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  1. Looks Fantastic - probably for me ( and when wallet and stock allows ) i may look into the hardbody , but for now - i will spend a few months bashing the G500, not a fan on the Unimog , like you its does nothing for me .. Great work though on yours , you never know I may be asking for helpppp down the line
  2. This s an amazing looking body , i too have the CC02 Chassis , i was tempted to get the cco1 purely for the land rover defender body , having seen Mateo's videos on the wheel bases i opted to the cc02 ( the G500 isn't that bad but not first choice ) hoping for some body shells to be released - i know the CCo1 body will fit , now you have me all in a spin with that hard body - but a bit daunted to attempt it - but looks worth it ... what tips would you have ? as a 2nd time round RC newbie on surface , gave up my planes 2 years ago after losing all my nerve !
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