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  1. Amain has them in stock for now
  2. I feel your pain. I usually shelf a lot of projects until I can find more time. Plus, my projects usually take 3-10x longer than predicted to achieve the desired results.
  3. NASA? Now I don’t disagree that they know something about rockets. I do find that they are entrenched with bureaucracy and old ways of thinking while being hampered by legacy companies like ULA (a conglomeration of Lockheed and Boeing). So leaving it up to NASA means nothing will get done in a timely manner or on budget with significant innovation. BTW, NASA is supporting SpaceX.
  4. Can you tell more about the 12mm hex conversion? Definitely interested
  5. I picked up a rere Ultima to make a Turbo Ultima. Lots of upgrade parts and only now do I have all the parts.
  6. I too am going to be running a center servo. I’ll let you know how it goes
  7. Parts availability! So much opportunity to bring in the profit, yet nope.
  8. Anyone else notice the price bump for Tamiya kits from Tower Hobbies?
  9. Kinda wished they would have ReRe’d the TA03F version
  10. Whenever I receive my Mid, I’m going to have to make an extended list of shared parts. …whenever it finally arrives in the States
  11. I’d go runner body. That’s what I did after I was thinking the same
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