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  1. thanks for all the useful advice, people.
  2. Thanks for the advice folks. Some food for thought there. I thought the reduced weight might give better performance as well, but if they're that much hassle maybe not worth the effort!
  3. Hi folks. Having recently reignited my interest in RC after 30+ years away from it I keep reading abotu how lipo power is great because the batteries are lighter, last better and deliver a more constant current. My question is, where can I find info on exactly what I need to buy/do to convert my currently bog standard neo fighter to lipo? it has the standard brushed torque tuned motor and i'm currently running the tamiya ESC with a 6 cell 2300 nimh battery pack. thanks for any advice!
  4. nope. all fixed now. held the reset button on the receiver when i turned on the power and the transmitter. Seems to have put things back as they should be. maybe it just need to dry out a bit or just needed a reset. either way, job;' a goodun!
  5. tried connecting up the receiver to the esc in my dark impact. Got forward drive, no reverse again so looks like either tx or rx problems!
  6. Dunno. Its the standard one that came with the car. Tamyia esc. Don't think it has jumpers. Currently left it to dry out properly then will investigate further
  7. Hi folks. I hope you're all enjoying the snow! Took my neo fighter out a bit earlier and all was well, until after getting it wedged under a kids slide I suddenly lost reverse. Moves forward just fine, but when I select reverse it does absolutely nothing. Any ideas of the cause? Water in the esc from the snow perhaps? Am suspecting esc/radio gear simply because the car move forward fine and the steering also works ok. No obvious signs of water ingress when I got it home.
  8. Thanks all. Very helpful. I'll give it a try later today. Unfortunately, because i got so fed up with it, I tool the servo and receiver out and used them in the other car!
  9. Not done anything since building it other than drive it. Excuse my ignorance, this was the first RC car i bought since my original Boomerang when I was a teenager. What do i need to do to tighten the diff?
  10. Hi all, Have any of you experienced problems with the rear diff/gearbox on a DF-03 Dark Impact? I was generally tearing it about and after a couple of small jumps the rear diff is now making a grinding noise when i try to drive the car forward but is ok in reverse. I've taken it to pieces and there doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong so was hoping to get some advice form the forum. If not, I may cannibalise it and use the shocks/springs and wheels/tyres to try and sort out the overly soft suspension and get rid of the ridiculously soft rear tyres on my neo fighter that I just finished building. thanks, Mark.
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