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  1. Is it linked to 'Vintage Porsche car brand & everything related' nuts? Vintage Porsche cars have seen their value skyrocketed for some years now, it appears that some people see this trend for every item related to. And so is for everything related to famous people (king of cool, anyone?)
  2. Finger crossed Charles, for now only estern part is concerned (well, a UK variant has been dicovered in... Marseille). We'll see on Thursday...
  3. Hi everyone, Happy to be back in the RC World, specialy Tamiya World! I am Charles, 43, living in Paris. My first RC experience was with friends coming back to Japan with RC cars like the Lunch Box in 1987-1988. We were a bunch of kids admiring these amazing toys. Then I started with humble nikko, several cars and even a boat. Was amazed when a RC car took the same direction as my boat without its owner permission! A few years later my father bought me a Blackfoot 'Ford' as a present. Went on the closest RC Shop near home (Compi├Ęgne, France) to buy it, and I was amazed by the shop (was to me like in a candy store) and by drawings (Artworks?) on each Tamiya boxes, especially the Porsche 959 'Paris-Dakar' (it was a great race in France at that time, that I used to watch on 'La 5' channel). Few years later, I was in charge of a little RC workshop at the boarding school. I used to run the blackfoot, and to review everything each time, so I learnt to know how to build and to un-build very quickly. and I learn to be gentle with screws again plastic chassis (a great tip)... Then I was offered a few years later a much more complicated car: the Kyosho Optima Mid SE. Love it too! Try to build myself a RC plane, but I was told by the local club that I had to throw everything but the RC manual... So I stopped (still have everything...somewhere). I was told to sell the cars... so I did it sadly. Went on other passions, specially 1:1 scale vintage cars for more that 15 years now. At the end of 2020, I saw a Monster Beetle on Instagram , the passion went back (will need to manage it with the '1:1 scale' vintage car passion now). So I started to search amongst 58000 series what I would like to buy, started with a Avante 2011 still in its box. Searching for early Tamiya models. and I am sure more will follow... Cheers!
  4. Welcome Charles. Great introduction, glad to read that the younger generation will go on in RC world. Was searching myself for a member presentation main topic. I know where to do it now, thanks! I'll do mine soon... Charles-Antoine
  5. Hello, I am searching for a 80's Ford F150 Ranger XLT a nice body new or used. Preferably located in Europe. Many thanks, Charles
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