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  1. But will that be a problem if you balance charge the battery every time you charge it?
  2. Been away on vacation for a bit over a week now, brought the Turbo Scorpion with me so I could test it. It's quite a handfull with the 3300KV motor, but lots of fun. I also have a set of Pro-Line Sand Paw 2.0 and 4-Rib for running in the sand, they worked perfect!
  3. Finished my Turbo Scorpion yesterday. Got into the hobby end of last year when I bought a Tamiya Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Black Edition kit from Japan. Before the Porsche had arrived I also bought a Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 from a webstore here in Norway, they had only one left so I was afraid to miss it . Shortly after I discovered Kyosho's Legendary Series and bought a Turbo Scorpion, which is the one I have now finished. I have never owned or built a hobby grade RC before, so it's a lot to get into. The Turbo Scorpion are built with a Hobbywing EzRun 3652 G2 3300KV motor, EzRun Max10 ESC, Savox SC-1251MG Black Edition Servo, Futaba R203GF receiver, RC Channel front bumper and stainless steel screw set. Spent so much money on alloy parts for the Sand Scorcher so I wanted to keep this a bit more stock.
  4. Did an update to my previous post right before you replied
  5. The lenses went fine to push in, the problem is the led bulbs. They are sitting loose and are now pointing in all directions inside the reflector. Maybe your led bulbs are a bit longer so that they are kept in place by the lens? Edit: I found the problem. The rim on the led bulbs is a bit to small so that they easily goes through the hole in the reflector, then they are not seated as the are supposed to. Luckily I managed to push out the lens by pushing on the reflector from behind so that I can fix it.
  6. How did you manage to keep the bulbs in place inside the reflectors? Put leds in mine yesterday but the bulbs are pointing in all directions, can't find a way to keep them in place. I'm using the leds from this kit: https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=185044&lang=eng
  7. A lot of people on here were disappointed that Tamiya didn't include any low voltage cut-off to support LiPo's when they released their new TBLE-04 ESC's. I found this article tonight were they write that it actually have a high cut-off setting that can be used with LiPo's. According to the article writer it cuts off at 6.2V. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/05/tamiya-tble-04s-esc-speed-controller.html
  8. I bought a kit from Japan last year and had it shipped to Norway by air. Neither the damper oil or the grease should classify as dangerous goods.
  9. Is the only difference the height/thickness of the arms? I see that it would sit way to low on the steering posts. Does anyone offer alloy steering for FRP chassis?
  10. I have started to build my TA02SW and was about to assemble the GPM alloy steering that I had bought. I couldn't figure it out, but I started to suspect that it's differences between FRP chassis and tub chassis, and that I have got a set for tub chassis? This is the set that I have got: https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=75269&lang=eng
  11. Thanks guys! Took of the servo horn and switched on the power, worked perfectly
  12. The Futaba S3003 in my Sand Scorcher goes automatically to one side when powering on and just keeps on pushing. When I counter steer it goes (almost) back to the center, but right back again when I let go of the wheel. Have I done something wrong when I mounted it? The radio equipment I'm using is a Futaba 3PV and a R203GF, everything new and unused.
  13. Thanks, then I understand! The diameter looked a bit to big to get into the bucket, but then I just need to push harder (after I have assembled the leds).
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