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  1. Losi has just released the Hammer Rey, looks like a fun and capable car!
  2. Click "show more" when watching it on Youtube and you will see all details.
  3. The Turbo Scorpion is both longer and wider than the Beetle, Scorpion and Tomahawk.
  4. It says 1.9" on Traxxas' website, the overall diameter is 66mm, same as the Super Grip Radials.
  5. Both the body shells I have is like that.
  6. Yes, you can use most type of metals for 3D printing.
  7. The "Super Grip Radials" has a slightly taller profile than the standard kit slicks.
  8. The yellow Tamiya oil is 400cst, so thicker than 250cst.
  9. Looks like he uses the file to get an oval shape of the hole.
  10. I think the black ring is there to resemble a higher profile tire and a smaller wheel using regular 1.9" drift/touring car tires. It will most likely look weird with a non-stretched sidewall that doesn't follow the shape of the black ring.
  11. Looks very much like the opposite of express to me
  12. As I wrote in the other thread PS-16 is very close to the Impreza color. That's the color most people use when painting their Imprezas. Here you can have a look at some of @Truck Norris different Imprezas in PS-16:
  13. By international trade law. The reason that some webshops collect tax and some don't is because of their turnover to the specific country, they need to register if their turnover reaches a certain threshold.
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