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  1. Now what color scheme should I got for? Box art or something different?
  2. It is! It’s everything I hope it would be what an amazing turn my sonic has taken. It wet from rags to riches in what seem like only a few relatively small purchases. Then I just got carried away and hammered down and spared no expense bringing this car up to complete. Look I even scored a spare chassis since these are weak to begin and hard to come by I might add. Now I can really run my car with out too much worry
  3. Wow I really got loaded up today! guess what is in here!!!
  4. It’s not over for sonic fighter! The striker body from UK was the winner! shout out Kev. Thanks again
  5. I’m sure the people that have Lipo’s and know how to maintain them it’s no big deal. But for me, I’m still an outsider getting in. these last two months is the first time I touched RC in 30 years I’m steering clear Lipo. Seems like having a Lipo is like having a diesel car, it’s a lot more work I’ll stick with petrol 1:1 cars and NiMH in my RC. You know those people who win Lottery and blow all their money within a year? Yeah that would be me. So I’d probably burn my house down w/ Lipo. As the season go by, I need to move from this hobby back into Bmx and then back into Modern and vintage Honda dirt bikes/duals sport and I can’t be worried about how I left off with RC, so I have time and I have money but I clumsy and sometimes careless, I got to stick with simple-stupid
  6. I love this pic heavy thread. Wtc your truck is blazing. I’m not familiar with this model but after reading these two pages, I want one.
  7. This is because BIG news for me. This is definitely one of my favorite cars and this one is family owned since new. Technically it’s my brothers and I’m still rocking his paint job but it’s been mine since about 1992. So I’m very happy to hear this news and I’ll be buying one
  8. I don’t know but when I go on RC mart I can buy thunder shot parts trees, bumpers and terra white rims. Where else are those parts from? They can’t be left over from BITD.
  9. This is big news! This is much bigger news than my one broken rim. Maybe I wont have to suffer with 1 spray bomb'ed rim for too long.
  10. @taffer thanks. That’s what I needed. G hopper 2 rims on order from RC mart. Spray can in hand when they arrive in three week.
  11. I found these yellow rims and tire set on eBay and payed a pretty penny for them. But as I was building back my sonic I needed to move the white rims from off my Falcon and back on to Sonic (where they were originally from). So it made perfect sense to get these yellows. Plus look at the tires that came with. I’ve never seen them before so any help identifying them would be appreciated too As I’d like to put this rubber on the sonic. so on to my Issue. The snow on my lawn is at the perfect consistency this AM. A bit of freezing rain to pack it down last night with cold temps overnight left a hard Icey crust with plenty of stability to hold up a RC car. For about three seconds I was humbled and amazed at how well the AG rear tires dug in and how responsive these front spike were. And then without warning or any impact with anything I took a Corner and There the rim lay in to top of the crusted snow As if I forgot to put on a nylock nut, oh the agony! Did the eBay seller play me? I’ve never heard of this happening on any of my Buggies and I’ve had them since the 80’s oh well so on to the solution: 1. Does anyone know where to get some? 2. Yellow preferred but I’d paint white ones? 3 what other cars other than sonic share the adapter? Looks like a 4 pronger. I’d even settle for a mismatched rim that fits in size so I don’t have to steal from sonic to get back out there thanks again TC
  12. Well it didn’t take long to break the steering spring inside this GT3C mechanism. The fix was relatively easy, I unfolded one spring link and re’hooked it. Now it’s a little shorter and a little more stiff. But I think I need to get my hands on some Replacement springs, can someone tell me where to sources them or what size I should try and buy? here is a picture of the little culprit, any ideas where to get one? Thanks again TC
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