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  1. Ordered the last body from Tony's right now, going to use it for my pre-ordered 45th Anniversary Bought the wing/mirror kit from Tamico earlier this year since they had it in stock, just in case
  2. The 30th Anniversary kit was a TA-05 MS Have you received the GT2 body from Tony's? Just wondering if all the holes (including the antenna hole) is pre-drilled like in the pictures.
  3. Received this NIP RC10 Classic decal set yesterday, also have a NIP vintage Protech body coming over from the US. Now I just need to find a nice RC10 gold pan
  4. Received this package from Hong Kong based Asiatees today, I'm really impressed with the fast and affordable shipping they offer. Ordered 3rd of October, it was scheduled for delivery on Friday but was delayed until today. If it was RCMart I would have had to wait 2-3 weeks more and paid 3 times as much in shipping cost.
  5. I used the clear TRF o-rings that @Re-Bugged used on mine as well.
  6. Yes, Tamiya has the TT02D which is 4WD. There's also plenty other 4WD drift cars on the market.
  7. Use lots of RC/car related # tags, that will attract people (people also follows # tags, the more you use the more people will get your picture in their feed). Example: #rccar #rccars #rchobby #tamiya #tamiyarc #tamiyaescort #tamiyaescortmk2 #fordescort #fordescortmk2 #escortmk2
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294397825840?hash=item448b7a5330:g:kaAAAOSwv0tVeuP1 https://www.ebay.com/itm/294359491052?hash=item44893161ec:g:x4QAAOSwv0tVeuXo
  9. Does anyone have a partnumber for the 3mm e-clips? I see that Tamiya has a set of e-clips, but it includes only 2-off 3mm.
  10. Where can you find it at that price? On eBay Japanese sellers list them at almost 3 times this price or more.
  11. Tamico has black can Sport Tuned in stock: https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=91&lang=eng
  12. Just the arms should do it as far as I know. On the TT02 (not S or SR) you can also flip the rear arms to choose between 257mm or 251mm wheelbase, that's why the Carrera RSR body fits.
  13. The 911 Carrera RSR requires a 251mm wheelbase chassis. From what I have read this can be achieved by using the TA01 rear arms (same as the TA02SW uses) and just flip them around.
  14. The group 4 rally cars did have flares and front spoiler, but with a ducktail spoiler at the rear. So it wouldn't be wrong to use the 934 as a basis either.
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