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  1. Best way to remove paint from a hard body Tamiya ? in my opinion -Don't
  2. ^^^^^^This^^^^^ because when the car start tumbling on the asphalt what does it matter.
  3. I wonder what the legality of reproducing decals is? I know in the Bmx world you can’t make a GT decal and sell it legally in the United States without GT giving you licensing. Also I wonder what Tamiya had to do to be able to produce the name brands like Penzoil for example. What did they have to go thru. I guess the same question for making an Audi?
  4. Look how far I’ve come in just four months!! (and a few fist fulls of cash). And I’m having too much fun doing it ! Everything shown is a runner
  5. now I’m one hundred percent back in action!!
  6. decal set going on nice on this model. It’s so easy!!
  7. I’m feeling this thread. I think I saw this on FB. I recognized the motor. Nice work and nice grab on those vintage Parts
  8. Another MCI decal set with no issues!!
  9. respect to MCI. I commented to them about the lines on my previous order and asked for them to just check and make sure it didn’t happen on this order if it can be avoided and they sent me replacement of the entire sheet on the one that had lines. Mad respect to MCI. Thanks
  10. Yes. I’ve check the manual. You are correct. I’ll need to take the rubber off the rims. And I’m watching the HK seller for restocking
  11. Wow that’s clean. How did you do it with such Percision?
  12. I’ve been halving fun with this model. I’ve been rocking the thunder bolt 15T with full bearings on this kit. And it’s fun.
  13. That’s a great looking buggy and I do love the falcon chassis
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