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  1. depends what size the engine is....and wether it runs or not etc. dave
  2. only if left on trickle charge,it would charge them too fast on normal 3.5amps charge rate
  3. Pro Peak 2500 AC/DC Delta Peak Fast Charger The Pro Peak 2500 AC/DC Delta Peak Fast Charger has the following features: Main Features: AC220/230v and DC12v input voltage Delta Peak Cut Off Auto Trickle Charge Fast Charge 3.5Amp Slow Charge: 130mAh 4.8~9.6v AC / -130mAh 4.8~8.4v DC Fast Charge 7.2~8.4v NiCad Packs Slow/Fast Charge 4.8~8.4v NiCad/Ni-MH Packs DC Input Slow/Fast Charge 4.8~9.6v NiCad/Ni-MH Packs AC Input Audible Error Alarms: Output Disconnection NiCad/Ni-MH Short Circuit Low Input Voltage Auto Shut Down Reverse Polarity Protection. Manufacturer: Ripmax Model: 0-IP2500 Pro Peak AC/DC Delta Peak Fast Charger
  4. just the yellow pro peak charger
  5. sold sold sold amazing what you find in the loft! must be from 20 yrs or more sat there..luckily its a nice dry insulated loft found it in an old futaba holdall along with my old fox and monster beetle. no idea what its worth or if its worth anything to anyone,i dont thnk i used it much as at the time i had an old futaba set. aerial is perfect straight,has battery cover on,all terminals are spotless bar 1 which has a bit of green on which im just cleaning off. if you need any more pictures just ask. offers?
  6. yes im in the uk the red charger has 3 different charge rate settings. at 1 amp it would take 3 hours at 2 amps it would take 90 minutes at 4 amps it would take 45 minutes. dave
  7. small mains 12v 7 amp psu with built in fan 15 inc postage(ideal for using your 12v field charger for home use) 550 watt 12v mains psu 30amp on 12v output,fan ontop has a fin broke off(it got broke in my bag on way to a meeting last time it was used) but otherwise works perfect,comes with mains lead. 21 posted. ansman mains/12v charger 1-4 amps for stick packs and trickle for reciever/transmitter 15 posted as its very heavy sold propeak charger mains/12v 7.2-8.4v 3.5 amps charge rate 15 posted as its very heavy. 4 truck wheels/tyres 14mm hex, 87mm wide,170mm tall,no wear to tread pattern 17 posted as again heavy. 2 pairs(4 tyres) grip2 tyres GM08A for 1/8th buggy,new in box 16 posted as always paypal,cash is fine. cheers dave
  8. sold to dazza pending payment. cheers dave
  9. now a tenner posted or its going to roll off the desk into a strategically placed waste paper bin dave
  10. is it an electric or nitro car you are using,if its electric then you should just plug the pt into the batt slot on the reciever,however nitros use this slot to power the reciever from a seperate battery so you will need a Y lead to share the batt slot. or just sell it to me dave
  11. i have a technigold motor sat here,looks in ok condition,spins free and revs ok on a battery pack,pinion inc reduced a tenner posted cheers dave
  12. i have a technigold sat here,found it in my loft in a futaba carry holdall along with monster beetle and fox hehe...let me know if you want to buy it,looks in ok condition,spins free and sounds sweet on a battery pack. 13 plus 2 postage.
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