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  1. I sneaked out this morning at 7.30 to avoid the forecast rain so I could get some laps in. Naturally it didn't rain until lunchtime 🙄 Realised that yesterday I'd been playing on the wrong course so today I actually set out the course for round 8! Loads of fun. Discovered that making little flags from tent pegs with fabric on is a great idea. Except that when you hit one at speed, it forms a ramp which sends your car on a little jump and, obviously, rolls onto it's back! 😂🙄 Did some lawnmowing.
  2. Thanks chap. Hope you don't mind me just jumping in uninvited. After reading this thread from the start, it feels like I know you guys!
  3. Hey guys. I've been lurking around for a little while. That's lurking, not stalking. 🤔😂 Anyway, thought I'd have a play with running around your track, and loved it. I've only been driving for a few weeks. Built my first ever car early January so I'm not looking to set any leaderboards on fire, more likely prop them up, but that's cool. It's all about then fun. I was struggling to rekindle love for my Racing Fighter after sacking off the idea of driving it on a tarmac pump track as it just doesn't suit it, but thrashing (or trying to) it around a little track was so much fun. I was running on wet grass, very soft after lots of rain. Loads of fun tearing around the corners. Brilliant. Want to thank you guys for this thread, and showing me exactly how much fun you can have with a car.
  4. I can see I'm going to have a lot of fun fettling this. Good to hear I'm heading in the right direction. I guess the key now is to work out where I'm spending most time and set up accordingly, or keep swapping shocks and tyres depending on where I'm going. Some nice stiffly damped shocks and tarmac tyres would be perfect for the pump track, but less good for blatting around the car park and field. I quite like the idea of playing with more rudimental shocks. My bike shocks are so technical it's a case of fiddling knobs. I'll have to read up abit about the piston holes. Hadn't thought of that. I guess more, or larger holes means the piston moves easier through the oil. That's a more permanent thing than swapping oil though so I'm not quite there.
  5. Yeah, sorry. The first was a suspension setup question, this was more tyres and springs but has expanded into setup again 🤣 Am I right in saying the thickness of the oil controls the speed of the shock's movement? Both in and out. So on a rough, bumpy, terrain thinner oil would let the shock move back quicker. On smoother terrain I'd want thicker oil to slow the shock down. So on a tarmac pump track, I'd want thicker oil to smooth the landing and prevent the shock from pogoing back and losing traction?
  6. Thanks dude. Always good to get extra tyre choices. No doubt there's a fair degree of personal preference involved. I'll end up with tyres everywhere I can tell! At least they're smaller than my piles of bike tyres! I wasn't keen on the way the shock was operating out of the box. On a flat table when I push the back of the car down, it was barely moving at all back up and seemed to do the same whilst driving. I added clips in to try to raise the ride height but didn't change much. Then I went to a tarmac pump track and the car smacked the tail on the ground landing every jump, regardless of size. So much so that the motor bolts came loose which ended the play. So plan is new springs to sort the rebound. I've moved the lower spring position inbound to try to raise the ride height and tonight I put in some thicker oil to try to stiffen the damping to prevent/reduce the bottoming out. I know a bit about suspension from mountain biking, and I adore fettling so don't mind trying things, playing to see if they work and changing if necessary. I've gone for a wholesale change and then make tweaks back towards original setup plan.
  7. Thanks Mud. I'll bear the fitment in mind. I've not had to glue my tyres currently and had no issues so hopefully that'll continue. Until I end up buying a bigger motor. I can see where this is going! 🤣🤣 Those tyres were cheaper than I was expecting so I've ordered a pair of wheels too as I was going to do so at some point anyway. I think eventually I'll use your idea of multiple wheels with different tyres hanging around. Makes perfect sense. For the moment though, I'll stick with the mini spikes as every trip out involves about 50/50 tarmac and grass. We'll see how Lockdown progresses and when I can go different places.
  8. Thanks again Thunder. My main driving at the moment is a mix of tarmac and grass, neither one or t'other so I'll have to compromise. I reckon I'll get those mini spikes and accept they'll wear out quicker. The Boy seems to prefer running on grass, and it slows the car down for him so it's double benefit. Mind you, I'll have a Mad Bull built soon for him to bash about with so he'll stop abusing my Fighter!
  9. Cheers for that. I've been messing mountain biking for years, doing my own spannering, and the number of different 'standards' is ridiculous. Good to see my new hobby has the same issue 🤔🤣🤣 I was eyeing up those mini pins but put off by the description being for carpet. Good to hear they work on tarmac and grass so could be a winner. All I've read says I need a 2.2 tyre, I'll double check but I like the idea of a generic wheel. That'll come in a few months I think. I guess Covid, and probably now Brexit too, is having a detrimental effect on the availability of spares etc. All the tyres I liked the look of were only available from abroad with higher postage costs, and I worry currently about surprise import taxes.
  10. Hey guys. Did a search but can't find the info I was looking for. I'm looking to put new springs on my Racing Fighter and was looking at dt03 springs. I found the Tamiya 53440 ones https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-53440-On-Road-Tuned-Hard-Spring-Set-TA05-TA06-TA07-TT02D-M05-M06-M07-/392988475917?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 but it says on-road and lists them for touring cars. Are they right? Alternatively I saw a suggestion for df03, but am leaning towards dt03 purely on a cost issue. Every penny counts.🤣🤣 Tyres? I'm currently after the Holy grail of a wonderful all terrain tyre. Due to lockdown I'm just bashing about locally on tarmac (village hall catpark and local tarmac pump track) and grass fields so I'm after something suitable for that. The intention later is to get a separate set of wheels with more dirt specific tyres. My Google skills are failing me today. All help greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks Mad. Originally, when I first built the car I had it stationary on a table and pressed on the rear. The shocks compressed fully, but didn't rebound at all. Just stayed there. Adding in the spacers reduced the spring length, thereby increasing spring strength, has helped. It'll be a bit of trial and error I guess to reach a happy medium of bounce vs wheels sticking to the ground. I ride downhill and bike park mountain bikes with big suspension, so I'm pretty used to setting sags on them to ensure the wheels stay on the ground over rough stuff. Cars are different, because I'm only just learning to feel how they drive. I like the idea of some stiction in there. I've got some mtb suspension oils and lube which could well help the situation.
  12. Thanks Wooders. I've got a long history in mountain biking, building and servicing my own bikes Inc hydraulic brakes and suspension so I know all about getting addicted to expensive hobbies🤣 The wife seems less keen🤣 My racing fighter's rear shocks weren't rebounding to start position when I push down on the back of the car. I've got cva shocks with oil dampers using the stock oil. I've added in all the spacers to shorten the spring length, which has helped, may invest in a firmer spring.
  13. That's perfect. Thanks dude.
  14. Hi guys. I'm a Lockdown newbie. No hating please! I've built up a Racing Fighter, which I absolutely love, but figured it's too quick for The Boy so I've ordered a Mad Bull for him to bash about. I can see this never ending 🤣 Anyway, I'm keen to learn more about all the technical stuff, building fettling etc, why different suspension affects handling and also techniques. Is there a Holy Bible I should read, or a particular website or two? Help much appreciated.
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