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  1. straight up since 1987!!
  2. Anyone in the states interested in this? If you don’t like my number, I’m open to any offers
  3. I have the stock plastic ones on my LB and I broke the chassis. It is from 1987 so there is that but the glue is currently holding
  4. Sounds like you are just buying another RC car. Why complicate things?
  5. Grasshopper and Lunch box tied for first. Thundershot takes second
  6. The 18 versus 20 hole is no doubt being used correctly I even put a 20 T just to check if that gave a different result. It was the same. I am using full bearings since I built it. The GFL one I believe. Has two spur gear. Thanks for all the replies I’ll open it up and let you know what I find out this weekend.
  7. Ever since I burnt thru a pinion on my gf01 it’s been sounding and performing all bad. I’ve replaced the pinion twice now second time with a hardened 18T .6 mod. Ruled out the motor being and issue and it’s sounds and performs horrible. Wondering is anyone else has gear box issues with this model and what to expect when I crack er open? Maybe I can pre order parts in preparation for the dismantling. Any ideas as to why the gear box might sound horrendous? I’ve been rolling with a hot reedy radon. But not too hot.
  8. Oh yeah the body gets trashed on the FJ 45. Get some shoe goo to help keep it together. I now have two bodies because they get so trashed. Lots of cracks but shoe goo mends them back together
  9. Funny to stumble across this. I was recently reworking my vintage boomerang front gear box because something wasn’t right up there. I was able to spice those c clips from another tamiya model. Let me see if I can look back through my purchased listings. I never did get my gearbox sorted.
  10. I’m a big fan for the gf01. Here is mine I use a NiMH and a flysky radio with a hot reedy radon motor. I love this car and it’s my go to these days
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