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  1. Hi all, When fitting the front guides, should they move (free play) or should they be secured tight by the ball end? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know if the front gearbox joints of the 2011 Avante 58489 are the same for the 1988 Avante 58072? Looking to purchase the front left or a set if anyone has spares. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, would like to buy 1 or 2 C1 part, the small plastic that attaches to bottom of shock shafts.
  4. Hi all, would like to buy 1 or 2 C1 part, the small plastic that attaches to bottom of shock shafts.
  5. Hi all, Im trying to rebuild my old rear shocks and have been unsuccessful. Ive cleaned all the parts and as per the manual, I’m putting soft oil into the shock casing from the top of the tube with a syringe. I then move the shock rod up and down whilst blocking the top hose opening with my finger to remove any air bubbles and then replenish again with oil. I can’t get the rod to depress as it should. Have been away from this beloved toy for more than 25 years. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if the 50419 road tyres fit exactly on the rally wheels of a vintage Porsche 959. Any advice appreciated.
  7. Hi all, In need of front bumper and yellow exhaust cap/end.
  8. Thank you DeadMeat666 and Baddon. I still have many vintage Acoms battery chargers. I think they are trickle/overnight chargers. What chargers would you recommend for the higher capacity batteries? Any type/ brands you could recommend?
  9. Happy new year everyone. New to Tamiya club and look forward to chatting with you people. I have some vintage RC cars: The Bigwig, Porsche 959, Avante, Clod buster and Top Force which have been in boxes and untouched for over 25 years. Hope some of you experts can help me restore and get them back running again. I think all my 7.2v 1200 mah batteries are dead. Should I buy the same batteries or are there upgraded/better versions? I wish to use them occasionally. Are there any methods to remove the flat spots on the Clod busters wheels? Thanks, Sami
  10. Happy new year everyone. In need of a Top force 58100 model J11 part( U shaped ) to help my nephew use the car. Any advice appreciated. Sami
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