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  1. worked on the 1:1 donor door. found out that a 12yr old car with a less popular green color code for touch up paint is discontinued. auto parts store did a bang up job replicating the color 1st go in a spray can, only set me back $57.. the color was near perfect. cleaned, masked off and painted some areas on the door where the door skin folds over and masked off other areas i need to paint. i think i saved my touch up bottle i got years ago. used some of my nail polish remover and plastic pippet to dilute the paint goop in the tiny bottle. 30 or so drops later and stirring has it painting nicely on the plastic milk carton surface.
  2. 2011 ford fiesta green. had the driver door in a hit and run when i had it parked several years ago. i wasnt in the car, had to park it there as entrance to underground parking was blocked and forgot i didnt bring the car inside... the driver had a large vehicle/tight spot and used my driver car door and front tire area as a physical sign/barrier they reversed a bit too much. didnt catch the "kind person" ever and repair was covered by insurance. the very edge of the folded door skin wasnt fully painted by body shop after 1st repair i didnt catch it and it started rusting. door skin replaced a few years later and another few years that 2nd door skin started rusting again... washed the car door today, a bit of scotchbrite... to remove some white light scratch marks. not the best choice of surface to remove it from the door. will try to buff it out a bit later on. next step is to clean up the rust areas/cracked paint on the door and touch up the cleaned spots. will likely try and get color matched spray from auto store (green colored car). still have some driver door frame rust i need to remove and clean. will require some slightly better sanding tools other than a dremel, rust convert, primer and paint. its a project and i have a few things i still need to buy...
  3. went to the scrapyard with my brother to get a "new" card door that had the correct color. a few troubles with some parts to remove or get to but ended up not taking the hinges with the door. got some needed tools by chance as he had to drop by princess auto. took off the plastic door card and now i need to clean the door exterior. 3 small rust spots to clean and address on it. some rust on my actual car i must address also before it eats too much into the bottom driver door frame area... some other items to buy to fix any rust area and spares to salvage/remove/store away after its tested. might wait until better weather to install the door. $170 or so for the complete door and electric mirror.
  4. crazy cool YT vid i came across. someone 3d printed a snowblower and put it in an RC truck. cleared the decking pretty well for its size.
  5. looks like i found a solution to my driver door rusting. Kenny u-pull has a few cars of my model and color that i can buy the door for around $150. i just need to remove it myself, test and install. there are a surprising amount of cars in my color and they are in pretty good shape there. not perfect but its from a junkyard that has old cars that are good for parts if you find the right donor. saw 2 good potential in on nearby in ontario 1hr drive and there is a location 4omin with 3 cars of same model/color i will have to check. some mismatched parts will be taken but transferring the parts on my door shouldnt be too hard. still need to get the key cylinder from donor door switched out to min or reconfigured to match my key.
  6. thats been on hold for quite some time TBH... might need a new door assembly and also find a place that can do the road runner sticker again as color matching with car paint spray process. its getting to a point where ignoring it is becoming hard to put off... i did end up putting a small one (1"x1 1/2" or so) on the front window top left corner. a neko-yona design :). will try to collate the stickers i do have on the car and post it.
  7. nice, wanted to to a Yona of the dawn (yona) sticker on front driver side body panel. didnt get around to finding a an image to place that would make the decal/wrap. the car has some "flavor" issues with the driver door rusting in a few spots. will have to deal with that first...
  8. Itasha!!! for the $1,000,000 question: which of the 2 is the better/cuter sister? LOL. ps Rem is cute but i also like the mean side of Ram as she happens to casually insult the impreza i also have stickers on my car, a "realistic" Flygon dragon design (pokemon), a gen 2 transformers maximal logo on front hood and a cartoon chase sequence road runner/coyote
  9. nice, might not be an 86 or an 85 but a fun car to put through its paces. i got way too many dream JDM cars: evo7, GTR33 Sileighty among top 3 but FD3S rotary eunos Cosmo (JCESE) and a mid 80s corolla are a few others id like to have if possible.
  10. was it an 85 or 86? very nice and clean looking car.
  11. 2011 Ford Fiesta hatchback green. not high too special.
  12. yeah, i need to check the specs i need and see if any ready made part. the person i know has a 3d printer but in resin, so not suitable to RC purposes.
  13. i will 2x check the servo saver on my tt02 though i dont have a spare one if i remember correctly. if the dimentsions are close or same i might consider it. the Taiyo servo saver is 3 parts, 2 parts sandwhich the c ring. ServoSaver lightExtrLttrs CM, shapeways. not sure of the dimension though
  14. thank you for the reply, getting that setup is a bit daunting at this point. im not that great with design software so making a file would be a challenge. i dont know anyone with a printer, though i havent really asked. there is one person who might have a special printer but im not sure if its a 3d printer or something else of that sort i will check on shapeways and see if there is something that could work but i hope someone by chance might have made a part like that
  15. what sort of effort or info needed goes into making a 3d printed part? im using a TT02 friction shock spacer for a halfway stand in for a servo saver on an old Tyco Taiyo turbo outlaw. so far i havent seen many parts for it understandably... is there any other similar part in a kit i can order/design that can be strong enough to serve as a C shaped servo saver?
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