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  1. A Lancia Stratos for sure. I’m sure Lancia/Stellantis would not demand much in licensing to make it happen. And if they end up shutting down Lancia completely???...who knows what would happen then? But in my opinion, the Stratos is one of the most important and iconic cars of all time. There are many others I’d obviously like to see too... a Caterham ... a Porsche 550 Spyder, etc... But, for the love of god... please... PLEASE re-release the B2B sidecar again!
  2. I feel so stupid, but I honestly did not know... I have literally used ONLY the basic Futaba 2 stick radios and Tamiya kits for decades now. I guess I’ve been in a bubble for too long... what’s next? Let me guess, you’ll be telling me I can take a picture with my phone and send it to my mom? Lol but in all seriousness, thanks for letting me know.
  3. I’m an F1 fanatic, but when as a kid, I was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas and there was no real RC scene. No dedicated indoor racks, no organized races, and I also didn’t really have any super smooth flat surface parking lots, streets, etc. nearby to run an F1 RC car on... I could ride a bike a few miles with all of my stuff to a vacant parking lot, run the car for 15 minutes and then have to turn around and bike everything back home to re-charge my battery pack and then bike back? ...nah... so I focused all my attention and limited teenager funds on the buggies and the rally cars that I could run in my yard and the woods and trails around my house. Of course, now i live in a big city that has more RC enthusiasts and indoor tracks, I have replaced an allowance with a job, and I can afford to buy more of those Tamiya kits that I dreamt of as a kid, but there are virtually no F1 cars on offer now. I REALLY wish they go back and re-release those F1 kits of the 80s and 90s.. the Mclaren MP4, the Wolf WR1, the Lola T94, the Williams FW11B, etc... but I’m sure that’s not likely to happen as there’s a lot of copyright laws in place. Not to mention that the tobacco livery wouldn’t fly today... still, just to have a few re-released, would be amazing. I would snatch them up in a heartbeat.
  4. I had a previous thread about wanting to find a Futaba 2 stick radio and not having any in the U.S. market. Thanks to the forum here, I’ve ordered up the fly-sky and I’m back in business. Again, I know next to nothing about the intricate details of radios, frequencies, ESCs, etc.. However, while waiting for the fly-sky to arrive , I ran across a small local hobby shop that had a Futaba 3PRKA pistol grip. I have some extra Futaba servos and a new subaru brat kit sitting there just begging to be built, so I broke down and bought my first pistol grip. I still maintain that I prefer the 2 stick, but I was mainly itching to build. I now have everything built, but my main question is that the antenna wire that came with the receiver is short... really short.. like 6 or 7 inches? Whereas, all of the other radios I’ve had have the antenna wires that are like a foot and a half long. Long enough to go thru the little clear antenna tube and have 3-4 inches spare... or, in the case of the brat, it would be long enough to to run up the metal antenna mast and loop around at the top. So, is this just new/better technology than what I’ve always run with the basic Futaba Attack 2 stick radios? I know the Attacks were just 2 channels and had the basic receiver and servos. They’re also the cheapest with 2 sticks and the long metal pull out antenna for the radio... This one is 3 channel pistol grip, no extendable radio antenna (actually NO antenna on the radio) and the receiver is a little bigger and has the extra channel. But the antenna wire is short and isn’t anywhere close to being long enough to run up the antenna mast. Is the signal strong enough to run it and it’s that way by design? Or do I need to splice on a longer extension to it? I have it all set up and I’ve run it around the garage close by to get the wheels/steering/trim set up, but nothing significant yet. And before you say it, ... I know.., I’m old and stupid.
  5. I’m guessing there’s multiple reasons as to why they offer pre-painted body’s/ as well as the expert builds. I know there has to be an additional cost to pay talented workers to cut/paint/decal the bodies and also do the same for the expert builds where they have to build the entire car too. ... but while it’s an additional cost, I’m not sure it’s not really a significant cost. I think they feel that they will make the money back many times over by having a higher price point and also appealing to buyers that want to a nice RC car but are too intimidated to build it themselves. But moreso, I think it’s in terms of what the collectors want. I think there are many here like me that are of a certain age and remember the Tamiya cars of our youth. ... fast forward a decade or three, and now we have jobs/careers and and can afford all of the kits that we could only dream of as a kid. The fact that Tamiya is re-releasing them proves that it’s aimed towards the nostalgia market. Some, may not have the skill or patience necessary to properly paint the body, and they want them to look exactly like the box. They’ll go after the pre-painted and expert builds for sure. There are some who have extra disposable income that will buy the pre-builds/pre-painted to display them , or maybe they’ve seen what the vintage kits sell for on eBay and they’re socking them away as an investment like gold, silver, or LEGOs. But even with these pre-builds/paints, it does seem like they do offer the standard un-assembled kits too.
  6. I definitely love the idea of one radio for multiple cars... would be a huge improvement over trying to store multiple specific radios for specific cars. I’m going to check on that Flysky to see if that’s something I could do. Thanks!
  7. Yeah... it sucks when I think about all of the great cars I built and had to let go... My original Fox which was my first RC car... my Ford Escort Cosworth, , my Frog, my Hornet, my Super Hornet, my Blitzer Beetle, my Rover Mini, my Blackfoot, etc.., not to mention that I’m now going to be building my 2nd grasshopper, my 2nd brat, my 2nd Mini Monte Carlo, and my 3rd Wild Willy 2... ugh. But at least I got to buy them again before Tamiya discontinued them... I blinked and the NovaFox was gone... missed my chance.
  8. This... this is what I’m looking for! All of the local hobby shops in the Denver metro area don’t seem to stock any Futaba gear anymore ... and when I shop online, I’ve always used Tower Hobbies but they don’t have this radio listed! In fact, I looked it up online and it only seems to be available in the UK? Is it not sold in the US?
  9. Hello all... new member to this forum, but I’ve been building/collecting Tamiya kits on and off for most of my life. Just a brief background- I’m not an RC whiz AT ALL. To be honest, I prolly know enough to be dangerous. Over the years , I’ve built and owned about 2 dozen different Tamiya kits. The kits I had when I was a kid I ended up having to sell to help pay for school ... and then the kits I collected and built while I was married - I ended up having to sell to pay for the divorce. So, Im essentially starting from scratch again. My builds are really basic. I essentially build them using the standard kit parts and the only upgrades I really do is bearings. So, my builds are all really standard with no hop-up parts/options. I use the standard speed controller that comes with the kits, the standard motor, and I’ve never built any other brand of RC car other than Tamiya. I just finished the Sand Rover and the Willys Wheeler and now, I’m currently about to start the build for my Lancia 037 ... and after that, I have the Subaru Brat, Renault 5 Turbo, Grasshopper, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, Mini Cooper Monte Carlo, Lancia Delta Integrale, and the Renault Alpine A110. Also, I’m ordering the Ford Escort Mk II Rally the minute it’s available. Here’s my dilemma... I’m a bit old school in that I started out with 2 channel/2 stick radios by Futaba and it’s basically what I’ve always used with every build. I’m not necessarily opposed to the pistol grip radios- I’ve tried them before - but, I just prefer the 2 sticks. Trouble is, I can’t seem to find ANY simple 2 stick radio by ANY manufacturer that was the equivalent of the Futaba Attack that I had used. I know it’s a really cheap and basic radio, but it’s affordable and it does a good job for how I run and use my cars. I’ll also be completely honest and come right out and say that I don’t really understand much of the tech/terminology with radios. (As if it wasn’t obvious by now) ... Obviously, I can find 2 stick radios, but they all show multiple channels and are WAY more expensive than what I had been using. So, I guess my question would be: for a basic build , is there a good, affordable 2 stick radio that I can get? Or am I going to have to pay significantly more and get some radio with 6 channels to get a 2 stick? If that’s the case, I can go to a pistol grip because you can see the number of cars that I have to build and I’m going to be getting a lot of them.
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