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  1. the build is the best bit ,,finding parts , Hmmmmm ,, hope to see more pics
  2. wow few hours spent there ,,, very nice resto,, came up good
  3. i went a little more up gives a bit less caster too
  4. nice ,, i just cant find one in Australia ,,, theirs a few for sale but there asking silly amount for them ,, something about them wonder if kyosho may do a re re run of them again
  5. hi nice little build that's going to wheel stand in reverse with that motor ha!!! should be fun to drive ,,,,,, had the same motor just don't get them to wet
  6. ha ,,,nice this was my 1st rc car my big brother built it for me and had first go too
  7. bad tyre choice live and learn oops ,, bad tyre choice
  8. hay gday nice build,, im abit like you too early 40's just got back in to the hobby 30 years later ,,, about 9 months in and 6 cars already,, ,, really good site to learn loooots ,,, nice helpful people here great forum site
  9. hay VileQuenouille can put you a pic of the optima i see
  10. they go pretty good , handle not to bad ,,, got a few batterys though now ,, still debating if i put a motor in the white scorpion
  11. bartman77

    kyosho scorpion

    a liitle different,,,, pick up second hand for a good price,new unused , stickers were a little off so i tryd make something off that was left on the decal sheet,,,, happy as
  12. hi just wondering about the slipper cluch you have used on your opima mid ,,, looks good wondering what brand it is ,, thanks regards bart

    1. bsy2010


      That's a Team Associated VTS slipper for the B4/B44

    2. bartman77


       Y  :DThanks will be looking at that set up

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