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  1. I’ve been on the fence about an Evo for a while now, so I just got a hopped up Egress instead. Thunder Dragon is showing June now too, that I will wait for
  2. Cheap electronics does me no good when I need to fund difficult to find parts. I have a few sets of electronics that I rotate through my fleet to make runners. Otherwise, I have many projects that need attention to some degree
  3. Mostly a lack of funds for electronics, but also the standard problems of time and parts availability are keeping some cars shelved
  4. I’m interested in a transmission brace for my Blackfoot. Please let me know if there are any available. Thanks
  5. Will Tamiya produce amore of the sold out kits like the Hotshot/Terra Scorcher or just let them disappear until the next ReRe Also, didn’t see the Egress on the Tamiyausa site yet...
  6. Are there any places stateside/worldwide to find any good deals anymore?
  7. I would love to buy and restore, but I too have been priced out.
  8. Kits, used, and parts are incredibly high priced on EBay!
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