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  1. Pics or it didn’t happen
  2. Is anyone else doing it? the lunchbox is my go to when I’m camping. It’s a crowd favorite.
  3. All good. Happy to keep working the TT02 thanks
  4. Just a quick update for those who don’t know, I couldn’t live without the Vintage Audi too but there is a place in my Heart for both the 58036 is sweet!!
  5. These estimates are too low. In the box I think you are in the range of 1 million dollars!!!
  6. That’s hot! You found a chassis already? Is that my old shell? Or are you building a second one? Yeah PARTY!!
  7. I have a striker body that I can part with since I found the correct sonic body. It’s NOS. I’m located in Connecticut. I wish I had a spare chassis for You.
  8. True about the hood vents coming off but I did not trimming. I installed a rubber o ring to Push the mount forward and the body and wheels fit fine. I love this car
  9. And if anyone needs a decent version of the rare bolt on plastic front and rear bumpers check out / google: ” 3D-print solutions UK”
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