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  1. Got these "TA03 Super Low Friction" dampers in the mail today.
  2. It looks very much identical to a QuicRun 10BL120 except from the colours.
  3. Received these in the mail today, think they are stock from the old Tamiya distributor here in Norway.
  4. Might be that you already know it, but you have the incorrect type of king pins. The correct ones (53157) are in aluminium and a bit shorter, so they will not leave a gap underneath the head.
  5. When I look at the pictures in the ad, It looks to be painted red underneath the yellow. As @Snappy1 also mention, you can see the white plastic where the paint has chipped.
  6. I didn't want to regret buying too few They actually still have them in stock, thought they would be sold out almost immediately since no one else have them in stock these days.
  7. Had been looking for H-/L-parts (Porsche 934 Turbo RSR) for a while when RCMart suddenly got them in stock. I have probably used 1/2 hour every day for several months searching for one or more sets
  8. I would have added 9805901 (hard prop shaft and joints) also.
  9. From what I can find on Google, the Msonik name was used on Mtroniks cheaper ESC's in the early 00's.
  10. The 993 GT2's has a "911 GT" decal on the rear. The "84399 - Porsche 911 GT2 Racing" has this decal in black, the "58172 - Taisan Porsche 911 GT2" has it in red. The "58215 - PIAA Porsche 911 GT2" came without one.
  11. Did you find out why he painted the body on the outside?
  12. Meguiars 105/205 contains micro abrasives which are non-diminishing.
  13. They have done a Corvette C5-R (58272) as well.
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