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  1. Thanks @wolfdogstinkus for all the information. I have been too busy with work lately and I'm trying to read your posts later. I'm sure that I will have additional questions for you
  2. Hi, glad that I found this topic. I'm trying to understand what do I need to get my Thunder Dragon 1/14 to run bit faster? Everything that I have is original. Car works fine except servo is doing weird things on its own. That is why I'm planning to build it again and at the same time update it to year 2021. I do not want to ruin my thunder dragon. My purpose is just to get more speed and it would be fun if I could race with my kid (with his Traxxas Slash). So I think I need: - new engine - new servo - new battery What else do I need? I'm complete newbie with this RC thing and I'm sure that I do not understand most of the things explained here. I would appreciate if new build could be made easily for example without cutting any plastic pieces from there and there..
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