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  1. Thank you! It did take a while and it certainly felt like doing a full wrap on a car, the decals are so huge lol.
  2. First drive with the R32 HKS, Sport Tuned motor, stock gearing and CVA shocks, handles good but not that fast so I'll probably go for one of the gears included with the Carson tuning set.
  3. It's mostly done, only thing left is to glue to tires on.
  4. Bit of both, kinda like my boss. I'm taking it slowly with this car, I only have half an hour of free time here and there, I've been working on it for a week lol. I installed a few mods, CVA shocks, bearings and Sport Tuned motor. The Carson Tuning kit included a pinion kit, but I won't be using it yet, I want to see how it goes as it is and I'm not a fan of big speed anyway. The bearing kit didn't include the 4 small ones (850 I think?) for the steering arms so I used spare brass bushings I had in stock instead, the tolerances are quite tight and with a bit of grease they'll work just fine. **** this thing is gorgeous!
  5. The shell of the HKS R32 is finished, I also added some details to the wheels with matte black and a chrome pen, and I started building the chassis, with some help.
  6. I have lights in a few of my cars. I always use leds bought in bulk on Amazon or Ebay and solder my own harnesses instead of using stock kits like the Tamiya ones, this way I can run proper wire lengths and it's a lot less bulky overall. I also use small controllers plugged in the 3rd channel, they allow for 2 light groups to run independently and can be remotely turned on/off. For the leds I either buy them in warm white or I paint them transluscent orange because I find the blueish-white ones not so pretty, I think a warm white light matches a scale car or a vintage buggy much better. For the Lancia I used 3mm leds, this way you only have to drill slightly larger holes in the light buckets, and it all fits nicely behind the high beams.
  7. Could be that they don't allow certain interpretations of their cars anymore, the CC-01 Bronco is quite scale looking and used in a "civilized" way, while the Blackfoot is more of a basher. Same with movies where brands often won't allow their products to be shown in bad ways, like cars getting destroyed or used for committing crimes.
  8. I installed one of my spare Torque Tuned motors in my Blackfoot, first test drive was a bit of a mess, I think it's already too fast for my driving style (mix of dirt/asphalt) and I flipped the car a dozen time at least, now my options are either to revert to the silver can or find a spare body for the shelf (maybe an original one?) and keep bashing it with the upgraded motor. It was also the first test drive for my GF's new lunchbox, as expected this thing is a blast in stock form, and it drives surprisingly well on asphalt.
  9. I started working on the decals for the HKS R32, I used the soapy water technique for the larger ones like the hood, it feels a bit sketchy, I'm always worried about getting proper adhesion, but on the other hand it's so much easier, it's the first time I manage to put such a large decal on without a single air bubble.
  10. Unpainted body so that's good, the problem for me is that the packaging is so pretty it's gonna be a bit painful to tear all of that open, unless I buy two of course, that might soothe the pain a little...
  11. 2 x TT-01E Skyline R32 HKS kits, one to build and one for the spare decals and wheels, I might use the extra chassis for something else, I don't know yet. I also ordered a low-profile servo for it, and a bunch of 35mm servos for a future project, a rather large RC place my dad bought and never used, so he's giving it to me, 1.5m wing span. Then a few lipo bags (finally), and last but not least, a new king size bed for the little ones.
  12. I just found out about a shop nearby that's definitely closing soon, kinda sad as I'm always looking for local shops before ordering abroad, and they never came up in my google searches. Now what's interesting is that they still have #47397 in stock, and at 98€ so I couldn't resist. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't order a second one just for the extra set of decals and wheels...
  13. Reading some comments here I feel very lucky for my childhood. See my dad was exactly how some people are with their kids here nowadays, he was always busy with his RC cars and other toys and hobbies and he would always bring my sisters and I along with him, sometimes he ended up unemployed and we weren't very rich overall but he would use all that free time to go out with us and do stuff, play with kites, RC cars, RC boats, biking, going to scale model contests and car shows. I don't remember a single time when it was frowned upon but maybe that's because I was just a kid and completely oblivious to other people. I'm in my 30s now and while we don't have kids (yet) I fully intend to live my life like my dad did and spend as much time as possible enjoying my hobbies and sharing them. I know too many people who only live to fulfill their responsibility, and the high time of their week is 2 hours sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, no thanks. However I haven't met people who made fun of my GF and I or criticized us when we go out to play with our RC cars on an empty parking lot, most interactions were pretty positive, one time a guy told me good for you for doing something fun without bothering anyone, and last week someone stopped with his car to watch us for a few minutes and gave us a thumb up when he left. We're in Belgium though, RC and scale models in general are still quite popular here, usually there are dozens of scale model conventions and contests around the country every year.
  14. I just fixed my GF's Frog, not gonna lie there's always a bit of pride in fixing stuff for her Last week she lost one of the step screws for the front uprights, we didn't have any in stock and seeing we had to buy the whole D bag (no pun intended) for the ORV chassis to get new ones she was a bit bummed. So I foraged through my stock of random screws and I found the perfect fit in some old servo mounting hardware : The result is a bit odd, but it works, and it works much better actually, because the part I used acts as a washer, which creates a much tighter fit within the upright assembly while keeping the mechanism resistance-free. This time I used thread lock too .
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