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  1. Thanks for all the advice. After 20+ years I finally got my lunchbox properly running again this weekend. What a laugh me and my son had with it. I'd forgotten just how much fun it was, especially on wet grass sliding about doing 180s, was worth every penny I spent fixing it up hearing him squeal with laughter. maybe I can convince the financial director (the missus) to let me buy something else....purely for my sons benefit, honest
  2. Kev thanks very much for this advice, that's brilliant. Parts ordered from eBay already. What sort of spray paint do you guys use. Do yous always use tamiya paint or are there other types just as good?
  3. Hi, thanks for the responses, apologies been so long. only just got back around to trying to fix this. I ordered a Quicrun 1060 ESC and it seems to work great. Seems to work a lot better that the knock-off version i had. I looked at the steering. One of the steering arms looked bent (they seem very small diameter to start with), so i ordered new ones. But the ones that came seem to be a bigger diameter. I assume at maybe some point they increased the diameter of these to strengthen them. The problem i have now is that the new arm (with the black connector) doesn't fit onto the existing turnbuckles that were used for the old one (white connector). I think the turnbuckles for the white connector are 4mm, and i need 5mm for the black ones. Wheres the best place to get these (in the uk) ? I saw i could order a tamiya servo saver kit 50100, but i cant confirm this will contain the correct part for what i need. Once again, apologies if this seems a daft question. im total novice at this. Thanks
  4. Ok, I thought a new ESC would probably be easier rather than fixing MSC. ah well lesson learned for me next time then. I'll buy from a more well known vendor next time then. The servo seems to turn to the left ok, but not the right, which makes it sound like the linkage maybe rather than servo. I'll try get some photos once get home. All the equipment is original from like 1994ish, so I should'nt be surprised lots needing fixed up. Any recommendations for batteries and chargers? Nothing too fancy needed. I saw overlander 3300nimh batteries, would they be ok for it? Cheers for the help.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice. After about 25 years, i found out my Dad had kept my Lunchbox in his attic for all these years. So iv decided to try and fix it up to keep my son entertained. Being a total beginner at this i tried, to source some parts on ebay. The original speed controller is damaged and the slow speeds on it don't work, so it goes from zero to full throttle only. Is it possible to fix these or not worth the hassle? I had read on here that a Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 is a good ESC to get, so i ordered one from ebay, but what came is a BDESC-S10E-RTR. This doesn't seem right, is this like a cheap chinese version? This ESC seems to work ok, except it only seems to have Forward-Brake-Reverse, whereas the Quicrun 1060 you can adjust to be Forward-Reverse, which id prefer as think it would be easier for my son (and its fun doing 180s on wet grass). It also seems really slow in reverse, does anyone have any experience of these ESC`s? am i missing something about programming it. Apologies if this is a stupid question. Also, can anyone recommend a steering upgrade? I know its never going to have sharp steering, but it struggles to turn right at all, the steering arm just seems to twist without turning the wheels. Thanks
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