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  1. Thanks for all the replies. So from what I understand, I may have created the perfect storm and it's all my own fault! Looking forward to replacements arriving and carrying on the fun
  2. The issue is the plastic rims. Also I'd agree on temp changes, except we are based in Valencia, Spain.... coldest it's getting is around +8 deg C. Not particularly cold lol.
  3. Good point, may have over done on both cases, one made the other redundant...
  4. Yeah I've searched and seen the subject talked about a lot but got a few specific questions. I got my son a Frog for Christmas. All was great, amazing day building it together etc etc The wheels have not survived 3 batteries. Completely broken. The have all degraded around the 5 nuts and where the outer edges of the stars meet the rims. He's 10 so not exactly been going mental, and had his on the slower gearing setup, there was one hard crash into a kerb but nothing too crazy. That could account for the two on the LHS but not all 4... Trying to work out what we could have done wrong. We used thread locker, could that have degraded the plastic? Should those 5 bolts be fully tightened down or just enough to press against the rubber? Added pic of one as an example I've ordered what I think is correct (hex adaptor and wheel sets) but are there any specifics that people are recommending and getting good results with I should look at?
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