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  1. Yeah, I have been on ebay more times this last few weeks then the last few years think my box of grasshopper2 bits has just arrived... thats this evening sorted... (suspect my wife is thinking I am having some kind of midlife crisis)
  2. yeah think I found the Kyosho Scorpion wheels on Modelsport.co.uk so thats cool, https://www.modelsport.co.uk/kyosho-front-wheel-2-scorpion-2014-white-2-2-inch/rc-car-products/429621 out of stock but could order them and the rears they have as it does say order on request so fingers crossed. tyres though.. hmmm, Frog Jumper can you remember where you sourced yours from mate?
  3. the first ones are lovely Kev, although 40 quid all in and a long wait for them to arrive from china sadly, but if thats the going rate for decent wheels and tyres, so be it eh I do like these ones Frog Jumper suggested, but cannot seem to find em anywhere
  4. Morning gents, Does anyone have any handy web links to some Blackfoot wheels that will fit my sons frog? Thinking of taking the advice of going with BF wheels and adapters and swapping out the front bumper as well for the BF one which is probably a good move for long term fitting of wheels.. I have had a look myself for quite awhile now, any advice on the following links if they would work or not would be awesome. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-TAMIYA-BLACKFOOT-2016-Wheels-Set-Front-Rear-TEC-/312014111503 these ones all look the same size which may look a bit odd as I think he wants chunky front wheels that are slightly smaller than the rears (think boomerang look) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Vintage-Monster-Beetle-Wheels-Tyres-Rc-Car-Spares-Blackfoot-Mud-Blaster/373433518900?hash=item56f25f4b34:g:9CAAAOSwuxlgBz0F not sure these would fit as require 12 mm adapters? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RC-4Pcs-1-10-Rubber-Rally-tyres-tire-Wheel-Rim-12mm-Hex-For-HSP-HPI-Off-Road-Car/124386313544?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200520130048%26meid%3Da6e43a4dbb1d4cfa87d265b0def6142e%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dco%26sd%3D373433518900%26itm%3D124386313544%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv5PairwiseWebWithDarwoV3BBEV2b%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 cheers ps, as an update, them cheap and cheerful wheels I bought and linked a good few posts up, there is a reason they were cheap and cheerful, first corner the boomerang took with them and the tyres slid off the rims... oh well, only a tenner eh.
  5. Hopefully enough to keep my boy and I happy for a month or so !
  6. (apologies for sticking these in loads of single posts, i have yet to work out how to add an image then put text under it, followed by a new image) So in a nutshell, with the old MSC the car was like a nippy little rocket. changed to the ESC, and its slow forward, but nippier in reverse, but I guess this is now down to the fact I have to have the trim on the throttle pushed forward quite alot as otherwise, when you turn it on the car just wants to go backwards when the throttle is in 'neutral' all four wheels have drive, it seems to be something linked to the ESC which is all i have changed. we run the same one in my sons frog and thats really nippy.. i wonder is it the old radio gear maybe? its 30 odd years old after all, maybe that needs swapping out but was hoping not.. any ideas anyone?
  7. Superb Terry, thank you for all of your help here Now, sadly.. back to my boomerang ... the new ESC arrived so I removed the old MSC and installed it... and maybe its the old radio gear... it really doesnt go very fast forward, but seems quite nippy in reverse.. pictures below to explain.. also the new ESC, I ran through the setup on it to set it to brushed mode as per the instructions (tbf i only did this after I first tried the boomer after installation and realised it was very slow going forwards, but doing going through that setting has made no difference to the forward speed) Old MSC unit, it seems to be two parts, one part seems like an old servo?
  8. Will do, when it arrives ill take a few 'before pictures' then update this thread with how it goes
  9. also, heres two shots of the two bodyshells that come with the order, whilst i like pink ... I am thinking of either stripping and repainting or just replacing full stop (which might be better as neither one looks in the best nick)
  10. Hey Kev, good point, here are some pics from the original listing. Suspect its a GH2 then? If that is the case I will buy a bodyshell for that model, but wondered if there are enough bits to get a second car running, i could stick a hornet shell on the other one?
  11. Hello guys, I have a thread going about restoring my old boomerang having got the RC bug back since my son got a Frog re for xmas. Whilst working on that and thoroughly enjoying it, I noticed an ebay sale for a grasshopper (my first ever RC car back in 84 when I was a youngster) and I thought, why not, put the bid in and won it last night. Its basically a job lot of a working car and enough bits to build a second one, there are two receivers etc, all looks good, apart from the two brightly pink painted body shells, at first I thought, who cares I will just find something to strip that paint off with and start again. Then I noticed both shells have bits snapped off or missing, so no problem, buy a couple of new shells and decals and boom, two little grasshoppers that look nice! The info in the description was fairly vague and looking at the photos its likely a kid whos selling them, so I am wondering if they are original grasshoppers, or the later release. looking online, and matching images with photos on the sale, the shells would suggest the later release (which is totally fine). So my questions are, is there any easy way of checking from the pictures on ebay, and finally, sure I read somewhere you could put a hornet bodyshell on a grasshopper 2 chassis, wondered if that was accurate? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. Hey Frog Jumper! Sorry for the delayed response, been out for a couple of days. Thanks for all of that information, so before I read any of it, I had bought some hex adapters and some cheap and cheerful wheels which I just thought I would try out for his frog, the rears kind of fit (well they turn) but the fronts catch the brackets on the steering rods and dont turn at all. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07F9SSSND/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The good news is they fit on the boomerang anyway so I have put them on there and they actually look quite cool thankfully. (Update on the boomer, changing the pinion has made it much faster, so nope it wont beat his frog in acceleration, but at least it doesn't drop further behind when they both hit top speed (both running RS Sport tuned 540s, neither ball raced though, thats next, plus my boomer still has an MSC in it which ill swap out for an ESC when it finally arrives). So back to the frog larger wheel set questions then... looking as the link you have supplied directly above, DTO3 adapters will be the ones to get, that's for the front wheels only then? Is it a different set for the rears? When I tried the wheels above on his frog I had bought this set of 4 adapters and tbf they did seem to fit on the front and back okay? Just the front tyres rubbed on the steering arms so wouldnt turn at all. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07NW93N6F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As those adapters are now on the boomer anyway, i need to buy a new set for the front and rear of his frog so will certainly go with the link you have supplied Okay tyres... he is after chunky tyres for the front and I guess I need to be looking at a certain width then to ensure that they fit okay, I know both Jonboy and yourself have supplied helpful tips further up which is cool, oh I also bought a set of these as I thought I could use them to extend the front axles.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000J44YTA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but chances are thats the wrong thing, no big deal as again, i can see you have supplied details on what should be bought to extend the length so cheers for that Thanks for uploading your tyre combinations, I can see you favour smoothish tread on the front with all your sets? We have a cottage in Wales with some farmland so were hoping to rag these two cars around offroad a little, hence the thought for studded front tyres as well.. looking online theres about a billion tyres and wheels you can buy with the hex adapter which is ace, i just need to get ones that wont rub! Thanks again for all of your help!
  13. well, pretty blown away guys, thanks so much! this has to be one of the most proactive informative forums I have ever had the pleasure of visiting!
  14. Hi, That is very useful as well many thanks dude. I will see what pinion is in the boomer (that will be the small cog thats fitted onto the motor right? sorry I am a bit of a newb.. ) as, I did order a tamiya 18t pinion that came alongside the motor, as it was listed as 'frequently bought together' on amazon.. I wonder if I fit that then as well rather than just transplanting the old original pinion between the two (which is what I have done), it may get more performance eh. Got a new ESC ordered as per Jons advice above, and will deffo look to replace the servo and radio gear (though i do love the old retro kits). I also just wanted to check if anyone knew my Frog front wheel question? My boy loves the bigger wheels on the boomerang, and was wondering what he could swap his smaller front wheels for, anyone got any handy ebay/amazon links they could throw up? cheers guys.
  15. Morning! Wow, thank you so much mate, that is fantastic info! Thats my lunchtime shopping sorted then I love the Boomerang, wish I could find my old Grasshopper as well, probably another trip up to the loft then. I'll report back on how the refurb goes ! cheers again mate, awesome info.
  16. Morning chaps, Firstly, many apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have scanned through the forum trying to find answers. I started out with a Grasshopper in 84 that I loved, and when I was a little older got my hands on a boomerang (this was probably around 87) Fast forward quite a few years, my 10 year old son was bought a Frog re release at xmas, I helped him build it, and we put a sport tuned 540 in it and boxed the stock one up it came with. It is great fun, super fast etc.. and my old RC flame reignited.. so after crawling about in the loft I have retrieved the Boomer!! It still works which is testament to how well Tamiya put these together!. So to the questions I have that if anyone can help out with would be awesome! 1 - I hear people talking about ball raced bearings? I guess this means the metal rather than plastic ones that you put on the axles in the wheel rims? Does anyone know if I can get these for the Boomer as well as the frog? (any web links would be really appreciated as its a bit of a minefield of info on the web!) 2 - I put a sport tuned motor in the boomer as well as my sons frog, his goes like a rocket, mine less so.. I am thinking I will need to update the speed controller and maybe the old acom gear as well to get teh best out of it? Other than the new shiny motor and a new battery pack, the boomer is all original kit. 3 - last question! Wheels, my son likes the four big wheels on the boomer, and wondered if he can get larger ones on the front of his frog? and I need a new set for my boomer as they are very very old, worn, faded etc. Again the internet is a minefield and I am loath to buy stuff if it wont work, so if anyone out there knows any links to kit that will work, I would be made up if you could post them here. Sorry for all the questions, but hoping to post pics of the kit when its all up and running! cheers
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