COMPRESSED AIR CAN DUSTER SPRAY CAN CLEANER CLEAN & PROTECTS LAPTOP KEYBOARD ELECTRONICS 200 ML PACK SET OF 2 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00RL3ZSTM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_e2I7Fb5Q0ADJ3
  14. Hi, I have a stock tt01e, would you recommend installing a fan? or would this only be required after upgrading to a more powerful motor? any tips/links on which fans and how to install? thanks
  15. Can you share the link for where you bought this from? Does that include to and bottom arms? cant really drive the car properly at the moment as your constantly battling to keep it straight. I wonder if I have kocked it a bit and the servo May need a reset... is that a thing? Is thy at possible I have have hit the front wheel to hard (which I have) and servo needs setting back to nutrual?
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