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  1. the one i got has 5 extra tips, one is more wide and broad, i need to figure out how to swap the tip out first for that. currently using long flat thin one but will dig deeper into the other tips for the xt60 connectors, the fine tip takes too long...
  2. thank you for the reply, i clearly will need to practice that a bit as getting the wires to temp will be tricky.
  3. thank you for the reply, i do have some thin channel locks more specifically the wire strippers thin tip. im making 2 sets of each as im havent tried soldering the xt60 connectors yet. my co worker has the molex type. does the soldered wire tip need to be hot or would cold/dried coat bond properly with the new solder? im choosing xt60 simply because i dont want to cut off the 1080 battery connector.
  4. i should consider that, the other side will be Xt60 i do have traditional crimp channel locks that could also work?? i dont think there is a way to escape soldering the Xt60 parts or maybe there is? what about cold crimping the wires to the tamiya then adding a bit of solder? i need a good secure and safe connection. one set will be to charge the XT60 connector battery though it also has traxxas connector (non ESC connector) that could be used for that. the other adapter will be to use tamiya connector batteries to the HW1080.
  5. tried my hand at soldering, 12 AWG or slightly thinner wire onto tamiya connectors is annoying as heck. didnt have the proper tools nearby for the task so it made things more annoying. will need to get the right tools on hand before i try to solder it to the connector first.
  6. HOW INFURITAING!!! i managed to muster up some patience to solder 12 AWG wire the proper way. it took a bit of time for the pen soldering iron to do the trick but 350F did the trick. i soldered up the wire ends and they are nice but they are a very tight fit of the actual places the wires are supposed to solder/clamp into. didnt have wire cutter handy at all! which made things rather annoying to say the least. i also found some older but good slimmer wire, think it 14AWG. got those tips soldered but trying to older it to the tamiya connectors is difficult. i got some helping hands but the added thickness with the solder win going to take up all the width to fit on the tamiya connector. i crimped one onto the 12guage wire but cant separate it from the pack of 20 as i dont have wire cutters handy, only needle nose/side cutters... got to raid my tool box for cutters and crimpers. how can i solder the wire to the tamiya connectors? adding some flux before crimping the wire makes it too hard to fit. i can only see fluxing the connector surfaces and holding it in the helping hands and heating up the bottom of the tamiya connector then letting the solder melt into the side walls. holding the wire and connector on a flat surface doesnt work to keep the wire there. i havent even tried/tested the XT60 sides yet.
  7. Give it a few days on someone's property and they pay you to clear the grass, brush and anything else they don't want in the yard.
  8. dropped by LHS and got 11 1150 rubber sealed bearing, 1 can of ps5 and ordered 2 cans of PS52. i thought $10 for a 100ml can was crazy, the PS52 cans are $21 per can, i ordered 2 to have a back up can. my sprinter buggy tire set for the front??, the rubber tires have been pushed back by 2 months, scheduled for AUG 11 but i will believe it when the LHS calls me to say they are in... got the 2 sets of rims and 1 set of rubber tires but not the 2nd set of tires..
  9. The build is Indeed rather fun but it's a BIG can of worms on the wallet. I started plastic cement models way back then got into Gundam plastic robot models. These were snap fit parts and 2 kits ballooned to 27. Now the latest is RC, currently 3/6 kits built and easily the most $$$ of the 3 hobby options... just try and keep the fleet to a sensible amount before you get too many kits. I'm at sensible limits already..
  10. a high speed TA02 gears set, i may or may not need that for the manta. even though the rear gearbox is already built... not sure how it would deal with the 15T motor and 18 pinion but its a hop up parts that be nice to have.
  11. just order a bunch of olives and you get a TD well shaken by the time it actually arrives... maybe the olives might get shaken for a while also
  12. got another steering servo that will go on the super sabre or should be that particular box, i now got 3 same unused that are reserved for the next 3 builds.
  13. just ordered HPI racing flange pins 3x35mm so i dont need to bother filing some suspension arms to fit 33m suspension shafts
  14. i already found some 3x41mm shafts to replace 38mm screw pins but those 3x36mm shafts may work fairly good. flange shafts can work, thats one less clip i could potentially lose. EDIT: thanks for pointing me in a good direction, i didnt consider flange shafts, ebay has this: HPI Racing 105658 Flange Shaft 3x35mm (2) Savage XS Flux. got 3 sets ordered :). i dont think i will have to file anything now and if so its going to be almost nothing. ive figured out 2.5-3mm is the magic number for the good length.
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