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  1. trust me, just looking at the lines of the 2 bodies and finding some areas of interest is very dangerous to me. just starting to consider the optics of it first but that seed was planted... just wasted 20 minutes and did some dangerous planning. not all details are marked out but i got some idea of the scheme. the pink/white/blue box art looks nice but if i can find the paints for a custom shell, god help me...
  2. yeah, im just doing the box art for the mini manta for the time being. not sure if i got the paint for the custom tuxedo style. i do have some hand paints though id need to use masking tape to make some clean lines. its an interesting idea to struggle with. i dont even know what i will do yet, oh the pain of it all...
  3. might not have that much time as i do have work then but im glad the building part is done. too bad the body wasnt shaped like the full size manta, id be tempted to do a 100% match. scratch that, the paint scheme i did on manta would be "fun" to recreate...
  4. yeah i saw some people had a fancy tool and puller to get them done perfectly but i dont see a reason to buy a tool just for that... its almost done, i dont know if i have the focus left tonight to put the stickers on it right now. the rest is put on except for the race lock piece??
  5. thats true, no time spent on RC= no money lost on it. i think the mini manta ray will be a cool piece 100% of the time. the rest will be driven though a few body shells might end up a decorations. i got the front and rear axles on the mini manta done, there is still 1mm of shaft play but i dont seem to find anymore give in the wheel insert holes. no biggie in the end. i'll try to see how far i an get on it today. i didnt actually test to see if the insert holes are all the same depth but the wheels are on securely. used a aluminum plate and table as a press to get one tire in and my hands for the 2nd wheel on the axle.
  6. yeah, a bit of boredom and having reasonable time to complete other goals seems to do the trick to get me back atleast for the time being. i was tempted to drive the manta or TT02 a month or so back but time or weather called that off...
  7. i think both faces work. casual running: smiling. any serious race: serious.
  8. LOL i didnt notice the pun. i only had 2 proper bikes a before any training types when i was young. my parents bought me and brother 2 matching 18speed Shimano mountain bikes both red. i moved onto my first bike purchased with my own money: Intercycle CR-MO M300 21speed mountain bike. circa 2003-2005. back then when living with my parents my neighbor's some had a black?? and gold one and i really liked it, so much that i "borrowed" it (LOL JK). i went to a bike shop with my parents and found the same model, chose black/white silver theme because silver/white/black looked great. had some fun times in the years that followed. i tried for some serious kilometerage of 300km back then, did it once on dirt road at campsite. hard to get that KM when not that many visits and relatively small circuit. a bit on and off biking then until 5yrs ago when i got serious. still kept the bike in good condition, (it has a few flaws now) rode it on the road and the larger bike path that had some gravel paths at home in the city. dont recall exact numbers off my head and cant find all the KM logs but for 2-3 years i did 700-800 KM a year. one year i did 1100km and that was a mistake, hurt my knees specifically cartilage under knee caps. had some discomfort at 900km but kept going until it hurt moderately. took 2yr break from biking before i started again. forgot 2020 total, 2021 600km. i learned a lesson to listen to my body and not overdo it. currently at 6000km that i put on the bike though odometer/speedo battery died in that long biking break after 300km. had a stupid move where i tried to get onto a 90 degree turn too fast, wiped out on the grass and ended up bending the main gear cassette. its a bit warped now to see visibly when biking and can jump off if jarred enough. parts are hard to find on it these days so im procrastinating on it. want to keep it stock looking as much as possible. had a few close calls with the bike before knowing what can/cant be done at higher speeds. i put the OG front tire onto rear when OG bike tube went. got a new set of tires that looked similar in pattern given market availability. currently new front tube/tire tread with the OG front tire/tube that is being worn out on rear tire. its a bit dry cracked from age so id rather kill the tread before it splits and let a rock break it if it was on the front tire. got 2 newer tires just sitting in stock to place on the rear, got maybe 1000km left before i retire the OG tire. the old tire is fairly worn down, the wear markers are just barely there. i dont have any interest in any other bike TBH. its like owning several 1:1 cars when you are the sole driver of all of them. cant really focus on specific goals/targets if its split several ways. got 1.7-1.8'' width tires. a road bike with thinner tires would be nice but they cost more and i still value my MTB too much to give up seat time on it. i bike to work and also on days off when weather is nice on proper bike paths. biking is still something i can do but when my body is telling me something i usually decide thats the end of biking for that given year. no winter biking but +14c temp is ok if i need to bike. biking in Montreal has some nice bike paths as to landscape, the path conditions usually are good. my bike cost me around $300 when i purchased it.
  9. got to a bit of model making. had attended a anime convention in the first week of august and got a small Gardevoir figure gunpla style build. built that in 30 minutes?? the guy said it only took 10-15 minutes to build LOL (joke). cleaned the nubs properly, it was a fun build. decided to start another small build: Manta Ray MK2 JR white special and got a bit hung up. im presuming the wheels are a press fit thing? not sure but its a bit hard to put the circular hole onto the hexagonal shaft. do i just force it a bit harder to put the tires onto the thing? i see there is a proper tool to install the wheel to the shaft, is there any sort of basic tool suggested to install the tires to the shaft? havent tried the other wheel side chassis as the wheels are a bit tricky to install. the battery contacts are down and will try the motor install when the wheels are figured out. i dont really have a place to run this slot car type model but it makes a cute display piece. might glue the tires later if a place opens up for it. i still have a few body shells to cut/paint and a Super Saber to build. should last me a bit time well wasted. i havent really made time for RC lately, life got in the way, other hobbies and i tend to cycle through my hobbies in phases of gung-ho and take a break for a few months or more. recently have been using alot of free time to do some biking. got a goal of 715->815 KM from march to October this year. currently have just under 300km to reach 815km this year, gotta take advantage of the nice weather... had some books i was reading on and off but now im going back in the direction of the RC cars. hoping to finish the manta ray mk2 jr and possibly start the TD 2021. biking takes a bit more priority to me than RC it seems... oh well its exercise.
  10. yep, thats the plan though im probably going to use self tappers first then try the M3 screws. they seem to be a bit to tricky for me, the heat created that affects the plastic. machined screws into some metallic base is so much easier providing you dont cross thread. im a nervous wreck when im messing around with the machined threads...
  11. recently i got a spare TA02 chassis tub. i sort of went too fast in screwing the m3 machine screws on the manta build. i managed to use the first tub on the manta but it always irked me that i knew the threads were a bit stripped. didnt want to pay +$60 on eBay or whatever so i snatched one up on RC mart when they got into stock.
  12. you also have option 4. my lunchbox has the switch mounted on that raised ridge near the slot where the motor wires are passed through the chassis. right beside the blue/orange wire. i placed the switch so the thing is pointing down. using your picture as a reference, that area that has foam wrapped around it. i got the switch double sided tape facing down to the raised edge, left/right to shut on/off. no need to remove the body to shut it off. i dont have a 3rd rear shock modification, i opted for the bottom brace from shapeways.
  13. great idea, use the aero Avante as a launch ramp LOL.
  14. yeah i prefer the tub myself, i accidentally stripped the plastic screws for the top battery hold down/ESC plate/rear diff mounting points. was considering buying a spare tub but didnt do it in the end. it was my first time using the fine threaded M3 machined screws so i didnt take into account the heat produced when securing the parts to the chassis. RCmart has alot of parts that you likely need. it might not be all of them but its something. rc mart does have low stock on a plastic manta ray chassis tub right now.
  15. i wish you luck in building it. i also built my manta from parts alone and alot of help from @MICHAELs TopForce17 who already got some parts accrued. you might have some trouble finding a chassis tub but some parts are getting harder to find.
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