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  1. Thanks. I didn't fit it for the picture. But it's always on and fully extended.
  2. Hi there. I just bought my first tamiya cc01. It was a used shelf sitter. I've done a few upgrades, new servo, lights, tyres. Still waiting for other parts to arrive. The problem I have is that from time to time the car does not communicate with the transmitter. When it goes about 8m away it starts steering fast from left to right and/or goes full speed ahead or backwards. I have to run to get closer to it so I can control it again. The batteries(8 pcs.) on remote shows they are full. I thought it might be the lights I just fitted on top interfering with the receiver antenna . But I've disconnected them and still the same thing. Usually works fine and it goes 30 metres or more and still communicates fine with the transmitter. I,ve checked the receiver's antenna to see if it is interrupted somewhere by sliding a needle into it close to the receiver unit and one at the end and test it. It seemed fine. Not sure about all controls on transmitter, half of them don't know what they do. Thanks. John.
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