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  1. Turns out the pinion gear just came loose probably due to me not having it in the right position when tightening it. The screw stripping has also taught me to be careful not to over-tighten things. Lesson learned! I finally got to take the thing for a drive again and due to us getting a lot of snow up in Oregon lately I swapped back to the original tires for the grip needed in the snow. Wow, it really doesn't take much to ding up these chrome plated rims. Once that melted away I finally got to try out my slicks and had a blast driving it all in front of the house and on the street. Naturally I'm wondering what the next step up would be for a faster motor (but still brushed), but I am very happy with this kit overall. It just looks cool and is fun to drive. It's also screaming for a lighting kit though to be frank I wouldn't know where to even start with 14 potential locations for lights! I may just keep it as is and perhaps slap some random stickers on the body to make it my own.
  2. I did a bit of a trick with the angle. There's actually a few inches that stick out beyond the Hornet's wing.
  3. It doesn’t look like it. It’s just not catching on the two gears that it touches so I assume it’s loose. Wish I could know for sure but I won’t until I can figure out how to get this stripped screw out.
  4. First run today was cut short by what looks to be my pinion gear coming loose. I promptly stripped the motor mount screw trying to get into the chassis. That’s enough for today.
  5. I've yet to have my own, but the wild design definitely has me convinced that it will join my collection. I think I'll have to go with box art too when I eventually get it. It just looks so iconic!
  6. Preordered the upcoming release from Tower.
  7. Exactly what I was looking for. I'll put my money on nabbing the Hotshot for now!
  8. Hi all, As I...pace out my R/C purchases over the year I wanted to see if anyone knows about the availability of the Frog as I'm sure many of you have been following releases longer than I have. Is it likely that I will be okay holding off on one of these for the first part of the year or do these releases dry up without too much notice? Any insight is appreciated!
  9. I couldn't resist skipping a few steps and trying on the wheels Also just for fun:
  10. Indeed! I allowed myself to go wild on hop ups this time because this is my first kit that I'm attempting to make my own rather than sticking to box art completely. Yeah, I plan to only use 2 wheel steering too. Every video I've seen of the 4 wheel setup features the car immediately rolling over multiple times which isn't what I'm going for. I've already closed the chassis up, but ended up going with AW grease in the front two diffs and the standard grease in the back diff. Hopefully that works fine enough. I have the unpainted body version so I'm planning to mask off the bumpers and front fenders, spray some lame flake, 3 coats of camel yellow, white, and then black to darken the interior and get the bumpers / fenders. Hopefully that goes alright with the PS paint I have. I've absolutely got to track down a fine point sharpie pen as that sounds perfect for the lines. I'll definitely consider the smaller bumper as well. I'm not planning too much abuse for this thing so it should work. Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the tips so far! This is where I stopped tonight.
  12. Hi all, This evening I'll be starting on my King Yellow and I had a few general questions I wanted to put out there to see what people's opinions are. 1. In the artwork on the box it looks like there are thin black lines outlining the hood of the car, but there does not appear to be decals included to replicate it. I have a feeling this is one of those things that will give the model a better look so I was wondering how other people have handled these lines on their own kits. The lines are indented from the outside of the shell so I don't know if painting from the inside would work and I'm not sure I could pull that off cleanly. 2. What is the best grease to put in the diffs on this model? The instruction indicate to use the Tamiya grease, but I've seen people recommend the AW Grease for off road cars. Do the big, puffy tires play into this? ie; they aren't glued and don't have inserts so the thicker grease might pop them off easier. 3. Anyone recommend a good tutorial or video for gluing tires on a model like this? There's a lot out there for super fast high performance stuff, but I'm not sure if this is something I need to worry about with this kit. I also have a second pair of tires that are pretty different compared to what comes with it, the kart style slicks from R31House. I'm probably going to glue them...I'm just afraid to mark them up by getting excess glue everywhere. I'd appreciate any advice!
  13. I'd rather they offer precut bodies and more stickers to help with masking rather than paint. I recently got the King Yellow and at the time of ordering was a little bummed that it wasn't the precolored shell which would have saved me some time, but the reality is that when they offer these prepainted shells it's usually just one color which happens to be the easiest thing to paint. Due to the color matched stickers of the King Yellow I'm limited to camel yellow, but even in this case I was able to customize it by adding some metallic flake to make the body my own. Edit: Oh how funny @markbt73! I didn't read the whole thread before posting, but I guess I won't be the only King Yellow cruising around Portland! I haven't done my decals yet....any pro tips?
  14. I wish I could justify the beautiful Formula E car, but finding a place to run it is difficult for me and I just blew so much money on my King Yellow build.
  15. I've clearly gone bananas. King-sized, yellow...bananas. Last night I noticed a second chance to pull the trigger on an in stock King Yellow for $145~ after reading about how much people love the chassis here. This led me to YouTube where I found all these Japanese videos of the car with the R31House slick tires on them. One thing led to another and now I have an order in at RCmart paying WAYYYY too much shipping for the wheels/tires, 5 bajillion bearings coming from eBay, and a transparent chassis / gearbox with yellow gears. Time to dump some stuff on eBay to balance this one out! Here's a screenshot of what I'm kinda going for:
  16. I just took a video on my lunch break. I mention it in the video, but if I ease on to the reverse gently and gradually increase speed it tends to stall less, but still happens eventually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvNjUXEL_w8
  17. I have the TT02 Delta and it's almost like it was designed to hold little pebbles up front to jam up the steering. I now realize the importance of the meaning of an "on road car" and wish I had gotten an XV01 instead. Just something to note I've seen reviews mention you might need a specific battery size for the XV01 chassis.
  18. I need to find one with a more fine tip. Thanks for the idea. My issue with the reverse function came up again today. I really don’t know what the problem is. I’m most likely going to have to wait until I get another ESC to figure it out.
  19. He’s got a bit of a blank expression! Haha. I’m tempted to add pupils, but he’ll no doubt end up with google eyes if I’m not careful enough. I don’t know why this pic insisted on posting upside down.
  20. Yeah! The prepainted one was just $20 more than the kit so I figured I could save some money on buying paint and come out even. It’s so nice looking that I was a little scared to damage the perfect body, but it’s so fun to drive that it’s worth it. It’s my first vintage model and I’m wanting The Frog next. I’m excited to find out how different they are.
  21. Oh, it was the throttle trim! When I was outside I tried that and felt like it wasn’t the issue, but it’s totally fine now.
  22. Wow, that looks really nice. Can you tell me what kind of paint that is? To be honest I need the color to paint an Eva 01 model kit I’m doing and that type of color seems to be tough to find!
  23. I took my fairly newish Hornet (semi XB) out for its second run today this isn’t in front of or inside my house and started having a strange issue with reverse. Forward behaves as expected and is quite perky as we only ran it on my 5000 mah battery for about 20 min. If I start to reverse it only does it for a few seconds like maybe two feet and slower than usual, then stops. I can make it fail immediately if I max out the steering to one side or the other. Strangely if it isn’t sitting on the ground or has the wheels removed it either doesn’t have a problem or stops after going way longer more like 10 secs. It’s like if there is any resistance it’s more likely to stop. See pic for my equipment. The ESC and silver can motor came with it. It was a little damp outside, but not too bad and no water had appeared to make its way into the chassis. I tried reprogramming the ESC, steering trim, checked wiring, replaced batteries in my remote and cleaned it all up real nice. Not sure what’s going on. I am going to try to recharge the battery pack, but I’m worried it might stop showing the problem unless I run it back down again. One thing to note is that the gearbox bucks when the reverse stops working almost as if the ESC is getting a forward command although I’m still just holding reverse. Nothing felt like it was overheating.
  24. After staring at this forever I seem to have had let it get away from me. Is this a popular enough model that we might get another run of it or should I go ahead and shell out for it if it's one I've got to have? Can't seem to find it in stock anymore unless it's for 2x the price.
  25. Ahh, thanks for that info about the info about the clone receivers. You're right, I don't want to buy wrong again. I'll consider those you mentioned.
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