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  1. Those ones I sent a link for above rare part #50519. I also find the following (part #53619). https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-cva-mini-shock-unit-cylinder-4/ Get four in this second set versus two in the 50519 for similar money. Are they the same size and the 50519’s are better quality or will the 53619’s not fit anyway? Thanks!
  2. Great - thanks for the advice, and the links. If I went with mini shocks as straight replacements, are these the ones I’d be after: https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/tamiya-cva-mini-shock-unit-ii/
  3. A twin motor conversion might be a bit out of my talent level at the moment. First port of call is a full bearing kit. Would like to put some CVA shocks on if anybody has any recommendations of straight replacements. Also, one of the tyres has a tear in it so any straight swap tyre recommendations also welcomed!
  4. Managed to find a post advising that it’s the same as the Blackfoot Extreme and/or WT01 - not sure where I got the DT01 ref from.... so, looks like I have a manual I can follow now.
  5. Hi all, Picked up a used Overlander today, which will be used as a basher for my daughter as we take her Grasshopper out of service for a while to give it a bit of an overhaul. I’d like to strip and rebuild the Overlander and maybe replace some parts in the process, plus put the Sport Tuned from her Grasshopper in it. I appreciate the Overlander is an XB and therefore, cannot be bought as a kit to build from scratch, but I was wondering if a manual exists so I can take apart and rebuild with the help of some instruction. I know the Overlander is a DT01 chassis, but looking at the manuals resource on this site, the only DT01 I can find is for the Mad Fighter and a quick glance at that doesn’t look very similar to what I have sat in front of me now. Does a manual for the Overlander exist or is that not the case due to it being an XB? If not, is there a manual for a different vehicle that will closer represent the Overlander versus the Mad Fighter? Thanks!
  6. Lovely stuff - cheers.
  7. Thanks. So any of those 190mm x 257mm bodies would fit? Saw a nice Mondeo in that list
  8. Thanks for the feedback. So would something like the following fit OK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Mondeo-BTCC-Body-190mm-Unpainted-Tamiya-tt01-tt02/174233628389?hash=item2891222ee5:g:2aQAAOSwL7lef1Y4
  9. Hi all, Have recently returned to the hobby after 25 years or so after my wife bought me a Hornet kit for my recent birthday. Never built my own as a kid - my dad built a Schumacher Cougar for me which I took racing briefly as a young-teen. However, after building the Hornet I'm now hooked and looking at additional purchases to expand the fleet! I definitely have Blackfoot, the mkII Escort and now the newly released mkVI escort on my list for the future, but have just won a fair example of an FF02 Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC on eBay. Chassis seems in reasonable condition by all accounts (don't pick it up until this evening), but the body has seen better days - it has had a fibreglass repair to the front and is in overall 'well-used' condition. Ideally, I'd like to buy a replacement shell that will simply be a straight fit. Not concerned about it being a 306, would be happy to put something else on. I'm a bit of a Ford nut so Focus would be ideal but will consider other nice-looking alternatives (Tamiya or non-Tamiya). I've spent some time trawling through the forum, other sites and the web in general and have only found limited info (mainly old posts). Are any of you experts able to advise of any off-the-shelf and readily-available alternative shells that are a perfect fit for the FF02 chassis? Thanks in advance
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