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  1. Reading some comments here I feel very lucky for my childhood. See my dad was exactly how some people are with their kids here nowadays, he was always busy with his RC cars and other toys and hobbies and he would always bring my sisters and I along with him, sometimes he ended up unemployed and we weren't very rich overall but he would use all that free time to go out with us and do stuff, play with kites, RC cars, RC boats, biking, going to scale model contests and car shows. I don't remember a single time when it was frowned upon but maybe that's because I was just a kid and completely oblivious to other people. I'm in my 30s now and while we don't have kids (yet) I fully intend to live my life like my dad did and spend as much time as possible enjoying my hobbies and sharing them. I know too many people who only live to fulfill their responsibility, and the high time of their week is 2 hours sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, no thanks. However I haven't met people who made fun of my GF and I or criticized us when we go out to play with our RC cars on an empty parking lot, most interactions were pretty positive, one time a guy told me good for you for doing something fun without bothering anyone, and last week someone stopped with his car to watch us for a few minutes and gave us a thumb up when he left. We're in Belgium though, RC and scale models in general are still quite popular here, usually there are dozens of scale model conventions and contests around the country every year.
  2. I just fixed my GF's Frog, not gonna lie there's always a bit of pride in fixing stuff for her Last week she lost one of the step screws for the front uprights, we didn't have any in stock and seeing we had to buy the whole D bag (no pun intended) for the ORV chassis to get new ones she was a bit bummed. So I foraged through my stock of random screws and I found the perfect fit in some old servo mounting hardware : The result is a bit odd, but it works, and it works much better actually, because the part I used acts as a washer, which creates a much tighter fit within the upright assembly while keeping the mechanism resistance-free. This time I used thread lock too .
  3. We had a super fun week-end and managed to take all the cars out at least once so now there's a lot of cleaning and some repairs to do. I went a bit too hard with the Lancia and hugged a curb, not sure what to do about that, either paint if I can find the two tones of blue, or buy a new decal set.
  4. 1 - 1.5mm You can sort that out by adjusting these Clearance with the shock mounting plates are managed with your steering end points.
  5. Since the Dyna Run motor went in the Vaillant 934 I had a spare Sport tuned motor, so it went into the Lancia 037, which was a bit slow, I also 3D printed a small part to hold the antenna down on top of the motor, I don't really like having it sticking out of the body, and I never go really far with it so I dont think it'll hurt the range for me.
  6. The lights for the Turbo Scorpion are almost done. I used the same controller as the Lancia 037 so I can manage them in pair, and this time I bought proper warm white leds instead of painting cold ones.
  7. No shelf queen in this house , although I don't drive them very hard, the Turbo Optima has been out a couple of times already and there hasn't been any damage yet aside from some scratches on the rear control arms. We also managed to go out for a quick drive between 2 rainy clouds today. First drive for the 934 Black edition I gifted to my GF, and she only hit one curb so this was a good day . First run for my 934 Tamico edition since I installed the Dyna Run stock motor, and I'm happy to report it is quite faster than the Sport tuned motor, even though they have similar specs on paper.
  8. I'm almost done with the Turbo Scorpion, the only thing left are the lights. I had to flip the end bell 180° on the motor so I could have enough length on the wires without having to resolder them, and the motor was extra sparky when I first tested it, turns out one of the brushes was missing a good chunk, so I replaced both of them with a new Tamiya set. Other than that it went fine, as expected with these awesome kits.
  9. It's fairly standard, Le Mans 240S motor and a Hobbywing ESC as the Kyosho Le Mans ESC was already out of stock everywhere. I made a ton of mistake on this one, especially with the body. It's the first car I bought when I got back into the hobby, and I wanted to treat myself with a really nice rere, but in hindsight I should have started with something a bit more simple. It drives great though and I don't bash it, I mostly drive it on road or on thin gravel.
  10. I can't wait to get mine going. I just finished the bodywork and tomorrow I should be done with the chassis. The weather should be rather dry on sunday so fingers crossed. I spent some extra time on the driver so I could paint the cockpit in mate black instead of using the stickers, this way it's as close to box art as I can achieve.
  11. It looks great. I like the fact that they include a lot of spare and extra stickers with their kit so you can do your own thing.
  12. Thank you , to Tamiya's credit, their decals are top notch, very easy to work with in my experience and they react very well to heat. I finished a Black edition 934 recently, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't used the black bumper stickers, shiny black stickers on a shiny black body... idk. I wish they would have added a mate finish to these stickers to make them stand out.
  13. I emailed Tamico about his exact issue and they recommended this model, so I ordered one and it does fit inside all my vintage rere’s.
  14. I added some upgrades to the TA02SW Porsche Vaillant, Dyna Run stock motor, high-torque servo saver and turnbuckles to replace the upper control arms front and rear. The rear control arms are quite useful to me because I wanted to reduce the negative camber and increase the contact patch a bit, the front ones are just for fun, I had the parts laying around so why not.
  15. A bit harsh isn't it? I mean you are aware the Fiat Multipla exists right?
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