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  1. 26mm refers to the width, touring car wheels has a diameter of 52mm.
  2. The PIAA version (released in 1998) of the GT2 was on the TA03R-S chassis.
  3. TurboRSR

    kyosho scorpion

    Thanks! I see that I have to start looking more closely on the manual
  4. TurboRSR

    kyosho scorpion

    @bartman77 @VileQuenouille How much clearance do you guys have on the tie rods for the steering? Almost finished building my Turbo Scorpion now, but the tie rods are nearly touching the frame rails.
  5. Got an aluminium front and rear bumper for my Sand Scorcher a few days ago. Today I received a stainless steel screw set and front bumper from RC Channel for my Turbo Scorpion.
  6. I used the clear TRF o-rings on my dampers, no leaks even with the dampers mounted the correct way.
  7. In the Quicrun series it only works with 1080, 880 and the brushless ESC's.
  8. Here is my Pargu rims mounted with tires, they have a nice machined finish (no anodizing).
  9. Sent him a new message today, got an answer shortly after were he apologized and wrote that he had forgot it. He had the correct lower deck on the desk in front of him and was going to pack it and send it to me. Hopefully I get it soon
  10. The two I know of is Pargu and RC Channel, but they are coming from South Korea and Taiwan. Couldn't find any sellers within EU when I was looking back in December, so I ordered from Pargu because the RC Channel ones weren't available at the time. They became available again short after, and still looks to be available. But the Pargu ones is also nice. The downside with ordering from one of them is the shipping time, it takes several months. Edit: Actually it was delivered by UPS today, even though the tracking said delivery between 25th of February and 23rd of March. It was posted on the evening on the 22nd of January, so the shipment was much faster than expected. Haven't had time to look at them without the plastic yet, but they look really sweet.
  11. If you go to ebay.co.uk you will see it in GBP, if you go to ebay.com you will see it in USD and so on, the currency changes after the country code in the domain. There is a lot of ridiculously overprices RC items from Japanese sellers on eBay that never get sold.
  12. S and SR also have a TRF based suspension as far as I know.
  13. He managed to send a 236mm lower deck to me, upper deck was correct. Sent him a message Wednesday last week, haven't got any feedback yet. Hopefully he will send me the correct one, if not he will have to pay me back the whole amount that is also including the 25% prepaid VAT.
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