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  1. quote: "Going to go straight to the 15t. I'm fairly sure that will run cool, and if it doe's will work my way down to 16 or 17 using some nicer hard-coated pinions." I asked a similar question on here. I thought the motor would run cooler with the 13t. So was going to run that first with a BZ motor. Is that correct or have I missed something. Thanks
  2. Where to buy a Tamiya Super Stock BZ Motor foam cover from in England. Looked on the net and can't find anywhere. The Tamiya ones are that strong and easily tear. Thank you in advance.
  3. How long will a 5000mah battery last with a Tamiya Super Stock Motor? Super hotshot run on tarmac. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thanks for reply ⬆️ I won't be running lipo batteries. This should help reduce heat. Just normal 5000 batteries. Still in two minds whether to go with the 13 or 15 with the BZ motor. Thanks
  5. Really appreciate you looking into this. 😎 Was thinking of either going for the 13 or 15 which is supplied in the kit. As you say from your calculations I should go with 16 or 17. I was just concerned about overheating if I went too high.
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