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  1. Hi guys, i just came across this thread. So any updates with regards to the Tamiya putty and Ride? How did those diffs hold up over time?
  2. DUDE I KNOW RIGHT?! LOLOLOLOL Those pesky BMW E28 5 series. Don't you just want to strangle the guy that designed these. On a more serious note, i have now grown to appreciate them. These cars were simpler, more robust and built like tanks back in the 80s. M5... simply glorious.
  3. i used to get upset as a kid, when i see car exhaust mufflers on 1 side of the car. I outgrew that phase in the 90s when i thought that big fat mufflers poking out of 1 side @ an angle on japanese cars were really cool. But yes i agree. Visual symmetry isnt always the best thing for performance.
  4. Ah!!! its abit hazy, but i think i kindda get an idea of what ur saying. Many thanks
  5. Now that u mention it, i think it does. I only had a brief look @ it, in the car park. So the rear upper shock mounts make it worse?
  6. Hi guys. So i inherited a built box stock CC01, which i been told only ran once, and i have another CC01 BNIB (Because it a pajero, and i am a sucker for mitsubishis. Oh, also it only cost what, 81 pounds? ) now i have a question. i have an ocd towards symmetry, and the fact that the rear axle has the diff towards 1 side irks the badword out of me. I want to know of anyone has had their CC01 "twist" under acceleration. Is it the position of the rear diff; having 1 short and 1 long dog bone, or totally something else? Because thats what my friend's fully loaded CC01 does. He has a brushless setup, articulating suspension mounts, big and long shocks, and that the suspension just twist to 1 side when the thing moves off. I simply can't stand it. Wish i have pics but i didnt take any. That's also partly why i have yet to build mine; i don't want to build a car like that.
  7. All stadium trucks are wider than 2wd/4wd buggies.... But it does look okay on a 190ish mm width chassis too looking at this!
  8. The dyna blaster kinda has the motor right in the middle if you know what I am saying. I like that.
  9. I am sure its just me being me as usual. Definitely visual. I thought abt the TT02B, but its not wide enough is it?
  10. Oh no, i mean the Dyna Blaster. the failed front shock mount was the dyna blaster. that goldish ball end thingy ended up stripping the threads off the shock tower. something like that. it was 20 odd yrs ago i cant rmbr haha. funny u mentioned the Cactus. I actually quite like it. But still prefer trucks to buggies. So if someone 1 day decides to release 3d printed longer arms for it, a stadium truck conversion per se, i'll get one.
  11. PS: I just realized i stole all the pictures from posts that already are on Tamiya Club LOL. Sorry! So i was rather keen on buying a Stadium Thunder. Because i really loved the body shell (which obviously, everyone knows its from the Dyna Blaster) and i am an absolute fan of the kit. In fact i had 1(Dyna Blaster) 20 years ago. But it left a very bad taste in my mouth. The front shock tower upper suspension mounting hole stripped when i was building it. stupid Tamiya plastics. I tried to repair it and it broke again within the 1st 2 minutes when i ran the car for the first time... i sold it @ some point. Fast forward 20 or so years later to the present day, i am coming back into RC and want a cheerful truck to perhaps bash around in. when i read about the Thunder. Sure i knew of its existence from years before, i just never paid special attention. I realized the chassis actually has the correct wheelbase for this body. It looks PURRRRRRRFECT. Now i understand why the Dyna Blaster looked so strange before. The DB wheelbase is actually 20mm longer than the Stadium chassis. Ok, i think i want a Stadium Blitzer. Until i saw this. Am i the only one thats annoyed that the motor is not mounted symmetrically? Because this to grates my cheese. somehow. I doubt there is another stadium truck with a 260mm wheelbase is there? Everyone else seems to start @ 280mm.....
  12. Really? i just thought that since the XV-01 is a rally ish car and it was also available as a long damper spec car then it could make sense. Then use the knuckles/hubs/shafts from XV01... not sure if its that easy. but it is imperative that the wheelbase be kept @280mm. for the width i was thinking of wider hex adaptors to make up whatever that i still need.
  13. Holly Camoly. Much appreciated. What reversible suspension arms are these? Gonna take a look at your thread. I was originally thinking about buying a setof XV-01 arms, knuckles and what not to trial fit and stuff. Many thanks once again!
  14. LOL sorry, the one i have is a base kit. it came without a body, which is a problem now. I like the Baldre more than the Durga but as it stands, can't find 1. Anyway, got it. alu pulley works with stock slipper, not the 54061 double one. Thanks for explaining this to me. (y)
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