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  1. Here's a picture. I was going post one from the body manual as well but I think I threw it away. There is some good potential for detail in there. I just sprayed it black and the silver and red parts are decals.
  2. Yeah this seems like the most reasonable.
  3. The Grasshopper said it was delivered. I looked up the number and it was another state. I filed a item not received and got an email saying I was getting a refund like like 20mins. It's a scam but at least I didn't lose anything.
  4. These tools are great except for the fact I snapped the smallest hex driver off. I was trying to remove a stubborn grub screw and it bent and snapped. I still use the set and love it. I did build plenty of kits and used them for my non-Tamiya RCs as well, so it got plenty of use.
  5. I wasn't a fan of the real trucks livery so I just made in orange and took liberties with the decals. I saw someone here leave part of the body clear and decided to do it on my build. It's stock besides bearings and Yeah Racing aluminum steering.
  6. I'm glad the consensus is its nothing to worry about. I didn't want to glue them on and have them fall apart right away.
  7. So opened my FF03 Civic today, I heard it has LED buckets so I wanted to see what size I need. And the tires covered in white! Is this normal? I got the kit last year from Tamiya USAs website. It does seem like it rubs off so I assume it wouldn't be too bad to run them. Should I look at ordering some replacements? I do know this kit is pretty old so I'm assuming its due to age.
  8. Well my "Grasshopper" or whatever it actually is shipped out and going places. The TT02D still hasn't shipped so I'll probably start a case once it hits the original estimated delivery.
  9. The Grasshopper was from niezh_48 theTT02D from xnaom4394. I took at look at my recently viewed items for the other kits I saw and noticed they have all ended.
  10. So I also ordered a Grasshopper after the TT02D. I know it's a fool's gamble but I was just really curious as to what's going on, I also wasn't sober when I did it.... EBay does say it shipped yesterday but it's a tracking number provided so far. The TT02D hasn't shipped. I messaged the seller for it last and haven't got a reply. I plan on waiting one more week before taking action to cancel the order. I just want to see how this whole thing plays out. Will I get a box of junk? A picture of a kit? Some toy grade junk? Who knows?
  11. Yeah I'll post here if anything happens.
  12. I saw a TT02D Civic kit for a similar price and went for it. Worst case I'm out like $40. I've seen that Monster Beetle you saw, a Grasshopper, Fighter Buggy RX, Toyota TS050 Gazoo, and a Mustang TT01 for around the that same price. All from Hong Kong or China sellers who have other random stuff like purses and fans for sale. Not sure what's going on I consider the $40 I dropped a total gamble. It's been three days and it hasn't shipped yet so I'm still curious as to what's going on.
  13. So that's why mine was clicking, I just finished it and ran it today. I probably should have taken a closer look at the gears!
  14. Finished my 2021 Thunder Dragon today! I just added bearings and a torque tuned for now. Its a very fun buggy, I drove on grass and can't wait to take it out to some dirt
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