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  1. Update - I got new UJs and replaced all of the bearings in the gearbox and on the drive shafts and everything seems much better. The one shaft is still a bit bent - I have tried to straighten it without any luck, but I have found a pair of original shafts on ebay which are on their way. next issue is that I couldn’t get the ball end to screw into the one front arm - pair of new ones ordered for Trigger’s broom 😂
  2. Thanks Kev - I’ll have a tinker. The video is showing up for me as a “play” arrow. The UJs that I have found are silver coloured and about £8-9 each. Not sure if they are from the Super Champ though - the description says Pareto, Buggy Champ and SandScorcher. I’ll have a search for Super Champ - thanks
  3. UJ movement in video attached - is this normal or worn out? IMG_2440.MOV
  4. Right - the results are in! Right shaft is a little bit bent. There is a little bit of movement at the gearbox output, but not very much. The UJs seem to have a lot of lateral movement (although I have never seen new ones). I will pop new bearings in the gearbox and suspension arms as a starting point. is it possible to straighten a driveshaft? If not, has anyone got a spare original driveshaft (with the hub mounted on it)? Alternative would be to buy a pair of re-re shafts and hubs and lose a bit of the “original”. Next step, if that doesn’t help will, I think, be a pair of UJs. Thanks for the tips!
  5. Thanks - the ball bearings were a bit of a mess when I took the gearbox apart - I had to give them a good clean and there was some rust on the outsides. I can’t remember how tightly they fitted into the case. I’ll take it apart and check - it will give me something to do while I am waiting for screw bag B to arrive next week which is holding me up at the moment! I am short of some bearings for the wheels and had to steal some from my Frog so might buy a load to replace the old ones.
  6. Great - thanks for the advice - I haven’t replaced any bearings - they are all the ball races that came with the chassis. Another question - I have noticed that the right rear suspension arm has a socket on the inside which looks about the same size as the bearing space on the outside, but the left arm doesn’t - is that strange? Have I got a non- matching pair?
  7. Hi - I connected up a motor to my RR restoration project this morning and found that there was a lot of wheel wobble. The shafts are the mk ones with the hubs attached so not easy to see how straight they are. There is some play in the uj (original brass). Befire I start spending money on re-re replacement parts, can anyone suggest if the problem is likely to be the uj or the shafts? For what it is worth, I suspect the ujs...so might start there. Any suggestions welcome - this is getting to be a money pit!
  8. Dampers, screw bag, rubber parts bag, cam locks, pinion gear bag and servo saver for my Rough Rider restoration / re-build. Going to be tricky to focus on working from home with all of those parts to fit!
  9. Tinkering done - still not a huge amount of damping but at least not rigid! Thanks for the advice. Waiting for the postman now!
  10. Thanks - I’ve got the o rings from the re-re dampers on the way so might try popping them in
  11. Thanks Kev - these are particularly brutal! Looking at the new ones I bought, there is a 90 degree angle between the directions of the two ends - these originals have 180 degrees!
  12. Thanks - good to know. In the spare parts I have bought, I have a new torsion bar and new front springs - am I best to use the new (re-re) ones or stick with the original which may have relaxed a bit over the years?
  13. Thanks guys - just need to defeat the urges to tinker with the car instead of working! This is becoming obsessive!
  14. Thanks - I’ll give it a go - didn’t realise too much oil was a problem! Looks like I need to find the sweet spot. I’ll have a look later - probably find that the oil has all leaked out anyway!
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