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  1. Facebook and other social media sites or apps would really exist without the internet but then we wouldn't have places like forums such as TC without it either. Beauty or disdain is in the eye of the beholder and if you find something useful that others do not it's OK, that is pretty much a microcosm of life existing in the electronic ether. If you find some people offensively preening there may be other reasons but only engage if you "know" them I guess because then it could be a positive situation. The internet is dangerous place that breeds both positive and negative emotions, information and people too so beware and always check your sources. Personally trying to maintain an online existence anywhere is difficult. You can never tell if someone is really joking or being serious by text alone and emoji's can be misleading. Having Asperger's makes it even worse so I limit myself to small comments or engaging with people I know outside of social media or groups I can view without joining in unless I am looking for knowledge. Facebook is merely easier than making a journey or even a telephone call (especially during this lockdown lunacy) because timing can be very problematic.
  2. I have purchased 54753 Super Mini's for my MF01X and M05ra, they come as a set of 4 in one pack they seem to be the same as the two pack and cost a bit less.
  3. Another possibly daft question but when I see the M05 V2 reinforced suspension arms most page state some modification is required to fit them on a standard chassis. I can't find any clue as to what sort of modding is required prior to fitting although I have noted they have droop screw holes to allow changes to set up. If considered worth it for fun build because I would like to move out of bashing and try fun level racing so has anyone done this swap or can link me to something that shows what needs to be done?
  4. Thanks for the information and heads up chaps, this is beginning to look more and more like another chassis purchase to achieve as Tamiya don't make Minis anymore then. I am guessing that as we don't have any racing tracks near me I will be looking the M05ra version for the extra ride height to get started and leave the door open for updating later.
  5. Thanks @Badcrumble I have found a body so shouldn't have too much trouble there although it's a shame Tamiya haven't made a new one (too.easy) I guess my real.problem is my stubborness and critical nature in that although I have a perfectly good MF01X... Mini's should front engined and front wheel drive, not rear engine 4WD. I suppose as this ia an RC car it shouldn't matter but for.some.reason it has become a sticking point, which is a bit daft really.
  6. Hello there! I have only previously built a Lunchbox which was a teenage dream back in the 80's and it's great to finally make it a reality so I am loving all the pictures of people's builds on the M-chassis and would like a little advice if possible? My next build was destined to be an MF01X Beetle Rally, got some good basic hop-ups (learned from the LB build experience) and this is will be first time putting together CVA shocks when I get to it. However, having seen all the Mini's (and having owned 3 in my younger years) I want to build one too. Is it OK to use the MF01X as a Rally Mini would be great or should I postpone that build and get an M05 or M05RA chassis to build a Mini on? I would prefer to stay true to the history of the car but also sticking to a budget so the wife doesn't tear me a new one...
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