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  1. Glad you like it! It's Tamiya PS61 backed with black. I was going for that darker mettalic orange.
  2. My Neo Scorcher TT02B! Just finished last night and I'm taking to a track today. I added bearings, aluminum prop shaft and motor mount. The build was pretty easy and my first time dealing when the AW grease, that stuff is super sticky! This is my 4th Tamiya kit and I have 4 more to build (and Thunder Dragon whenever that comes out)
  3. Finished (99% I'm currently painting the part that goes over the rear licence plate) my Rally Beetle! Stock besides mini cvas and bearings. Thanks to this forum for the help. I read a post about building the rear shocks with the spacers and short ends so they wouldn't be too long. It's first test drive went well, I can't wait to try it out on some dirt!
  4. Replaced my snapped chassis and modified a DF03 wing to fit my Neo Fighter DT03. Besides the wing and chassis it's been over a year of problem free running. This was also my first RC kit so I might be biased when I say it's one of my favorites.
  5. From the sale page "The EXPANDED SALE ON THE BELOW ITEMS BEGINS 2/10/21 Apologies for the DELAY. We have been experiencing some pricing data transfer hiccups. We are working to resolve the issue ASAP."
  6. Saw this and preordered as well! After one of their discount codes and tax it's $188.
  7. Technically did it yesterday but I let it sit overnight before removing the outer wrap. I got my Rally Beetle shell painted and am almost done with the chassis. It's just mocked up in the pic
  8. My M06 Miata. Built it with bearings and later added some cheap oil filled shocks and a Sport Tuned motor. I trashed the body at a track so I bought an Exotek Porsche body so it'll look good on the shelf once I get it painted.
  9. Yeah I'll probably check Tower and Amain but they don't have any of the just announced cars up yet. Tower has been great for Tamiya kits. I've recently picked up 3 kits for great prices.
  10. Well you convinced me. I couldn't find a US site that does preorders but I did sign up for an notice when it's on Tamiyas USA site.
  11. Didn't want to make my own post but how does the Thunder Dragon drive? I've never built a vintage RC and this one looks really cool and looks more capable then something like a Grasshopper. It'll probably spend most of its life on a shelf so I would just add bearings but I'd like to take it on a spin when the mood strikes.
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