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  1. Thanks - really helpful - I hadn’t realised that there were mini Nimh packs - I’ll try one of those - although it comes with a mini Tamiya connector but I guess I can just buy a normal connector and replace it.
  2. Hi I have just bought a Schumacher Supastox car off Ebay - without any real research - it was a bit different and quite cheap so I went for it. Had I done any research at all, I would have seen that they ideally run on 1s lipo (2s shorty will fit). I have Nimh in my other cars and don’t really want to splash out on a new charger for lipo. The Nimh hump pack doesn’t fit and the race pack will require some stabilising bars to be removed. A 5 cell Nimh would fit - but my physics A- level was too long ago - what is the difference in performance between a 6v and 7.2v battery pack on the same motor? I am not planning to race - I just want it to be working and go at a reasonable speed. TIA
  3. Thanks - it looks ok from the outside but the roll bar is in the wrong place!
  4. Finally complete! Thanks to Jonny Retro’s painting and decal tips on Tamiyabase. I have to say that I am pretty chuffed with the result as a novice 😁. The only thing to sort (apart from the rear dampers !) is the rear body clip - it is about 5mm out and so the clip doesn’t fit around the roll bar - possibly an issue with mix of original and re-re components?
  5. Getting closer! https://share.icloud.com/photos/0h45fQpGw9wZsORlO60oCtpaA#Home
  6. Thanks - body painted now - just need to read up the articles on rectifying small paint bleeds. I haven’t put anything on the tyres - they are just new!
  7. It joins my original Frog from 1984 on the shelf
  8. Final parts arrived so have finished the RR re-build. Just need to buy a body kit and some paint!
  9. Thanks - I’ve just seen a photo of a silver can sports tuned in an original gear casing - I’ll give it a go.
  10. I am getting close to finishing the renovation of an original SS / RR chassis and have come to the motor. I have read that the old black endurance motors fit, but I ha e found that it only fits with a bodge as the motor cover doesn’t align correctly meaning that the rear guard doesn’t fit. So - my question is - what motors will definitively fit in the original gear casing without modification? I have read that the sport tuned will, but have also read that it is only the original sport tuned. Hoping for some guidance to get this old car running! Thanks
  11. Update - I got new UJs and replaced all of the bearings in the gearbox and on the drive shafts and everything seems much better. The one shaft is still a bit bent - I have tried to straighten it without any luck, but I have found a pair of original shafts on ebay which are on their way. next issue is that I couldn’t get the ball end to screw into the one front arm - pair of new ones ordered for Trigger’s broom 😂
  12. Thanks Kev - I’ll have a tinker. The video is showing up for me as a “play” arrow. The UJs that I have found are silver coloured and about £8-9 each. Not sure if they are from the Super Champ though - the description says Pareto, Buggy Champ and SandScorcher. I’ll have a search for Super Champ - thanks
  13. UJ movement in video attached - is this normal or worn out? IMG_2440.MOV
  14. Right - the results are in! Right shaft is a little bit bent. There is a little bit of movement at the gearbox output, but not very much. The UJs seem to have a lot of lateral movement (although I have never seen new ones). I will pop new bearings in the gearbox and suspension arms as a starting point. is it possible to straighten a driveshaft? If not, has anyone got a spare original driveshaft (with the hub mounted on it)? Alternative would be to buy a pair of re-re shafts and hubs and lose a bit of the “original”. Next step, if that doesn’t help will, I think, be a pair of UJs. Thanks for the tips!
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