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  1. ok guys, yesterday the Le Mans 480 T engine finally arrived, kindly given to me by an old model aircraft friend from Bologna ... obviously disassembled, passed with light paper on the manifold, brushes replaced, and 3 V running-in immersed in water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid, 10 minutes in one direction and 10 in the other. reassembled ... dried pretty well with the hair dryer, two drops of WD40 on the bearings and reassembled. Attention, he will not run anywhere, not even in the driveway but the fun of doing it and completing the Turbo Optima Mid, it's fantastic ..... next step find the super selected yellow Sanyo cells ..... but calmly not there is a hurry .... Bye from Tuscany
  2. hy guys, I've been away from the forum.... look what i managed to find... the 480T can be rebuilt, the 240S is ok, the 480S cannot be found cap and shaft :-( Which is the most suitable for my Optima?
  3. thank you so much..... now I just have to find the right brushed motors, can you help me? Paolo
  4. this is the final result .....
  5. the original body is painted horribly, luckily it is in very good condition so I clean it and then paint it. There are original stickers never used as well as instructions in Japanese and English
  6. as you can see the model is practically new, even if it is more than 30 years old, the tires have never been glued, the frame has only a couple of scratches, some protections never used, the remote control is perfect. I decorated the tires, but it took me a long time ... the esc is a ROBART .... I looked for something of the time and I found a NOVAK RACER.
  7. hello everyone, i'm Paolo from Italy, I would like to share with you the luck that has happened to me, a few months ago a friend told me that he would give me a radio controlled model, which he used little ... Turbo optima Mid, complete with KOPROPO remote control, unfortunately there is no electric motor, but it doesn't matter .....
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