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  1. Completely forgot to enter my result. For the record, it was 52 laps. Just kidding, obviously, I got 32 on grass. Well done @TurnipJF. Very impressive. And congrats to @ryback
  2. I'm going to have to stick the buggy wheels back on the Racing Fighter and have a play. Looks fun.
  3. Aha. You can tell I'm tired and brain not running properly at the moment. Percentage comparisons makes sense. Nice one, appreciate it.
  4. Seems I've gone full circle again, as I already knew that at the start! 😂 My process seems to be Read about gearing and roll out. Scribble sums. Get the same result and realise I've done the same thing, but in a different way. Get annoyed with myself. I'm still at a loss as to how to calculate how larger tyres will affect the motor. Everything I find is based on gearing and assumes we'll retain the motor and change either the spur or pinion. Very frustrating for me. I guess the simple answer is that the charts, like the one you supplied above, were probably designed by trial and error, changing things and checking temps. I suppose at this stage I'll run with people's experience. Not that I'm adverse to that, I just wanted to learn how to make the calculations myself. So 13t brushless is the way forward?
  5. Thanks Cy. That's really helpful, I think you've helped kick my brain into gear. It's to do with the transmission ratio isn't it? As the wheel size increases, it reduces the transmission ratio, which in turn reduces the gear ratio as if a smaller spur or larger pinion was used?
  6. Hey guys, Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've truggied my Racing Fighter which is stock, except for metal bearings, and is running nimh battery. I pretty much exclusively run on grass. First test run and it felt quicker than usual and I loved the handling. No surprises there. The battery lasted maybe 15-20% shorter time. Again as expected. Checked it over after playing on the postal racing circuit, which is short and lots of corners and throttle control. Motor was hotter than usual, as we're the battery and the ESC. Again, nothing surprising as I was expecting that too. So my question is how to improve it? I can't change the spur, and all I can do is change the pinion to 19t which will increase the rpm and exasperate the problem. So I need to change the motor. Now, I've scoured t'internet and looked at various stuff, all of which tells me about gearing, motors, kv etc. But I can't find anywhere to calculate the effect on the rpm with altered wheel size. I know, from this forum, that the best solution is a 13t brushless with 2s lipo. It's an option, I'm building a tt02 which will be lipo so I have all the relevant stuff. But what I'd like to know is HOW to make calculations so I can do it myself and compare different motors etc. I like to work things out and understand, rather than just be given an answer which works. Sorry for the long post. Cheers.
  7. That would depend. If you're trying to go silly quick and win the race, you succeeded! If you're trying to have fun, then perhaps not. Need some balance I guess.
  8. Those pesky Tuscan Raiders took out my motor. I've put proper metal bearings in the dt03 which had obviously had a marked improvement on run times and top speed but back to back batteries wasted my motor. As luck would have it, I've just bought a TT02 so the motor from there has been donated to the DT03 and a new faster motor bought for the TT02.
  9. Thanks Sosidge. Pretty much what I thought. Gives me an excuse to upgrade I guess
  10. Hey guys. Been having trouble with my dt03 with torque tuned motor. Basically it was all fine until the other day when it decided to just limp around at about a quarter speed. Eventually diagnosed as the motor, having swapped kit around, so my question is; is it repairable? And what is the likely problem? Ta
  11. I used PS paint on some Mad Bull wheels. No primer, just cleaned them first. Looked great.
  12. Really enjoying this round but it's showing up the limits of my Nimh batteries. Last round I could get almost 3 clear 5 minute attempts on one battery. This one, I'm lucky to finish my second attempt, with a really noticeable lack of speed by the end of the first attempt. Might have to change to Lipo earlier than I planned!
  13. I'm running yellow mini spikes at the back with cut staggers up front (2wd dt03). Loads of lovely grip on grass. Except the front sometimes, which doesn't grip on occasion and won't turn.
  14. I love the track on grass, but then I've also discovered that my dt03 is brilliant fun on grass running Schumacher mini spikes. My other tyres are the stock ones from the kit and are almost completely bald. No grip at all so tarmac is just skiddy slide. Good fun, but no good for trying to race on! I'm hopefully going to fettle the car this week. Got some bearings so I'll strip it and put those in. Then I'm going to truggy it so we'll see how that works on grass.
  15. Well I went out for a play after homeschool finished, as the sun was out, and set up the then proposed track on a perfectly sized bit of unused grass I've found down by the village hall. Lots of fun. Quite testy and lots of throttle control needed. Really enjoyed it.
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