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  1. Mine was supposed to be in by now but still no new messages from supplier or LHS yet and my hands are still empty... I do have the slash to occupy me and enjoy it's attention before my RC options get any bigger.
  2. double post, slow net at this time...
  3. wow, thats a good jump in storage space. definitely need to consult the building plans there. im having a hard time visualizing 4000 manga books in 1 room but i have an idea how it may look. i also think her collection might give you a run for your Tamiya exhibition room in price if each book is $15 each. you may or may not want to show her these pics as it might give future storage ideas (and more work for you) . to quote wikipedia: The Kyoto Manga museum's collection includes approximately 300,000 items as of 2016,[1] with 50,000 volumes of manga that can be accessed and read by visitors and approximately 250,000 items in its closed-stack collection. ive been there on my 2019 trip to Japan and it was some sight to behold... they took an old school and turned it into a museaum, the accesible books are on the ground floor so i guess the closed sections are on the other floors.
  4. i got some stuff in today, the scissors will work great and actually be comfy compared to the $5 curved lexan scissors that are only 3"" at the most... i also got another Transformers Season DVD in today, its going to join my recent purchase collection of Beast wars se1,2-3, (se1 coming soon), Beast Machines , Prime se1,2 3 (se2+3 left to come in). im going for the classic and almost nostalgia effect Transformer series. i got another Transformers related item coming in fairly soon.
  5. That's one big library she must have. I at most have 15-20??? Series of any manga or LN in my unit. Lost track of the exact number and too lazy to confirm actual number. What I do know is that 2 bookshelves are insufficient to store all of them. Most series I have all volumes and I got other hobby stuff that fights for storage areas with the books. I'm sure her library must be just as nice and enticing as your in-house Tamiya store/shop.
  6. Took the slash for a run in the park. Half the time I tore up grass the rest were speed runs on asphalt. Droce it agresively and didn't keep track of how long the 4200MAH battery lasted but I went through both 3000 and 4200 capacity batteries. The 2 batteries lasted long enough and the bigger grassy areas were cleared of most stray branches though the grass was a bit moist at times from the rsin 2 days ago. I somehow managed by luck to hit a angled branch near full speed and did a short mild wheelie with the slash :). Played a bit of RC soccer with a ball that was nearby it's owners that wasn't being used at the time.
  7. I finished reinforcing the 2nd slash body just now, I'm just waiting for it to cure tomorrow. It's been a stick in the mud for me that's been preventing me from working on the other bodies: RX7 FD3S, RSP13 Sileighty and the Manta. I got around to charging the new 4200MAH NIMH Traxxas battery. Gonna take it for a spin today.
  8. Thank you for the reply, most of the stickers are text stickers though this image is an exception I'd like to use. I can go about the lunch box with only text stickers but this RV would be the icing on it.
  9. Thank you for the reply, does GIMP do SVG files by any chance? The original pic was jpg so I dont want to convert it back and forth too much. I'm likely going to send the pic to the printing company and ask them to make the stickers. I don't have a printer of that caliber. most of my ideas with graphics relate more to stickers to put on RC cars and it's only 2 kits where I have any plans for custom stickers.
  10. That blue patch on the duck is just slightly darker than your Manta. Great that it stuck arpund for more pics. Today I got around to the 2nd slash body reinforcement after procrastinating.roof and front fender were done, letting it cure and dry so I can add a bit more to the roof and do the rear body reinforcement and find any spots I missed today. I mucked around with inkscape to get a better pic vectorized of the image I want to put on a lunch box.
  11. Thank you for the reply, I was mostly mucking around with edge definition and color count. I'm not completely happy with the front window but I'd like At least to use line draw function to complete the center window line... The starting size was 1000 x 377 pixels in bmp/jpg format. Half the time the edge resolution and colors left small areas or the extra line resolution meant i needed way too many colors so it wasnt fully colored in when I dragged it out of original spot. The few times the lines and colors were good I got this. The top cab air vents gave a bit of trouble at times with too few colors... I'll try to check resolution and see if I get a good result but since I need to scale this down a bit to put on a lunch box. I'm bound to deal with some lost resolution... I was trying to keep the color count in the 20-30 range so if it does go to print it would be a bit easier to do. The edge resolution and color count are tricky with that many lines. I think it might be more the edge resolution that caused the DPI to drop but I'm a newb at this with some mild mucking around. With a bit more practice I might be able to clear it up a bit. I did try to put a layer on top wing "E-5" text to try and make it a bit clearer but not sure how to rotate the text only to that 70 degrees?? Angle without also rotating the Winnebago also... SUCESS!!! I did some more tinkering and im rather happy with the result now. i bumped down edge resolution 0.5 or so and bumped color count to 30. granted still a bit of lost resolution on the windows and some lower rust/dirty areas that could maybe be flushed out a bit but old dirty looking Winnebago is still old and dirty looking.
  12. @Mad Ax @Yogi Bear i tried my hand at Inkscape today regarding another sticker project for a Lunchbox and i ended up with this result. id say its fairly good for some tinkering around after a few YT instruction vids. i havent tried breaking the original into layers to clear up some lines and had to resort to MS paint to remove the black background before tinkering around in inkscape. im not too worried about the unfinished effects from the 20 something color layers as the stickers will hopefully be placed on a lunchbox i did manage to flip the image so it mirrors itself and its still RBG format.
  13. i DL'd Inkscape yesterday and got around to tinkering around with it. i ordered a Lunchbox from Tamiya and plan to give it a movie theme and that included getting some custom text and modded JPG pic to a vector format. the text is easy, the image is average result for a newb tinkering around with some YT instructions help. still havent figured out how to unbind the layers on it but will tinker around more later on to see what i can stumble across.
  14. Is that just one vertical layer or several layers? That's ALOT of RC cars...
  15. thank you for the reply. it would've been useful if they included that in the ad but cant complain given the price and quality of the shocks. sort of a newb question here, i guess you put less tension the rougher the terrain gets?
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