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  1. i must admit, i got a few sets for my TT02, 7 sets or tires and i only really use 2 sets at most.
  2. got a bit antsy with a few projects of the small variety. had the plastic Aoshima 03 1/32 Sileighty model shell washed a while back and didnt have time to primer or paint it. got a bit bored with tech stuff and mr hobby base white primered it white and put ps-30 brilliant blue. i still have a top coat to make good coverage and then paint the interior so it doesn't look weird when assembled. i know its not the proper paint for the plastic shell but the shade is perfect and its going to be a static model. hopefully tomorrow is enough for me to take the tape off the manta ray jr and was the shell for paint prep. gotta love computers and tech. waste enough days on it and you'll look for a more analog past time.
  3. would you be able to find some small narrow drill bit. if you could maybe drill a hole in the nut material you could possibly jam a hard metal rod/ steel punch pin to hold the nut in place. a hardened steel punch to fit in a hole between the threads and the edge of the nut might be enough to stabilize the nut. it would be dependent on the drill bit you find but you could scrap a nut and potentially save the wheel. what is the size of bolt is used on that wheel for the nut?
  4. i got back home 2 days ago and didnt do much unpacking yesterday. got most of the merch unpacked though i think i got a few gacha pon on the bag somewhere. the Tomy Takara masterpiece Beast Wars Tigatron WP-50 transformer. it came with 4-5 faces a gun and a few other items. its so easy to put into robot or beast mode that it only takes 64 steps to complete the transformation . oh well, i will tackle that a bit later on if i remember to do so. took a look at the cars i bought. the sileighty snap fit car does require some primer and glue for the body shell, washed the body shell already. will get to that later when i have time. took stock of the GTR33 cars that i purchased while i was there, 4 of them. one is 4.5'' long die cast with opening car doors and front engine hood., it even has some rubber on the wheels. the other 3 are hotwheel sized and require some attention to make complete. i was trying to get a blue and hopefully midnight purple one but my 3 attempts on that single machine got me 2 white and 1 silver GTR/. the silver one had broken rear wing mount. some UHU glue will hopefully fix that. the best part is i need place the tiny mirrors on it and place incredibly small stickers to complete them. not sure of my plans on the 2nd white one but might pin stipe it or paint it. not looking forward to the stickering. havent started to build the TD JR mini racer...
  5. Honestly I can't do energy drinks such as red bull or monster. I'd prefer tea, coffee or those powdered energy drinks you can find that are advertised by gamers. A huge can of monster is too much. A small can could work fine but I'd rather drink the other half later. Pretty much a case of getting a small jolt of caffeine instead of the whole can type of person.
  6. A total stop of opportunity just now. Stopped at Kure station for Yamato museum. Saw Malta hobby store. Got a sileighty model the size of a mini tamiya racer.
  7. So here I am at Nakano Broadway trying not to buy anything. I see a mini JR thunder Dragon in one stall. I got it now... Edit, I also got another GTR 33 3-4" model car. I'm already at close limits for souvenir space so help me God... Wubba lubba dub dub... for my sanity I'm trying not to enter every shop.
  8. thanks, i will consider those when the time comes. the TD2021 should be fine, the Super Sabre well, i will need to check when i build it.
  9. yep, i got 3 NIMH batteries and only one gives issues with manta. not sure if it will hive issues with others i need to build but it works well enough on the ones i did have built.
  10. in the case (literally) of that battery its not a shrink wrap issue. the small rectangular bulge where the battery wires exit at the end interferes with the tolerances to close the battery door
  11. yeah, they thought of most of the stuff. i opted for the 40w AC-DC converter charger. the proprietary plugs are rather annoying for some but im fine with using them. it does force you to buy proprietary equipment to match it. you might want to get some better tires for it. its not that great on grass i got proline trencher w.2 M2 tires for it and it has much more grip. the downside is the tires weigh a bit more, about the weight of 5 stock tires:4 trenchers. not a big issue but you'll see the acceleration and grip improve. there are a few basic hop ups that make sense but you dont need that much honestly. the stock tires are one of the bigger annoyances. @Willy iine amazon batteries are weird to say the least. some fit great and others are just a bit off. i have 1/3 batteries that doesnt fit the manta as the battery door piece cant sit 90 degrees, just 1/8" is all it takes...
  12. nice, just be warned if she really likes it then you will need to buy some more kits... are you using a traxxas ESC? it does have a handy 50% setting. its a bit slow but should be useful. @Ferruz i had plans to use metal straws for my TT02D but never got around to making the modification. life got in the way and some other stuff.
  13. im 200% sure its for the niece, chances are she already drives the one that weren't purchased for her in the first place. kinda hard to drive your car if you keep "lending" it to others. atleast she will enjoy it. its no ARMA but it will take the abuse a fair amount. the kids find a car of yours they like, next it becomes a shared car and lastly you give up and either relinquish that one and get a replacement. thee replacement one isnt always to be your car or their car, its a 50/50 probability either way.
  14. nice body for the slash. i got the stock hawaian body RT but swapped out the body shell for illuzion BAJR desert body. i stopped 3/8" or so below the prescribed body lines to give it a slightly better appearance. have fun painting the rear corners on your body, those angles are a bit more tricky...
  15. i think i might need to check that James may episode... im sure its a very easy thing to operate........ ive been procrastinating on that top gear series. i also need to check out the lighted manhole covers in Shibukawa, a few are Initial D related. i see the robot he drove, it more of a mech than a human like form Gundam. the 2nd robot he had is not a gundam but its more of a grunt mobile suit :).
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