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  1. The quest has lead me to one of most sought after parts...finally I have everything (untill i start something else)
  2. Well, tuesday night I started looking through ebay and unbelievably found this...been looking for 1 since beginning the project and did find one January time but I wasn't paying €45 + postage. Its mint, not evn any diff grease on it...
  3. Will do, one of my focus wrc shells plastics are yellow...this will be kept warm, dry and out of the sun for sure.
  4. Nope....did decrease as the decals wouldn't stick, same with the rear spoiler.
  5. So with time seeming to go slowly I managed to get the shell cut out also....just need to add the 1st couple of decals so i know where to mask, paint, add the rest of the decals and its done.
  6. Been a productive few hours.
  7. Had a spare 10mins this morning so jumped on this... New tyres mounted on to the new wheels, just need to put the inserts in on the rears. New wheel and tyre decals to follow. Swapped out the battery holders and clipped in with the original kit supplied Medium snap pins. Decided to change the shock aswell. The one i had was ok but the ends over the ball joints looked abit shoddy. Built the front end up now also. The wheels on the car are just for use while building it up, its a shame really as they give a more realistic look but are not kit original.
  8. Love an international delivery. From Much Model in Canada.
  9. Well thats my last delivery now. All parts are here to complete the car, just need some spare time now...
  10. Paints arrived today, been waiting for it for a few weeks when realised I'd not checked out and it was sat in basket....weekend will hopefully be clear so i can tackle the shell.
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