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  1. these bumpers are a slow go as there are many steps. I have to admit that this is the most exciting part. Well this and the decals!!
  2. Well I shot the original rear in pearl white but I have to say I’m not exactly happy with the color match. is kind feels yellow / tan. I think I’ll have to go back to the pure white. What you you think?
  3. Flat white? not bad but look hoe much better it will be in pearl white tO match the body paint this front may be going on the gold body. I’ve got one more front coming that I will choose from for the box art body
  4. Ah there is nothing like the real thing. Thank you
  5. PM me. I'm US based and I will be happy to post to UK. I have someone who does this for me in the UK so I must extend the courtesy.
  6. Other projects are far enough along and I have secured a humpback battery pack. I tested it out in my Audi and fits wild Willys perfectly. So it’s time to focus on getting this guy on the road. I would have left it green but I’ll go with this color since PO decided to paint this Wild Willys Speed Control is in route so servos in next, grease the gearbox and it will be yeah Party!! Wish me Luck!!
  7. I do think If driving on the snow 4WD is a must. But the other times of year i can go either way. I like to drift on the sand that the town plow puts down on my cul de sac after all the snow is gone. I feel like since the 2Wd are a little sloppier it’s more fun around loose corners. But when it comes to tight turning under power / at speed and Percision 4WD is better. But really I think everyone needs the whole spectrum: 2Wd/4wd / wheelie, etc.
  8. Now this is really as far as I can go without bumpers
  9. Here goes with my box art body and that’s as far as I can go for now until bumpers arrive
  10. Peroxide and Sun Light are the winning combination. One will work over time but they work best together. There is a hair product called Salon 40 (main Ingredient is peroxide) that we will goop on to Bmx parts like mag wheels to whiten and let sit in the sun. Should work great for RC parts too. Or just leave you rims yellow. Like mine note the power of salon 40 And sunlight on white mag that is done vs the other that is not. These mags both looked the same to start with
  11. Great build thread. There is nothing like running RC with your dad. I just recently fired up my brothers grasshopper from 1984 and one of my cars and had my dad run the grasshopper as I ran my HCT. It was great fun! I love what you have done with the color of your boomerang. Looks better than box art and those tires are Blazing! I also like to "correctness" of the air scoop and the lights. Nice work.
  12. Does that Acoms have BEC? Battery eliminator circuit?
  13. I’d like to official be inducted into this society with my Sonic Fighter.
  14. I went for the semi restored look. I’m kind of digging the old body it really shows it’s age. I’m gonna keep the new in box body new in box and call it done like this. Happy Easter!!
  15. I got a driver for my Audi and finally I got the roll bar from Germany!! time to get the non box art body done this guy wants to drive on the left hand side but the body mount pegs lift him up to high he will have to sit on the “JDM” side for this build Now for the homemade wheelie bar in action!! and this is as far as I can go until bumpers arrive wow this runner /spare body came out nice I wonder how I should do up the bumpers? It runs really well it’s a little slow but that nice because I’ll be lightly running it. It kind of sounds a little clunkly compared to the later 80 models The rear set it up is what’s making all the noise but it goes great on the street and grass I’m real happy
  16. Yes. It looks like fun. I also enjoy running these cars on top of some snow. I think it’s my favorite terrain.
  17. This topic can be marked found if that’s a thing. I no longer am searching. In fact this NOS striker shell would be for sale. The chassis stays with me.
  18. No problem. I now have more sonic and striker shells than I need. I actually have to sell the NOS striker shell. I have no use for it But I’m going to keep my new in box sonic body kit
  19. Bumpers or no bumpers look how far my build has come: waiting for my roll bar from Germany so I can secure the shell. All the HCT wheels are set now too so I’m ready to run.
  20. Thanks junkmumk- sourcing the bumpers right now is the task at hand. Fitting them is a problem for later.
  21. Shhhhh. Everyone is going to except one if we let word get out. I guess they found out I’m a big deal over on the TC.
  22. Thanks. Not Much more to go just waiting for the body and look what rolled thru the door today!! in fact Team Blue Grove came up huge today!!! one for shelf queening and one for bashing? No this Audi cannot he used for bashing. one for box art and one to be creative? Or one to looks just like the one I had BITD which was non box art. Either way. This will is getting fun.
  23. Oh how right you are. I’m so embarrassed. I need to spend some quality time with my wild willys
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