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  1. Tamico still sells black cans, but they are 34,99 euros.
  2. They use the original wheel hub. I'm pretty sure that screws/nuts were included, because I used a screw set from RC Channel to build the Sand Scorcher (used those screws for the original wheels), and that set doesn't include nuts.
  3. I bought Pargu wheels for my Sand Scorcher. They have a nice machined finish.
  4. The ReRe Turbo Scorpion wheels are 2.2" both front and rear, the Scorpion wheels are 2" front and 1.7" rear.
  5. I ordered some decal sheets exactly a month ago, got them in the mail today.
  6. Yes, but it's the head diameter (dk) you want to know if you are going to buy a tool to remove your wheel nuts
  7. Looks really amazing with those wheels! I also bought a 230mm chassis kit from Maxspeedparts, but he first sent me a 236mm lower deck. When I got the correct one from him later, I saw that the weave pattern and the gloss was different from the upper deck that I had already got. A bit annoying, but it will probably not be that noticeable when it's built and the electronics is fitted.
  8. 26mm refers to the width, touring car wheels has a diameter of 52mm.
  9. The PIAA version (released in 1998) of the GT2 was on the TA03R-S chassis.
  10. TurboRSR

    kyosho scorpion

    Thanks! I see that I have to start looking more closely on the manual
  11. TurboRSR

    kyosho scorpion

    @bartman77 @VileQuenouille How much clearance do you guys have on the tie rods for the steering? Almost finished building my Turbo Scorpion now, but the tie rods are nearly touching the frame rails.
  12. Got an aluminium front and rear bumper for my Sand Scorcher a few days ago. Today I received a stainless steel screw set and front bumper from RC Channel for my Turbo Scorpion.
  13. I used the clear TRF o-rings on my dampers, no leaks even with the dampers mounted the correct way.
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