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  1. I have been searching and never saw any...just tried again and managed to get a set £12! 😀
  2. Thanks mate will have a look 👍🏻
  3. Thanks mate been looking for these everywhere!
  4. Ah ok UK is listed at £449 and I manages to get one for £475. Seen quite a few advertised here for less than £500. Sorry man
  5. I got an email from Modelsport (UK) saying mine was pushed back until 1st August. I just cancelled it and picked up a 2013 nib on eBay for £25 more 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Yeah I did the ps63 as I said and backed it with ps12.
  7. Yeah I mean this is me being picky and running on tarmac with tarmac tyres! I’m looking forward to getting the dirt wheels on and getting this on a dirt track and having a blast. I have the original shell, wheels, there’s and decals and will do a box art at some point. May also get another shell and do something completely different! Also got some pink avante black wheels on the way. The champagne looks great and wing really sets it off bud. You won’t be disappointed just don’t snap the rear trailing arm after 3 minutes like I did! Ahaha
  8. How’s she driving? I had some issues with steering slop so got an upgraded server horn and also changed the toe out alight so the wheels pint slightly outwards and not straight
  9. Did you go box art ps12? Although the rere says bright silver. I did ps63 bright gun metal
  10. I forgot to post! Finished mine on Friday! It was such a great build! Also crashed and broke her on the first run!! 😅😂🥲
  11. Yeah those are my spare running wheels and tyres (VQS tyres) also got a set for tarmac. Original wheels and tyres as well as the body and decals are staying in the box until she retires!
  12. Really enjoying the build but rushing to get it down whilst I’m off work and around having a baby. End of day 2
  13. Got lucky and found one on eBay, bid and got it for £470 already has a backup agreed on £530 so was a result
  14. I can answer your question about the left over bearings now mate! I was terrified of dropping those ********!
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