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  1. Hi Guys, I am buying a body for my tt02r, and would like to know yall's input on the body with the most downforce. i owuld like the body to be a real world car, not a fictional one. All suggestions welcome! So far I was thinking of the Mustang body or Ferrari F12 TDF
  2. Is this the same thing? https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-10555104-0555104-diff-gear-case-both-parts-special-order-black-next-delivery-late-2021-p-61941.html
  3. Anyone know where to find the DF-02 Diff cases?
  4. I was wondering what is a good cheap sound system (The ESS one is a bit pricey) =( Is the ESS the only one where you could switch sounds? Also what is a good light kit for tamiya bodies?
  5. Hi Everyone, New Here! I had a question about the durability of yeah racing aluminum for the tt02. Is it the same quality? Also, is the yeah racing anodized blue the same color as the tamiya anodized blue?
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