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  1. Great video, really makes me smile and want to go out to drive! Today I disassembled the Mf-01x that I am building, because something was wrong with the differential. It kept locking up and stuttering. I don’t know what it was, when I put it back together it worked fine. And I changed the bushings to ball bearings while I was at it.
  2. That looks like great fun! Awesome video, did you make it?
  3. Thank you! Actually it is nearly impossible to drive at the moment, it has zero traction in the fresh snow.
  4. As a kid, I always wanted to have a Grasshopper. But my parents never allowed me to have one. Now, a few years later, I built my very first RC car, with 45. Nothing special, but I am happy how my Blitzer Beetle turned out.
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