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  1. While I might only end up having 3 chassis, I'm probably gonna end up with 2 body shells each per chassis. ATM 3 drifter, soon to be 2 slash, hopefully 2 TD and i still havent given up on an old dirty beater paint job with multiple mismatched body panel colors. Body shells seem to be one thing i am more comfy justifying without worrying...
  2. I don't need a shot of whiskey, sometimes my purchases are late evening or early morning on rcmart. Its more stressing as I need to focus more on the details. Not having full concentration is annoying.
  3. LOL i think its also around 3 months for me also. i found out rathe fast that a road drifter isnt too useful in winter weather so a truck and a buggy were the "logical solution"...
  4. Yeah but I fear the worst in the long run. Storage space is my biggest limitation. I got +20 Gundam kits and it's a "what the heck, just move this to the side a bit" storage process LOL . The RC process is 1 kit for terrain type ATM.
  5. At what point do your own logical thoughts telling you to not buy another kit lose their efficacy?
  6. theres a ton of space if i took my rc to work but i dont think they'd appreciate an RC truck running on their premises AT ALL its not even negotiable to arrange that.
  7. They might just wait a few months when stock gets harder to find. Jacking the prices can happen any time but they are holes if they chose to sweep all stock upon release. They might just have a sliver of honor in their bones. If I let the thought wander too much, a fire dragon is a pretty decent idea but then it's pretty much the same deal as buying a 2nd TD in my case. I can't justify a fire dragon just to have a different body and front shock setup to my collection when I'm at my reasonable kit limit... I pray to God the Manta ray isn't rere'd anytime soon as I can't guarantee my actions will be logical.
  8. Thank you very much, I wasn't sure which tire brand name to look at for buggies. I already have 12x5mm wheel hexes for the TD so I can go 2.0 or 2.2. As long as the tires have good grip on 4x4 conditions and can handle occasional pavement without getting scrapped in minutes it will do. Just looked at Jconcepts and Schumacher tires for buggies, they don't seem to have any mid terrain tires or I just don't know which patterns will hold their thread. I guess I need to designate it for road conditions...
  9. wow what a headache! i had news of my proline trenchers order from amazon a few days ago, the order wasnt shipped in a timely manner. the 2 tires sets were of low stock when i ordered them and a few days later they were out of stock. i tried to get a set of front and rear tires for the slash. i sent a message to see if i got my order in on time and i got this reply "Sorry for the late reply. No the order didn't go though in time to get the fronts but we can substitute 2 more of the 119021 sets or we can send you the new style with the adjustable inserts 1190-10 but they wont have the same wheel design. Let us know and we can get them out ASAP." im sure there was a typo when the seller replied to me as the front axles need 119021 and the rears need 119022 of the proline trenchers. im presuming the order for the rear tires should be fine but it causes a headache for the front tires as the width is 1mm shorter??? if it was the other way around ie good front stock and no rear stock then a spacer to add that extra could work. the seller mentioned the Proline Trenchers 1190-10 which pretty much differ from the Proline Trenchers 119021 with different rim designs. im likely going to go with the 119-10 front and 119022 rear trenchers and **** the mismatched designs as the rubber compound of the tires is the more important aspect of it. a stroke of luck i just noticed is the 119022 tires were listed at $88CAD with shipping or something for a set when they were low stock. now it seems they will be back is stock MAR 8TH and they will only set me back a total of $57 with shipping. the stroke of luck is that since nothing was shipped yet they didnt charge my card at the time. now the rears are back in stock, the price has dropped down noticeably and its better on my wallet. still this is a headache in the end... i just need to stop rereading their initial response. the syntax was confusing, im not sure how i would fit a 119021(or 119022 if they had typo) onto the rear with my current aluminum hexes without buying another set that would solve the issue... to heck with it, if the 1190-10 fit perfectly on my current 12mmx7mm front wheel hexes then the rim designs can be mismatched... trying to figure this out on a tired brain isnt helping out my logic processing from being as efficient as they could be. why did they design the 2wd slash to have slightly different part numbers/specifications??? when it comes to the 119021 and 119022 tire part numbers? incidentally, would these tires fit on a Thunder dragon? i have 12mmx5mm aluminum hexes i purchased for the 2021 TD and i was going to buy a set of modern tires for it when the spiked ones wear out. its either trenchers or badlands for the TD, i havent chosen with fork to go yet... im leaning to badlands as its 4x4 but i wont have a set that can handle pavement well. id have to decide if i designate the TD as "off-road only".
  10. Yesterday i did some boring preventative measures on my tt02. I ran it on a stand/box for 10 minutes on low to medium RPM. Its been a shelf queen for 2 months as I had no real useful place to run it. The slash isn't an issue for locations, I just don't want the tt02 motor to get lazy. I plan to run the tt02 in the park when weather allows.
  11. LOL of all the times he decides to attack, he goes through with it. its good to know there was no damage. a wire could possibly be snagged/cut that way though id think they'd aim for the body and not the wiring. the hawk was likely why the rabbit was wearing body armor that time...
  12. thats a shame, it was the falcon's first chance at aerial battle... im sure it would have won that battle. did the talons do much to the falcon?
  13. i didnt have much time to play around today but i had to drop by my parents' place to drop off some things and gets something back. i brought my slash to the park but it only lasted a few minutes. i didnt charge up the battery last night on purpose to see how much run time it has. i did manage to get a short video while filming and driving with one hand. the battery died soon after the vid ended. it went from 8.6v down to 8.0v so i now know its limits of an hour and some change. that was full throttle so its clear the battery was too low. im a bit torn up, amazon has the Jconcepts V1 baja shell for the slash. it just set me back $80 but i did order a set of proline trencher 2.2/3.0 tires a while back for the slash when they were low stock. apparently the payment didnt make its way yet as it hasnt shipped yet and they are now listed as out of stock on amazon. not sure what the status of my order is but the stock tires should last a fair while as is. i know badlands may be better but trenchers can deal with pavement a bit better and more suitable for me.
  14. i had a nice 50-60 minute long walk with my 2 electronic pets today, one being a Furret on a Pokewalker (a pedometer/step counter) and my pet slash. i think i got him fairly dirty though it was 90%snow and only a few puddles in the park. most of the run was at 1/4 to a third throttle but i did let it rip a few times on snow and pavement and even a few donuts on pavement and snow it was only -2C with minor wind in the park so it was a day where gloves weren't 100% necessary. had a nice walk and did 5500 steps, rolled the truck once and noticed that some snow depths just made it stuck a few times. in a sense it getting stuck in the snow was a perfect RC stand to turn on/off the truck/transmitter as it didnt have traction to escape. i didnt manage to run the battery down, i got it to 8.6v but i wasnt pushing it too hard. i didnt take a camera with me and because flip phone i asked my father to to take a pic of the truck after my run, i think he forgot to send the pics to my email, oh well im just going to remind him tomorrow :s because i like a certain Russian comedy YT channel, i left the room and slash body shell alone for a few minutes and returned to this sight. Boris Slav'd the truck up for me... i dont even have Russia blood though Polish is in my background so its not a total misrepresentation... its just electrical tape and im pretty sure i forgot to remove the protective film on the shell though its fine as is. the sacrifice of the bags the parts trees the models are packaged in will be remember in the history books. it was the only thing i had where the tape adhered to for cutting and still made for easy removal/installation on the shell.
  15. my RTR Hawaiian 2wd slash is almost ready to run now did a few out of box upgrades to it aluminum caster blocks + wheel hexes, RPM front bearing carriers and i put some shoe goo/fiber tape on the underside of the shell to make it more durable. im fairly certain now that i didnt line up the pin on the exit hole on the left caster and stripped the caster block threads. a few tests with M3 x0.5 tap tool confirmed a low cost repair. that repair and extra attention to details when installing the parts worked well. i did have a WTH moment after installing the right tire back on. i guess the front tire setup has a decent toe out alignment but the first time i installed the right front tire it looked like i had a horribly loose worn out front wheel bearing from the angle of the wheel compared to the other front tire. i loosened the 2 screws with nylon lock nuts an 1/8th of a turn and it seemed to do the trick. i just need to find the me-time alone to charge the battery where i can keep an eye on it after i do all the RL daily shopping on my list today. tomorrow hopefully the park behind my old house/parents place will have good road conditions to finally enjoy the truck. dont mind the pic with the kleenex box, it has a 90 degree angle i was using to verify the wheel alignment/angles. i also went and glued the front edge of my TT02 drift tires mounted on the purple 5 spoke aluminum rims. i dont know if i got another set yet to glue as its 5 sets total and i sort of did most of them and left he others for later on but it think i got all of them done.
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