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  1. Good to hear! Yes, it's them. I have the MaxSpeedParts 230mm chassis plates for my Black Edition Porsche 934 already, but it has the hardened prop shaft. I followed the instructions from @Juhunio below, and it worked perfectly!
  2. Got this built but never run Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia today. It has been offered for sale for well over a year, maybe two, but the body is so poorly executed it's a joke. Paint runs everywhere and decals are just a mess. I do have a new body that I bought a while back, but it has been impossible to get the decals for it until just now when MCI started offering them. So when I could get the decals and the seller dropped the price for the very first time, I had to buy it!
  3. I'm waiting for a set from him as well. You can buy the carbon shock towers separately from Tamico, I plan to do that.
  4. The "Taxi" on the 037 looks to be the name of a fashion magazine (Taxi Moda Mode & Modi).
  5. Plaza Japan have them in stock at only €12.63, I bought three on my last order.
  6. It says Yokomo on mine, both on the endbell and the can.
  7. From Plaza Japan: From RC Decals UK:
  8. Will you also be offering the wheel inserts on eBay when you are happy with the outcome?
  9. They are really sweet! Bought a used used Cup Racer with a Martini livered body and Fuchs wheels last year that I got for cheap. Also have three NIP body sets that I plan to finish in different colours/liveries. One in Martini livery with Fuchs wheels, one in green with black Carrera stripes and black MX60 8-spoke wheels, the last one in white with red Carrera stripes and white MX60 8-spoke wheels.
  10. Thanks! Got everything for 350NOK, so it was a good price. I will probably not use the body on a chassis since I have three NIP body sets waiting to be finished, also have a used Cup Racer chassis with a Martini livered body and Fuchs wheels that i bought last year. The Carten M210R does look good, but I will probably buy a Xpress XM1S since I already have one converted to 225mm for my Datsun 240Z Cup Racer body.
  11. Bought this just for the wheels. Asked the seller if he wanted to sell me the wheels only, but he wanted to get rid of everything so he gave me a really good offer. The HPI Cup Racer Porsche wheels are unused, same with the Ride tires, but they are too small to fit properly. The HPI Cup Racer Porsche Carrera RSR body has been sitting on a M05, it has the accessory kit that includes wipers, mirrors and exhaust, but the body pins has been glued so I probably want be able to use them on a new body..
  12. It's a GT Tuned with a different label.
  13. A Kyosho Fantom and some other items from Tamico.
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