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  1. i havent built my rere yet but i do see some small bumps mostly on the base of the gears..
  2. Thank you, that is a useful site. Makes it much easier to narrow down the phones by size.
  3. tamiya base has a big list of pinions and the specs/pitches for many models. though m-03 kit numbers may not be on the first page.
  4. enjoy the heart shaped shelving for what its worth, she likely has other plans to place different in those places. i did bring the tt02 with basher body, slash with original shell and lunchbox. they survived the 10 and 14yr olds driving. the only casualties were a lost battery holder pin on lunch box was lost and a few paint scrapes on front right pillar and hood. the pin was likely lost when it was held close to the body hugging the kit so it doesnt fall. likely put some pressure on the pin and fell out. got a spare one. got the light brown touch ups done for the most part. the red brown is next. they handeld it pretty well, the younger one liked the lunchbox more, the other didnt mind either and played more with slash. i did find the trenchers and stock slash body dont mix well when the body clips are installed. it rubs on rear top of tire and likely caused a caution slowdown as it went super slow for a bit. not exactly sure what happened but when switching from training mode and normal it just didnt havve the usual speed. battery swap didnt work so i put it in race mode and 100% was there, put it back to 100% FNR and all good. did take the tt02 for a spin to sow what it could doe for a few minutes.
  5. I do have some unrealistic aversion to Chinese phones but it's more related to them wanting to control the cell phone market share rather than unrealitic spyware fears. A good quality phone is still what it is. I do have a hard limit on screen size to at most being 5.2" big. 4.5 to 5 are ideal but 5.1 usually have same overall dimensions. 5.5" being on the very edge of being too tall. This 5.2 screen limit will make it a bit harder to find newer phone models but thats my main schtick against the smart phones these days. They arent the most portable in pockets these days. My parents are using iphone 6s and overall dimensions are suitable though they will keep the phone for a few more years or when they find its time to change. Still not sure if I will get an s5 but the free j3 should do okay as a temporary short or medium term phone. Mainly interested in samsung or iPhone. IPhone 9 max, galaxy 6 max or any that fall within 5.2 screen limit. LG is a brand I'm open to as they do carry 5.3 and smaller screens, they are fairly recent. i see there is a 4.7" screen on the iphone SE 2nd gen. its gonna set me back $564 if i use or buy it from current provider. its apparently has a capacity similar to the iphone 8 and isnt that close to the flagship models. its an option to consider that will have modern support but a lower battery life. the standby and talk time on the J3 are much better than compared to the SE. i will see how the J3 fares first before considering another model that is above $free to get hold of.
  6. i got word today that the brushless setup i ordered is in, bad news is that they are closed on sunday and my schedule makes it that thursday is next day off to go there. the 19T pinion isnt in stock at the moment but i want to see how much faster it gets with 19T pinion before going brushless. today didnt work out well to drop by LHS as life got in the way.
  7. Went to my parents house just now, there will be a family gathering tommorow. She asked me to bring over some rc cars to show cousins boys aged 10 and 13.... I will leave the Manta at home, bring the tt02, lunchbox and slash. The slash ESC has a training mode so it's 50% rated, the other 2 aren't the fastest to boot. I'm likely going to let them play with the off road In the grass and tt02 in empty parking lot. Got a beater m3 BMW shell I don't care much for damage with. Will need to be careful to evaluate them. I won't let them play both at the same time at all, so no games of chicken for them. just took the slash for a underground parking run. the 50% speed gives it a stock silver can performance. might be a bit fast but not much more i can do to slow it down. used the last third of the battery life left on it in this run. the 12T brushed motor's power really shows what i can do when 100% and 50%. gotta make sure the batteries are charged up now,
  8. Thank you for the reply. I find the screen size on the s8 to be a bit big for my liking. Maybe 5.5" screen could work but if there are smaller options then it's better. I hate belt clips and that sort of thing. A bigger screen has some limitation to pocket sizes. I do wear a belt but i dont like putting a phone holder or other object on it. A replaceable battery is preferable in my case, less headache to replace unless spare batteries get hard to find. I don't particularly mind if a j3 isn't great. I plan to use it more for calls, text, pictures, videos and light internet use. If it works admirably enough while maintaing decent battery life. The less bells and whistles, the better. I'm aware both OS are at their limits long ago if you don't count 3rd party OS programs that let you put OS 9 or 10 on an S5. When i see my brother i will ask if he has an s5 somewhere but I might use the j3 starting next year. I want to finish off using the flip this year and leave it as backup. I don't know how the last supported OS on the s5 holds up in these days but at least they are still easy found under $100. I don't need to pay anything for the j3 at the moment aside from a protective case and cell plan when the time comes. I would love to use an even older phone and smaller screen but carriers have likely moved away from the oldest phones to an extent.
  9. my build spaces are the computer desk but thats the gunpla work station. got the pc there, some cardboard to place painted pieces and related paints the rc station seems to be the dining table lately.
  10. im looking for an older smartphone in the 4-5" screen size range to use next year as i ride out this year with the trusty LG flip phone. the flip still works but it might only have 5yrs left on it??? a bit scratchy at times but not every call. im looking for a budget smartphone that is an older model and im not fussed about super high speed internet, high app capacity, high resolution camera, social media and related apps. im looking at the samsung galaxy J3 and S5 as they are both supported by my current cell provider. i dont like phones that have huge screens so 5.1" limits are ideal, so all the new phones that are 1-2 years old are out of the question. the provider likely wont support an older iphone 4 (4" screen), not compatible with Videotron 3g network without apple agreeing to it . the J3 and s5 have easy access to battery, expandable memory which is a great perk. these 2 are dependable for their performance. there is a specific anime related S5 galaxy phone case (iphone or Galaxy S class available only) id like to use but a matching sticker put on J3 battery cover and soft clear phone case. a sticker and soft J3 case shouldnt be too hard to figure/find out. i did consider iphone but they have their own issues and no self replacing battery. the downsides: J3 (2016 i believe) is not dust or water resistant and market standard glass face. it has and 7.1.1 OS samsung exp 8.5 which is newer OS S5 older phone and 6.0.1 os but its water/dust resistant and stronger glass surface. im leaning more to S5 but shelling out $70 for an ebay phone is an option unless my brother has one . i know that newer smartphone might be much more reliable but its the usual rat race and no one else makes screens in 4-5" range. both the OS are outdated to say the least but how buggy have they become to interfere with the operation of the phone? the J3 (no cracked screen) would be a hand me down but the strength of the glass cover is an issue as cracked glass screens are sooo much fun in general... the flip has done its job excellently and i would like to use it for the remainder of the year let it rest. it still can get enlisted incase the newer phone breaks or what ever happens.
  11. let me guess, the cat either supervised your work or hindered it??
  12. You are one brave person, that RC plane looks crazy expensive.its nice to see the old planes when they are displayed. Looks like they are ready to be removed from the mount and just take off from nearest runway the can find..
  13. i procrastinated for a year on 1 Gundam kit and can easily procrastinate for 6 months on a build. rc builds can get as long as 3 months for me depending on if i have sudden impulse to work on a project. if i let that single moment pass without acting on it then the opportunity is GONE. i got 4 Gundams and 2 rc cars on the to procrastinate list LOL. i also got a few anime related manga/LN alongside some thriller fiction books on the procrastination list...
  14. LOL all the more reason to go crazy and buy 15+ kits in the next week so you know you will get the kits you want... my TD, sabre and various GUndam kits are more than enough right now for 2023 with my levels of procrastination...
  15. not RC related but im sure i will try to figure out how to upload pics with it that arent bigger than225mb... got 1/3 iphone 4 cases in today of the Wagnaria Working! anime. the phone itself has no case but a leather Roots phone case. there is no service on the phone atm as my flip phone is still working/active but when the flip gets to glitchy i will migrate to the 4. a hard plastic cover is a bit easier to hold onto than slippery glass surface... i also got a confirmation the brushless ESC and motor combo i want is available from LHS and it will be ordered.
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