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  1. Brian Kinwald, that's a name I remember. I watched him win the 1993 worlds in Basildon Essex, UK. I was a helper and marshalled the practice sessions, manned the tent entrances and drivers rostrum, fabulous couple of days. The track didn't last long, now a bowling alley. I have a video of the event somewhere.
  2. I think so, but I'm no expert. I was looking around September last year to get my boys into the hobby and was quite surprised how everything seems to be RTR since I left the hobby mid 90's. I wanted a build kit as I see this as such an important part of the hobby. Very pleased so far, pleasantly quick out the box on short grass and the Schumacher tyres are superb. The only other changes I made were bearings and 200, 500 shock oil front, back as recommended on here.
  3. Father Christmas did well this year. Two very happy kids, and I got my original Blackfoot back on the road.
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