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  1. Same with the Terra Scorcher. Finally picked up one on EBay from a hobby shop out of Utah.
  2. 2 weeks for the TD is better than the Nov arrival date I’m seeing for the Porsche or the Turbo Scorpion. Hopefully the shipping upholds these timelines now
  3. Is it really making them max profit? How much are they losing out from not selling parts at a crazy upcharge?
  4. 1. Optima Mid series 2. Porsche 959 3. Replacement parts!!!!!
  5. Are there instructions on this mod? I have not dug into the manuals to check on this yet admittedly
  6. Looks like you can get a slipper clutch and Ti screws for the TD4 too
  7. Can’t go wrong with the XV01. Love mine!
  8. I’d really like to see the long term effects of that battery removal process. Or how much slop is in that steering. Not crazy about the color scheme, but if the price is right I may get into it and mod it to my liking
  9. I’m really not looking forward to rebuilding mine either. Especially with a bunch of stripped screws
  10. I ended up not waiting either. Picked up an Egress from EBay too
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