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  1. based on my personal experience, I'd stay away from the DF-03 unless you're doing something to strengthen the rear diff. Please don't ask me what to use as if I knew that, I'd have been bothered to get mine back up and running again!
  2. well that went well.. took my virtually no time on the first shakedown to tear the screw holding the servo saver on out of the servo!
  3. So.. that went well.. ordered a new DT-03 chassis, plus replaced the front springs with the ones form my Dark Impact, plus ordered a lunchbox with new radio gear because I have no self control.
  4. thanks for the replies folks. Not in the US, so would prefer UK only. @Willy iine I'm not a beginner.. i just can't drive the things! i was educated on the Brat/Frog/Lancia 037/Boomerang, so am used to big bumpers! anyway.. bought the lunchbox black edition.. just want to get the bearings for it.
  5. OK... so I ordered the Lunchbox in the end. tried ordering a bearing set from RCjaz and they want ridiculous money for postage. Anyone got any other recommendations? Also, is the Lunchbox bearing set the same as the Grasshopper/Hornet one? Thanks.
  6. I took a look at the super storm dragon. Not sure why, but it really doesn't appeal to me for some reason.
  7. less than 150 is budget in my case. already got a neo fighter and a dark impact. both have proven a bit too fragile for my driving.. (cracked front end on dt03 and broken rear diff on df03, both of which will be addressed in due course). just want something fun to build.
  8. OK.. so if lunchbox, what immediate upgrades do i need to get? metal bearings? cva shocks?
  9. i don't, no. Have to admit, I've been tempted by those for a while now, but I have always fancied a Hornet ever since I had a Frog in the 80s so that's kind of winning at the moment
  10. Hi all. feel like building a new car to alleviate the boredom... thinking either mad bull or fighter buggy rx. grasshopper or hornet have also always appealed for some reason. what are your thoughts? I know neither are the most competent cars, but i've never had one with the massive monster truck style tyres, hence the mad bull, and the fighter buggy rx only came to my attention from the recent rc kicks video on youtube. don't want to spend fortunes as i have plans to get a few others in the medium term... just want something to occupy my time.
  11. Been thinking about this a bit more and i'm also now wondering if the cracked front end could actually be to the woefully soft damping on the front suspension. I changes my rear springs go DF03 ones so maybe i should do the fronts as well, as I'd hit a few fairly large jumps before i noticed the front was cracked yesterday too. I think for the moment i'll just replace the chassis for £15 or whatever it costs and do the springs at the same time.
  12. Probably that big, but not that heavy duty if it's made of the angle iron it appears to be! :D
  13. Thanks for the advice. Maybe that's the way forward. what would I need other than the chassis tub? Any ideas? wishbones? Suspension towers?
  14. Hi folks. I've had yet another prang in my DT03 and seem to have cracked the front end of the chassis I've noticed that newer buggies (at least, by dark impact and neo fighter) seem to have much less in terms of front bumpers compared to the old tamiyas i used to smash about the place when i was a kid. Other than the obvious need for my driving skills to improve, does anyone have any ideas if I could mount an old style (thinking boomerang-esque rather than frog) to my DT03 to protect the front end a bit better? Maybe it's just a matter of buying a re-re of one of the cars I used to have when i was a kid and enjoying the enhanced bumper protection that goes with it!? Alternatively, am I bashing the wrong cars? Should I just go for something with a bit more tyre like a monster beetle or blackfoot?
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