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  1. Decided to bring an old friend back to life with some parts from Ampro engineering from Shapeways and my own 3D printed parts. Ampro Engineering independent front suspension upgrade and front bumper Losi Mini-T rear suspension and transmission w/3D printed adapter Made a new floor since the old battery compartment is no longer being used, so there's more room for electronics and lowers the center of gravity 3D printed wheels 3D printed rear tires in rubber-like F80 resin Losi Mini-T front and rear shocks Hot Racing Spool for Mini-T 2.0 Losi MIP CVD axles MG90 steering servo 2440 Brushless motor SkyRC stability control gyro 3200mah lipo
  2. front suspension setup for the Tyco Hopper/Bandit chassis for sale on Shapeways https://www.shapeways.com/product/Y8ZUT8XE5/tbb009-02-tyco-bandit-ampro-control-arm-parts
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