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  1. Go back several pages in this post to see the detailed reason for the $120 coupon. K
  2. Did somebody say Wrangler....XC chassis.... Oh my... Hope they make a lot!
  3. Tiny gear puller, or like I do, mount motor in vise (with wood or rubber lined jaws) and use two screwdrivers to pop it off. Don't let the blade push near the teeth of the pinion, but rather close to the motor shaft in the "meaty" area of the pinion. It will pop off with not too much effort. Take a measurement first so you push it on the same distance on the new motor. Keith
  4. Now that the pajero has been rereleased and the Jeep Wrangler body on the CR-01, does anyone care to guess when the XC Wrangler kit will be re-released? Keith
  5. I agree with Shodog. I soak mine in kerosine and the silicone swells up and is much easier to remove with a blunt end of wood stock or lately I have been using a cheap plastic putty knife. Don't use anything metal to scrape. It will scratch the case. The kerosine dissolves the grease and a toothbrush or similiar brush gets the tough stuff. Keith
  6. Screw the two pieces together using three little 2mm screws and nuts and you'll be good to go. Otherwise start looking on ebay for a new one, which will be $40-50 usd or just buy an entire spare tranny for $75-$125.
  7. It's great that someone is making all these custom parts. However, for my money I'll buy a high lift tranny any day of the week. It is lighter, parts are available, functions well, and has mounting points. If I couldn't fit the taller Highlift gearbox in my ride, I'd go for an original Bruiser tranny next. Same with the axles they are offering. For half the price you can buy Bruiser/Mounty axles that have a more scale look. With that said, their hardened axles and pinions may be well worth the dough though, as the diecast originals left a lot to be desired. Keith
  8. Why don't you just put the leaf on the bottom that is sticking up. It may not be totally scale, but it would look better than it does now or with a tie wrap around it. Keith
  9. Sounds like the left is on the right side and right is on the left. Try switching them. Keith
  10. Get a small screwdriver under the pinion and gently pry it off. Try not to dent the teeth. Maybe a metal putty knive would work as well.
  11. Thanks Dee - I just sold this Jeep and now I will begin a new project this winter. Not sure what yet. The Jeep was a great project. I wish I could keep them all, but I need the proceeds to fund the next project. I am also building up a High Lift now as well. http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29323-2357-0...3497&lk=URL Keith
  12. Nice Score. When you goint to paint the body? Got colors picked out yet? Keith
  13. Wow, that looks great. Thanks for sharing your tips... Keith
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