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  1. Now it's available for purchase again, but I guess the date just expired without him updating it as last time.. Tried to message him a while back, but haven't got an answer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373759391689?hash=item5705cbb7c9:g:EJAAAOSwa~FcInPg
  2. Picked up this TA03 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink at the post office today, bought of eBay from a Japanese seller.
  3. Got these ESCs from Banzai Hobby a few weeks ago; two KO PROPO VFS-FR2 PRO and one Yokomo SCR-BRA (that I have never seen before).
  4. Bought this second hand UDR a couple of months back. It had been very gently used just a few times and came with a spare FOX body, 6x wheels to match the FOX body, 5x paddle tires and window nets. Paid about 40% of the new price for all of it. I choose to run it with a single 4S LiPo, but it's still a blast to drive!
  5. The Turbo Scorpion and Wild One were both released in 1985, the regular Scorpion in 1982.
  6. You can buy 54608 for the front, it's an included hop up in the 934 kits.
  7. As @Superluminal writes you only have to reduce the length of the plates by 6mm.
  8. The items gets available when the "away until" date expires. I thought maybe he was back since he didn't extend the date this time, have been waiting for quite some time to place the order.
  9. Has anyone ordered a 230mm chassis from MaxSpeedParts recently? I placed an order for my 45th Anniversary Porsche on Saturday, got it cancelled today, saying it was out of stock or item damaged. There were plenty on stock when I ordered, and he hasn't even deleted the listing. He has been away for some time, the listing got active again on friday, now it says that he's away until 27th of November..
  10. Got these "TA03 Super Low Friction" dampers in the mail today.
  11. It looks very much identical to a QuicRun 10BL120 except from the colours.
  12. Received these in the mail today, think they are stock from the old Tamiya distributor here in Norway.
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